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Democrats Continue to Hide 
Whistleblower Identity
Nate Jackson
ISIS spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, 
considered potential al-Baghdadi successor,
 also killed in Syria, official says
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{ } ~ISIS spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, considered a potential Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi successor, was also killed in Syria... a senior State Department official confirmed to Fox News on Monday. Al-Muhajir was considered a “number two” to al-Baghdadi, and a potential successor, according to the official. The senior State Department official said Al-Muhajir was killed in Aleppo province in a separate attack by U.S. forces. “He was killed very close to the North East, very close to the Euphrates River… he was killed by U.S. Forces,” the official told Fox News. Hours after U.S. Special Operations forces raided Baghdadi’s compound in North West Syria, the top Kurdish leader for the Syrian Democratic Forces, Gen. Mazloum, the main U.S. ally against ISIS tweeted the following: “Following the previous ops, a senior assistent for al- Bagdadi is called Abu Hesen al Mouhjir was targeted in a village named Ein al Baat near Jaraboul city, the mission was conducted via direct coordination of SDF Intel & US military apart the ongiong ops to hunt ISIS leaders.” This second U.S. military operation took place in Turkish-held Jarabulus in northern Syria, not far 3-hour drive from where Baghdadi was killed near another border town with Turkey.
Top Terror Chief Killed in Syria
{ } ~ Say what you want about nation-building; its results pale next to the can-do of American fighting men. In a lightning raid preceded by aerial bombardments themselves preceded by months of intelligence gathering and surveillance... American soldiers located a leading Arab terrorist and took him off the board. Root causes may have a role in crime, but it is simpler to whack the plant. Democracy missionaries are always welcome at League of Women Voters luncheons, but urgently needed in the war-torn region on the border between Syria and Turkey are tall, fit, agile, superbly trained young men jumping out of helicopters. Here they arrived with machine guns blazing and wiped out the Stalino-fascist-Islamist gangsters holed up in a safe house and blasted them to oblivion. That was purely imaginary about helicopters and machine guns, as TAS was not embedded in the operation, reportedly carried out on the weekend by a U.S. Army Special Forces including Delta Forces. The target was a long-sought leader of the Islamic caliphate in Mesopotamia. Called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “the man from Baghdad who is the father of Bak-oh”, the fellow was right up there in the quality of his character with Pol Pot and Hitler, and was generally considered the successor to Osama bin Laden. The major difference between the two haters is that the scion of a rich Saudi Arabian family believed in a network of cells that would preach and spread mayhem this may be redundant around the world, viz. the attacks on New York and Washington; whereas the child of a poor Iraqi family got the idea of seizing and holding actual real territory, on which to base a “caliphate,” or model Islamic state. This led to mass murder of recalcitrant Christians, other Sunni Muslims, Shia, Jews, Yazidis a monotheistic faith followed by certain tribal groups in Iraq and Syria, and Western hostages. The Baghdadi in question is known to have been a serial rapist, including among his victims an American aid worker, Kaylia Mueller. taken as hostage and eventually murdered, probably in 2015. Some reports said he had taken over the political crime organization from one Abu Omar al-Baghdadi “the man from Baghdad who is the father of Omar”, himself killed in a U.S.–Iraq operation some years ago. It begins to sound as if what might have made more sense, when our policy makers got the idea that the Saddam Hussein regime was up to no good, to require every male from Baghdad to attend a three-week crash course in anger management, instead of trying to fix the whole country. There were and are sound strategic reasons to refrain from this tactic, though it deserves careful consideration, not least for the message it would send to other political organizations masquerading as governments. However, it is worth noting that the men — and women — responsible for this gallant operation were aided by our on-and-for-the-moment-off Kurdish allies. Intelligence, backup, terrain recon, and much besides, including ordinary communications with the locals, for which we need friendlies: all of these go into fighting and winning in hostile territories. It was so in the Indian wars; it is so in the Arab wars. Idlib province is to the west of Aleppo and is thus some distance from the Turko-Syrian border region between Qamishli and Kobane that has been causing some mental hyperventilation amongst the Washington, D.C., foreign policy eggheads. This is the real estate that President D. J. Trump — against the advice of Gen. James Mattis and others — announced he was pulling U.S. forces out of from their positions among our gallant Kurdish allies, enabling the elected Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to move in and hunt down Kurds and kill them, under the pretext that they are all terrorists...   
