The republicans are using a variation of gerrymandering to manipulate polls and opinions; They are collecting data on candidate's popularity and introducing new candidates to knock out tea party candidates. In Maryland, conservative populist candidate Dan Bongino's web page exploded with support when Marxist senator Mikulski announced she would not run again. Bongino would have easily won the seat statewide; he barely lost a congressional election in the far left voting district of Montgomery County, MD. (in the congressional election, instead of supporting him, the rnc asked Bongino to give them money so they could finance corrupt cronies in other parts of the country) The republican in crowd then put former rnc chairman Steele up for election as senator from Maryland. Steele has no chance of winning since he was forced out of his rnc chairman job by allegations of corruption and incompetence. However, because of his skin color he would split the vote in Maryland and drive Bongino out. The result of the corrupt rino tricks is this - Bongino moved to Florida. Maryland will get another far left senator to replace Marxist Mikulski; the country loses due to republican corruption.

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