More proof of democrat fraud!

Now, a Democrat operative who worked covertly in a massive voter fraud operation blew the whistle to New York Post reporter Jon Levine and revealed how Democrats will try to steal the 2020 election with their mail-in vote scheme.

The insider revealed how Democrats rig elections by paying homeless voters, taking advantage of elderly in nursing homes, fraudulently posing as registered voters, printing up phony ballots and actually removing real ballots from envelopes and replacing them with counterfeit ballots.

The Democrat-media complex is keeping Covid in the news cycle so they can push for mail-in ballots instead of voting in person for the 2020 election.

A Democrat insider, who spoke to Levine on the condition of anonymity, said “fraud is more the rule than the exception.”

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  • Why can't/won't something be done about this massive fraud in our election system? Democrats have gotten away with doing this for decades. It's past time for numerous people to go to jail, or even go on trial for TREASON. That's the only way it can be stopped. Our Constitution, our freedom and the "American way of life" hangs in the balance. WAKE UP, AMERICA!
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