The Federal Judge Overseeing Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Just Dropped A Major Bombshell 
By Margot Cleveland
{ } ~ On Tuesday, attorneys for Michael Flynn filed a sentencing memorandum and letters of support for the former Army lieutenant general in federal court... The sentencing memorandum reveals for the first time concrete evidence that the FBI created multiple 302 interview summaries of Flynn’s questioning by now-former FBI agent Peter Strzok and a second unnamed agent, reported to be FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka. Further revelations may be forthcoming soon following an order entered late yesterday by presiding judge Emmet Sullivan, directing the special counsel’s office to file with the court any 302s or memorandum relevant to Flynn’s interview. Flynn, who served briefly as President Donald Trump’s national security advisor, pleaded guilty more than a year ago to making false statements to federal investigators during a January 24, 2017 interview. During that interview, Strzok and presumably Pientka questioned Flynn about a telephone conversation the Trump advisor had with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. While Flynn’s sentencing memorandum methodically laid out the case for a low-level sentence of one-year probation, footnote 23 dropped a bomb, revealing that the agents’ 302 summary of his interview was dated August 22, 2017. As others have already noted, the August 22, 2017 date is a “striking detail” because that puts the 302 report “nearly seven months after the Flynn interview.” When added to facts already known, this revelation takes on a much greater significance. First, text messages between Strzok and former FBI Attorney Lisa Page indicate that Strzok wrote his notes from the Flynn interview shortly after he questioned the national security advisor on January 24, 2017. Specifically, on February 14, 2017, Strzok texted Page, “Also, is Andy good with F 302?” Page responded, “Launch on F 302.” Given Strzok’s role in the questioning Flynn, the date three weeks from the interview, the notation “F 302,” and Page’s position as special counsel to Andrew McCabe, it seems extremely likely that these text exchanges concerned a February 2017, 302 summary of the Flynn interview. Additionally, now that we know from the sentencing memorandum that the special counsel’s office has tendered a 302 interview summary dated August 22, 2017, we can deduce that an earlier 302 form existed from scumbag-James Comey’s Friday testimony before the House judiciary and oversight committees. During the day-long questioning of the former FBI Director, Rep. Trey Gowdy asked scumbag-Comey whether the agents who interviewed Flynn had indicated that Flynn did not intend to deceive them during the interview. After scumbag-Comey replied “No,” Gowdy pushed him, asking “Have you ever testified differently?” scumbag-Comey again responded, “No.” But when asked whether he recalled being asked that question doing an earlier House hearing, scumbag-Comey countered: “No. I recall — I don’t remember what question I was asked...
Trillion-Dollar Deficits Are Here To Stay, 
Thanks To Entitlements
By Tristan Justice
{ } ~ The U.S. deficit has hit its highest point in seven years, at $984 billion in the 2019 budget year, approximately a 26 percent increase from 2018 and a 48 percent increase from 2017... according to the U.S. Department of Treasury on Friday. The deficit is the difference between how much the government spends and how much it takes in taxes. While headlines characterize the soaring deficits in recent years as a product of the Trump administration’s passage of large tax cuts, Americans’ addiction to entitlements, including the passage of the Affordable Care Act, are the true culprits. Although the administration’s tax cuts did fall short of bringing in expected revenues through higher economic activity, President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama contributed an additional $10 trillion to the national debt with higher interest rates his administration’s debt than previous administrations, in addition to passing the unfunded and unaffordable Affordable Care Act. Trump would have had to cut $1 trillion from the federal budget just to break even after scumbag/liar-nObamacare and begin paying down the nearly $23 trillion in federal debt. $1 trillion is more than 75 percent of the federal government’s entire budget for discretionary spending. Revenues actually grew slightly higher under Trump, by 3.8 percent, despite massive tax cuts. Largely due to a booming economy, tax receipts rose from approximately $3.3 trillion in 2018 to $3.4 trillion in 2019. “President Trump’s economic agenda is working: the Nation is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 50 years, there are more jobs to fill than there are job seekers, and Americans are experiencing sustained year-over-year wage increases,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement. “In order to truly put America on a sustainable financial path, we must enact proposals – like the President’s 2020 budget plan – to cut wasteful and irresponsible spending.” The deficit is only expected to continue expanding, exceeding a $1 trillion in the next fiscal year, according to the Congressional Budget Office, while lawmakers are showing no signs of cutting entitlement spending even as it gets closer to openly bankrupting the nation. Spending on Social Security in fiscal year 2019 surpassed the $1 trillion mark, a 5.7 percent increase from 2018. Medicare spending saw a 10.6 percent hike from $589 billion spent to fund the program in 2018 to $651 billion in 2019. Defense spending also played a major role in contributing to the deficit, with an 8.8 percent jump from 2018 to 2019 to $688 billion spent in 2019... 
