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Who Needs Spiritual Advisers?
scumbag-Schiff 'interrupted continually' to 
'coach' latest Trump impeachment witness
By Charles Creitz 
{ } ~ Rep. Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, accused the panel's Democrat chairman, Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff, of coaching a Trump impeachment inquiry witness... during closed-door testimony on Capitol Hill. "I have never in my life seen anything like what happened today," Nunes, R-Calif., told "Hannity" on Tuesday, referring to the testimony of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. The scene was unprecedented, Nunes said. "I mean, they've been bad at most of these depositions, but to interrupt us continually to coach the witness, to decide... what we're going to be able to ask the witness." Nunes slammed scumbag-Schiff, D-Calif., for refusing to allow Republicans to not yet call witnesses of their own, which he also said has never happened to him in Congress. "And, to see someone coach a witness, this isn't the first time that scumbag-Schiff -- scumbag-Schiff is very good at coaching witnesses." He said scumbag-Schiff's staff previously met with the yet-unnamed Ukraine whistleblower, again calling the entire impeachment inquiry process under scumbag-Schiff and House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., "unprecedented." In a fiery news conference earlier Tuesday, other GOP lawmakers said scumbag-Schiff prevented a witness in the latest impeachment hearing from answering certain questions from Republican members.Reps. Steve Scalise, R-La., and Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told reporters that scumbag-Schiff shut down a Republican line of questioning toward Vindman. "When we asked Vindman who he spoke to after important events in July -- scumbag-Adam Schiff says, 'no, no, no, we're not going to let him answer that question,"' Jordan said. Jordan went on to say that scumbag-Schiff seemed to be breaking his own rules for the hearings, implying the chairman was acting almost as a "lawyer" for Vindman.  
scumbag-Schiff Rejects GOP Request 
For Whistleblower To Testify In 
Impeachment Proceedings
{ } ~ Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff rejected House Republicans’ request Saturday to call the Trump whistleblower to testify publicly in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump... calling the testimony “redundant and unnecessary.” GOP California Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, listed the whistleblower, who is reported to be a CIA analyst, along with seven other potential witnesses that Republicans want to have testify publicly in the impeachment proceedings. Along with the whistleblower, Nunes listed Hunter Biden and his business partner, Devon Archer, along with former Fusion GPS contractor Nellie Ohr and former Democratic National Committee operative Alexandra Chalupa. scumbag-Schiff shot down calling the whistleblower to testify, asserting that many of the allegations in his Aug. 12 complaint “not only confirms, but far exceeds, the initial information in the whistleblower’s complaint.” “The whistleblower’s testimony is therefore redundant and unnecessary. In light of the President’s threats, the individual’s appearance before us would only place their personal safety at grave risk,” scumbag-Schiff wrote in a letter to Nunes. That is a reversal for the California Democrat, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee and is leading the impeachment investigation for Democrats. Before the House Intelligence Committee released the whistleblower’s complaint on Sept. 26, scumbag-Schiff said Congress would want to hear from the whistleblower. But he changed his tune on the matter after it was revealed that the whistleblower had contact with one of scumbag-Schiff’s aides prior to filing the complaint. scumbag-Schiff failed to disclose in numerous interviews leading up to the release of the complaint that his aide had contact with the whistleblower.  Nunes formally called on scumbag-Schiff to testify in a deposition about his office’s contact with the whistleblower Friday. In denying the GOP request to hear from the whistleblower, scumbag-Schiff said that the impeachment investigation “will not serve as vehicles for any Member to carry out the same sham investigations into the loose lips liar-Bidens or debunked conspiracies about 2016 U.S. election interference that President Trump pressed Ukraine to conduct for his personal political benefit.” scumbag-Schiff is full of bull and covering up
 Netanyahu: Liberman is Coordinating 
with ARAB Joint List, Gantz
{ } ~ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman of working with the Joint List... in remarks made before Sunday’s cabinet meeting. Netanyahu responded to the ultimatum Liberman made to him and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, by which the former must give up on the rest of the right-wing bloc, the latter must allow Netanyahu to be prime minister first in a rotation agreement, and both would form a national unity government. If one side won’t compromise, then Liberman will support the other.  “I hope it’s not so, but it looks like Liberman is coordinating with the Joint List and Blue and White on all the details,” Netanyahu said. If the 55-seat right-wing bloc does not break up, and Liberman backs Gantz as he said he would, then the Blue and White leader’s only option – assuming he continues to oppose working with the right-wing parties as a bloc – is a minority government with outside support from the Joint List.  Netanyahu pointed out that six weeks ago, Liberman called the Joint List “a fifth column trying to destroy us from the inside” and “enemies,” and that “they belong in the parliament in Ramallah and not in the Knesset.” He made similar comments again 10 days ago to KAN Bet.  “Now look what happened just a few days after that declaration,” Netanyahu said, citing a Ha’aretz interview with Joint List MK Osama Saadi, in which he said he has to cut the conversation short to meet with Yisrael Beytenu MK Eli Avidar. Netanyahu added: “The ultimatum that’s supposedly to both sides is only an ultimatum to the Likud and not to Blue and White. He said clearly to the Likud ‘I will not allow you to establish a narrow government supported by Shas, UTJ and Yamina’… but he doesn’t say something similar to Blue and White. He doesn’t say he won’t let them establish a narrow government supported by the Joint Arab List with Ayman Odeh and Ahmed Tibi.” Therefore, Netanyahu concluded that Liberman wants a left-wing minority government supported by the Joint List, “that will be dependent on them every day and on every matter.”  “That is obviously the worst and most dangerous scenario for the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said, calling to avoid a third election and for the establishment of a broad national unity government. Earlier on Sunday, Liberman contacted Netanyahu’s and Gantz’s offices to arrange meetings with them, in which he will present his ultimatum...
