Mr. Obama, HOW DARE YOU!

So, I have just seen a small snippet of the Democrat Convention and I must say...yeah right! The part I refer to is the video presentation with a host of our nation's finest - The Military Veteran. I wonder if these Veteran's realized that they were going to be "played" by this man they call President.

I then sat through a speech by some Former Navy Admiral who had the audacity to say that "This President respects our Military" or something to that effect. Well, sir, I'm calling you out on your statement and raising you one BS. That, sir, is a baldfaced lie. You know it, I know and the man they call President knows it. IF it is as you say, then I call on Mr. Obama to rebuke his Homeland Security Secretary and tell her to remove our Military Veterans, past and present, off the Watch list.

I call on Mr. Obama to stop arresting Military veterans for speaking out against the wrongs that they see within our Government.

I call on Mr. Obama to stop the arrests of our Military personnel for defending themselves on the Battlefield against our Enemies.


How DARE YOU Mr. Obama, for exploiting our Military for Votes!

HOW DARE YOU, Mr. Obama, for claiming that it was YOU who killed Osama Bin Laden, when it was our Navy SEALs who did the deed. YOU just gave the order, to which I do applaud you.

HOW DARE YOU, Mr. Obama, for going after the Navy SEALs, the FBI, the CIA when they criticize you for releasing national security information that does not have any business being released.

HOW DARE YOU!!! And all that for votes...

What has America done to herself by electing you their President.

Come soon, THIS American will work her A$$ off to remove you from "the seat of the People"

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  • This is an old post but it does need to be put out there for all to read...In case some people or veterans retired or serving as we read this....WAKE  UP  PEOPLE ..... ASAP....

  • Amen!! 

    Our Veterans need more RESPECT from Everyone!! 

    4067382128?profile=original Amen Melody Great Rant for this DISGUSTING President Barack Hussein Obama!! 

    President Barack Hussein Obama is a Pathological LIAR and NOT to be TRUSTED in his REGIME! Obama-Nation CANNOT Serve Two Masters!! Obama Serves Satan ( the devil )!


    Obama Administration Now Harassing Veterans With Intimidation.


    Obama Administration Harassing The American Legion With IRS Intimidation


    Obama has unleashed on each American Legion post new rules that may levy upon them a $1,000 per-day fine for not giving the government a detailed roster filled with the personal information of each member

  • Melony, I applaud your direct on-point charges against this incompetent, dishonest, arrogant and narcisitic president! And that’s my question; how in hell did he get elected? I can understand why/how he was able to fool people to vote for him in 2008. But what I cannot understand why he won a second term after everyone witnessed his dishonesty, dismal performance, and his arrogant and condescending rhetoric and demeanor. The fact that 51 million voters were either so partisan that they overlooked and accepted such performance and behavior, or they were just plain ignorant of it, is very scary!

  • Americans should not stand by while they are being robbed of their freedoms right underneath their noses... they need to get up and fight.... nothing short of a REVOLUTION is in order!!!!

  • He dares because he is the ENEMY of the United States... he is DELIBERATELY destroying this country!!! while the enemy abroad rejoices... is it not obvious enough???!!!!

  • GGGGRRRRR!!! obumma you are the real loser in this!

    Semper Fi!


  • America have to Wake Up.... Romney To Put America Back To Work.... Romney To Polish America...

    No More 4 Years Foe This President...


    Thanks Dee! I am ticked... ROYALLLY!!!

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