How The scumbag/liar-nObama Administration 
Set In Motion Democrats’ Coup Against Trump 
By Lee Smith
{ } ~ AFTER DONALD TRUMP was elected forty-fifth president of the United States, the operation designed to undermine his campaign transformed... It became an instrument to bring down the commander in chief. The coup started almost immediately after the polls closed.  scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton’s communications team decided within twenty-four hours of her concession speech to message that the election was illegitimate, that Russia had interfered to help Trump. scumbag/liar-nObama was working against Trump until the hour he left office. His national security advisor, liar-Susan Rice, commemorated it with an email to herself on January 20, moments before Trump’s inauguration. She wrote to memorialize a meeting in the White House two weeks before. On January 5, following a briefing by IC leadership on Russian hacking during the 2016 Presidential election, President scumbag/liar-nObama had a brief follow-on conversation with FBI Director scumbag-Jim Comey and Deputy Attorney General liar-Sally Yates in the Oval Office. Vice President loose lips liar-Biden and I were also present.  President scumbag/liar-nObama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the Intelligence and law enforcement communities “by the book.” The President stressed that he is not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective. He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book. From a national security perspective, however, President scumbag/liar-nObama said he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia. . . The President asked scumbag-Comey to inform him if anything changes in the next few weeks that should affect how we share classified information with the incoming team. scumbag-Comey said he would. The repetition of “by the book” gave away the game—for there was nothing normal about any of it. liar-Rice wrote an email to herself. It commemorated a conversation from two weeks before. The conversation was about the FBI’s investigation of the man who was about to move into the White House—an investigation from which scumbag/liar-nObama was careful to distance himself. During the conversation, the outgoing president instructed his top aides to collect information “ascertain” regarding the incoming administration’s relationship with Russia...
Meet the Radical Economists Behind 
dinky/liar-Warren, commie-Sanders
by Charles Fain Lehman 
{ } ~ Two controversial economists have played a major role in the 2020 Democratic primary with Senators commie-Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren (D., Mass.)... each trumpeting major tax hikes and financial reforms to curb inequality. University of California, Berkeley economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman have gained currency on the left for their proposed radical taxes on wealth and financial transactions. While dinky/liar-Warren, commie-Sanders, and other leading liberals rush to embrace them as advisers, a debate has roiled academic economics. The evidence on which commie-Sanders, dinky/liar-Warren, and others have built their plans to dramatically transform the U.S. economy may be shoddier than their supporters realize, according to some prominent Democrats who have called the research "substantially inaccurate and substantially misleading." Both dinky/liar-Warren and commie-Sanders, neither of whom returned requests for comment, have promised to pursue aggressive expansions of government spending, with costs expected to run into the trillions of dollars. To finance this spending, both campaigns have floated novel tax proposals, including commie-Sanders's  financial transaction tax and dinky/liar-Warren's corporate profit tax. The most ambitious of these proposals, however, is each campaign's wealth tax—a tax levied directly on the assets of the super-wealthy.  dinky/liar-Warren's wealth tax, introduced in January, would tax assets in excess of $50 million at 2 percent annually, and those in excess of $1 billion at 3 percent annually.  commie-Sanders's plan, released in September, upstages dinky/liar-Warren's with a sliding scale from a 1 percent tax on assets of $32 million to an 8 percent tax on assets of $10 billion. Both proposals, according to information released by the campaigns, are the brainchild of Saez and Zucman. The two coauthored letters on behalf of  dinky/liar-Warren and commie-Sanders touting the plans, and have since made media  appearances pushing for increased consideration of a wealth tax. They also have advocated for other policies embraced by both commie-Sanders and dinky/liar-Warren, including a recent op-ed claiming that Medicare for All will cut taxes for most Americans—even in spite of commie-Sanders's acknowledgment that tax hikes for the middle class would be needed to pay for his plan...  