How The Star Witness In Roger Stone’s 
Trial Proved ‘Difficult’ For Prosecutors
{ } ~ When the federal judge presiding over the trial against Roger Stone referred to the government’s star witness, Randy Credico, as “difficult” on Friday... none of the members of the jury or others in the Washington, D.C., court room overheard her pointed remarks.  District Judge Amy Berman Jackson made the observation during a side bar discussion with lead government attorney Aaron Zelinsky and Stone lawyer Robert Bushchel, according to a transcript of the court proceedings obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. Jackson made the remark after two days of testimony that saw Credico, a comedian and longtime frenemy of Stone’s, repeatedly chided for going off track in response to questions, and for attempting to perform impressions. After one contentious exchange, Jackson called a side bar for Bushchel and Zelinsky, who was assistant special counsel on the Robert Mueller probe. “In our defense, the witness — ” Bushchel began to tell Jackson, according to the court transcript. “Is difficult,” Jackson interjected. “I’m doing the best I can.”“Believe me, I think everybody is doing the best under difficult circumstances,” Jackson also told the lawyers. “I don’t usually insert myself in examinations as often as I have.” “I’m trying to facilitate what you’re doing, and focusing in ways that maybe are less threatening to him so that he can actually answer the question.”  While the jury was unable to hear the exchange thanks to the use of a husher, which blocks out ancillary noise, they did observe Credico undermining several key planks of the government’s case against Stone, who was indicted Jan. 24 on seven counts, including witness tampering, obstruction of a government proceeding, and making false statements to Congress.  Credico acknowledged during cross-examination Friday that Stone, who he has known since 2002, is a “dog lover.” Credico also testified that he had “many” associates, including some of his legal advisers, urging him to plead the Fifth to avoid cooperating with the House Intelligence Committee...   
Gantz says he will ‘consider compromise’ 
to clinch unity government
{ } ~ Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz on Monday said his party would be willing to consider compromising on some of its positions in the interest of forming a broad unity government... alongside Likud and Yisrael Beytenu. He also took a shot at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling on him to focus government-building negotiations on “what interests Israeli citizens — and not just what interests you.” On Saturday, Yisrael Beytenu Avigdor Liberman presented a challenge to both Netanyahu and Gantz, saying that if either of them failed to back a unity government according to a proposal set out by President Reuven Rivlin and accept tough compromises in order to form a coalition together, he would walk back his commitment to a national unity government and support a minority government led by the candidate willing to compromise. In essence, Liberman was demanding that Netanyahu sever ties with his so-called bloc of ultra-Orthodox and hard-right MKs and that Gantz allow Netanyahu to serve as premier first in a power-sharing deal. Addressing members of the party’s Knesset faction Monday, Gantz characterized Liberman’s ultimatum to himself and Netanyahu as a positive development. “I congratulate him on the very initiative aimed at preventing unnecessary, costly elections for the third time in a year,” he said. And he said that in the interest of moving toward unity, “we will consider certain compromises as long as they correlate with our worldview and serve the State of Israel.”...
'Nobody on this planet is going to stop me'
Mark Levin defends decision to defy Fox 
News policy about campaign events
by Mike Brest
{ } ~ Fox News host and conservative radio pundit Mark Levin defended his decision to headline a campaign event despite the network having a policy that prevents talent from participating in such events... Levin headlined two events for Virginia state Senate candidate Geary Higgins, with one on Monday, the day before the election took place, according to Media Matters for America. The first Higgins rally that Levin participated in was back in May. The candidate went as far as to thank Levin on Facebook, and he ran Facebook ads prior to each event with him. The conservative radio host addressed the claims that he had violated a network policy on his show Wednesday. He claimed he didn't violate any rules and added that he planned on doing the same thing again. Fox News said that the network "does not condone any talent participating in campaign events," after Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro appeared on stage at a Make America Great Again rally for President Trump on the day before the 2018 midterm elections. The network also called the incident an "unfortunate distraction" and said that it "has been addressed." Levin also railed against Media Matters and claimed that they were "very upset that I supported a local candidate for the state Senate in my own community as well as other local candidates." “If I want to support a friend who’s running for the state Senate, well, damn it, I will do it,” he continued. “I should have done more for him. If I want to support my local sheriff then, damn it, I will do it. And nobody on this planet is going to stop me. No corporation, no left-wing group funded by billionaire, American-hating pukes. Nobody!” Fox News did not respond to a request for comment. Hang them Levin.   
Who Needs Spiritual Advisers?

