By John W. Lillpop


One of the most repulsive truths about liberal bigots is their insatiable appetite for tearing down anything American in order to build up anti-American hatred.

The issue over the Confederate Flag is an excellent example. 

For instance, in liberal-infested California, unglued politicians recently passed a bill prohibiting the  sale or display of the Confederate flag.
As reported:
California state government departments will be prohibited from selling or displaying items with an image of the Confederate flag under a bill that passed the Assembly on Monday.
AB2444 by Assemblyman Isadore Hall, D-Compton, is headed to the Senate after passing on a 72-1 vote. Hall introduced the bill after his mother saw replica Confederate money being sold at the state Capitol gift shop.
He called the image a symbol of racism meant to intimidate.
“Its symbolism in history is directly linked to the enslavement, torture and murder of millions of Americans,” Hall said of the Confederate flag. “The state of California should not be in the business of promoting hate toward others.”
This bill confirms that notion that, to most liberals, diversity is a terrific concept, except when it spawns tolerance for ideas and practices that the left opposes.
Sadly, this nonsensical warping of free speech and history is all too common among small-minded liberals who have nothing but contempt for one of the most lasting and cherished symbols of the South.
 Long live liberal fascists?
Amazingly enough, those same self-righteous liberals whom are so anxious to disembowel American citizens for flying the Confederate Flag will defend millions of illegal aliens who take over American streets while boasting the Mexican flag!

If ever there was a flag that should be banned in America, it is the flag of Mexico, our third-world neighbors who dump their illiterate peasants on the US side of the border for US taxpayers to feed, house, educate, and provide medical care for.

Bottom Line: American citizens whom fly the Confederate Flag  should be honored and protected over illegal aliens flying the foreign flag of Mexico!

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  • You'ire letting the far left continue to CHANGE your mindset!  It doesn't matter if even the scum 3rd Reich Swastika is flying.   The QUESTION should be:   IS IT PROTECTED by the FIRST AMENDMENT or not?!  Period!   

    Lets neither ne cherry pickers, nor hypocrits.

  • Agree totally, Mary!

    GD invaders waving the Mexican flag---ugh

  • illals flying their flag is much more offensive. the conferate flag is american ; we don;t go to other countries waving our flag accept at  olypiaics where each nation brings their flags.but to go to our streets and wave their flags is not acceptablego home and wave the heck out of your flag

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