Italy: Mass Legalization of Migrants is Suicidal
by Giulio Meotti
{ } ~ Describing Italy, Gerard Baker, former editor in chief of the Wall Street Journal, recently wrote: "In much of the country... depopulation is advancing.... Moving into the empty spaces have been waves of immigrants, many from North Africa and the Middle East. The migrants have filled vital gaps in the labor force, but the transformation of Italian towns has left increasing numbers of citizens resentful, fearful for their identity." He went on to call this transformation, "a kind of pioneer of Western decline". Already, the effects of mass migration are becoming dramatically visible in many of Italy's elementary schools. In just the last few days, examples from two large cities have surfaced. The first was in Turin, Italy's fourth largest city, where there are now elementary school classes with not even one Italian child: "In all classes, school principal Aurelia Provenza explained, the percentage of foreigners is very high, equal to 60% of the total number of pupils". The second example comes from Bologna. "In my son's kindergarten there is a serious integration problem, I have to take him away," says Mohamed, a 34-year-old of Moroccan origin who arrived in Italy when he was 4 years old. "I don't want to be seen as a racist myself as I am Moroccan, but the municipality must know that there is no integration by putting more than 20 foreign children into classes". At the time of enrollment, Mohamed explained, they had seen drawings with flags of all nationalities in the school, but, "when we arrived at school the first day, we found ourselves in a class with all foreign children. The teachers are even struggling to pronounce the children's names." We have now reached a paradox: immigrants are taking their children out from classes where, under multiculturalism, segregation is surging. "School performance falls when classes exceed 30% foreigners; it is a crucial threshold that should be avoided or otherwise monitored", said Costanzo Ranci, professor of Economic Sociology, and author of a recent report...  
Democrats Continue to Hide 
Whistleblower Identity
Nate Jackson:  scumbag-Adam Schiff, chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, lied about his contact with the so-called whistleblower. He’s been holding closed-door hearings to keep the Democrats’ impeachment efforts shrouded in secrecy. And he’s had the gall to say the whistleblower may not need to testify because other witnesses are proving to be damning enough. But we’re supposed to believe Democrats are conducting their attempted impeachment coup on the up and up.

Nearly two weeks ago, scumbag-Schiff was already hinting that the whistleblower’s testimony “might not be necessary.” Several Democrats involved in the impeachment “inquiry” are now insisting it’s not necessary. “It’s quite clear we have a surfeit of evidence that corroborates in full every aspect of what happened,” said Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-VA). Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-MD) added, “The whistleblower will go down in history as a hero for kicking off this process. But the whistleblower is no longer integral to the investigation in any way.”

The whistleblower is a political hack who coordinated with a Democrat hack, but why quibble over semantics?

It’s true that President Donald Trump’s careless words to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky provided the opening for Democrats to pivot from their utterly failed Russia-collusion narrative after the nothingburger that was Robert Mueller’s report to Trump’s supposed improprieties in advance of the 2020 election. But it’s not exactly self-evident, as Democrats want us to believe, that Trump committed an impeachable offense by requesting help from an ally to investigate shenanigans in the 2016 election. Shenanigans that, by the way, involved Democrat contacts in Ukraine.

And given what we already know about scumbag-Schiff and the whistleblower, it’s clear that Democrats, who are carefully scripting the impeachment narrative via strategic leaks and the like, know that having the whistleblower testify won’t actually help their case. Beyond that collusion, there are unanswered questions about the whistleblower reporting form — questions Democrats almost certainly don’t want answered by giving Republicans a chance at cross-examination.   ~The Patriot Post  

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