As far as I can tell from a reading of history, while some presidents were friends of clergy, who sometimes advised them, to my knowledge, none hired them as staff members. Until the presidency of Richard Nixon. It was during Nixon’s administration that Charles Colson began mobilizing the evangelical community to support the president’s policies and programs, seeing evangelicals as just another special interest group, like organized labor has been for Democrats.

After his conversion and after serving time in prison for crimes related to the Watergate scandal, Colson told historian Kevin Kruse, as recounted in The Washington Post, “Sure, we used the prayer breakfasts and church services and all that for political ends. One of my jobs in the White House was to romance religious leaders. We would bring them into the White House, and they would be dazzled by the aura of the Oval Office, and I found them to be about the most pliable of any of the special interest groups that we worked with.”

The latest spiritual adviser to the president is TV evangelist Paula White-Cain. For 18 years she has claimed to have President Trump’s ear on religious matters, but while his policies closely align with evangelical concerns, there is little evidence her “advice” has had any effect on his personal behavior.

White-Cain is unlikely to serve the role Nathan the prophet filled when he confronted King David over his adulterous affair with Bathsheba, bringing David to repentance and one of the great statements about placing faith in political leaders: “Put not your trust in princes … in whom there is no help.” (Psalm 146:3)

In an interview with Shannon Bream on Fox News Monday night, White-Cain responded to critics who call her a heretic by saying she aligns herself with orthodox biblical teachings. She denied she preaches a “you give to get” prosperity gospel, but videos of her preaching reveal otherwise. In addition, hers is a marriage between the state — at least a state headed by Trump — and a kingdom Jesus said is “not of this world.”

Here are some direct quotes from videos readily attainable online from her preaching and TV appearances. Judge for yourself.

“Wherever I go, God rules. When I walk on White House grounds, God walks on White House grounds. I have every right and authority to declare the White House holy ground, because I was standing there and where I stand is holy.”

Then there’s a line some might consider idolatrous: “To say no to President Trump would be saying no to God.”

As for not preaching a prosperity gospel, White-Cain has said: “there is a department of treasury in Heaven, which says God is watching over everything you do and you are storing up eternal treasure that will go so far beyond what we can even imagine … you need to send in $3,500; you need to send in $35,000; you need to send in that $100,000 check.” She claimed if you don’t send the money, your “dream will die; your call will die.” That sounds to me like a spiritual quid pro quo.

White has owned a private jet (Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and walked most places), a $2.6 million home and a $3.5 million condo in Trump Tower. The Son of Man, Scripture says, had no place to lay his head.

White-Cain is correct on some issues of concern to evangelicals, from Trump’s naming of conservative Supreme Court and lower court judges, to religious freedom matters, but her seeming worship of President Trump far exceeds biblical norms and her prosperity gospel, which is no gospel at all, fits the definition of heresy: “Opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, especially of a church or religious system.”

The great danger for the image and what should be the first priority of those who are part of the evangelical community is that they will be seen as worshipping a lesser and even false god than the one they are supposed to be worshipping and serving.   ~The Patriot Post  

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