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Mueller/Trump/Lynch Mob Already
Rogue, Beyond Authority, Digging Everywhere
by Rick Wells
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Why GOP health care failure jeopardizes tax reform. (PoliZette)
Top Dems slow rolling ethics probe to delay investigation into liar-nObama leaks. (The Washington Free Beacon)
Dems see huge field emerging to take on Trump. (The Hill)
Soros gave $20.7 million to alleged Russia-funded climate groups in U.S. (NewsBusters)
Venezuelan president reportedly considering asylum as pressure grows on regime. (CNS News)
The laughable hypocrisy of Katie Couric lecturing others on the dangers of "fake News." (Washington Examiner)
DOJ takes down largest dark net marketplace in history. (CNS News)
Voter fraud database tops 1,000 proven cases. (The Daily Signal)
Minnesota schools adopt transgender toolkit for kindergartners. (The Washington Free Beacon)
McDonald's employee refuses to serve uniformed police officer, gets fired. (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
Policy: How housing assistance leads to long-term dependence — and how to fix it. (Manhattan Institute)
Policy: America needs more pipelines. (U.S. News & World Report~The Patriot Post
State Attacking President Trump
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Lou Dobbs address the recent comments by “top allies of Pope Francis, attacking religious supporters of President Trump.”... He points out, “In a Vatican reviewed journal, the Papal confidants accusing President Trump backers of imposing what they call a theocratic world view, practicing ‘apocalyptic geopolitics.” For the sake of clarity and understanding, the definition of theocratic is “relating to or denoting a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.” Isn’t that much more close to what the communist, global government, climate enabled planet worshiping Pope is doing than our supposed “isolationist President?” Dobbs adds, “Pope Francis himself criticizing the President over his call for a border wall to enforce US border security,” kind of like the one that surrounds the Vatican to enforce their border security. Dobbs speaks with Pastor Robert Jeffress, leading off with the Pope’s actions. He says, “First, the Pope, and some of his top advisors, inserting themselves directly into the deep state and left-wing, anti-Trump politics that are working to subvert President Trump and his administration.”...
School Teacher/Militant Fascist
Arrested, Charged for Rioting in California
by Trey Sanchez
{} ~ After an eight-month investigation, Yvette Felarca, a middle school teacher in Berkeley, was arrested and charged this week with assault and rioting at a rally in Sacramento last summer... As it turns out, when she’s not filling the minds of impressionable early teens, Felarca is punching "Nazis." Felarca, 47, is the leader of the fascist antifa group By Any Means Necessary and they were on hand in June 2016 to counter protest a permitted rally by the Traditionalist Worker Party at the California state capitol building. As fists flew, smart phones recorded and caught Felarca punching a man repeatedly in his stomach and yelling at him to “get the f*** off our streets.” What she started, her fascist friends finished, jumping the guy and beating him on the ground before police stepped in. Now, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office charged her with inciting and participating in a riot and assault likely to cause great bodily injury. Luckily, she was one of the counter-protesters who didn’t cover her face, making her easy to identify...
US-Installed Iraqi Regime Torture and Murder
by Stephen Lendman
{} ~ During the battle for Mosul, freelance photographer Ali Arkady witnessed and photographed torture, abuse and cold-blooded murder of Iraqi military captives... civilians suspected of ties to ISIS, according to RT. He was embedded with an elite Iraqi interior ministry emergency response division, witnessed brutal interrogations to obtain forced confessions from suspected ISIS captives or sympathizers. Arkady later fled the country, taking his photographic and video evidence with him, exposing the brutality of regime practices – as vicious as how ISIS and other US-supported terrorists operate...I care less how they are treated. Remember what they have done to other people.
Civil Forfeiture Is Inherently Abusive
by J. Justin Wilson
{} ~ Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Department of Justice would repeal reforms intended to curb federal law enforcement agencies’ use of civil forfeiture... In response, Institute for Justice Senior Attorney and Director of its Nationwide Initiative to End Forfeiture Darpana Sheth issued the following statement: Civil forfeiture is inherently abusive. No one should lose his or her property without being first convicted of a crime, let alone charged with one. The only safeguard to protect Americans from civil forfeiture is to eliminate its use altogether. The Department of Justice’s supposed safeguards amount to little more than window dressing of an otherwise outrageous abuse of power. We have consistently warned that the modest reforms put in place in 2015 could be rolled back with the stroke of a pen—and that is precisely what Attorney General Sessions has done today...
Joe Scarborough Got the
“Lying, Phony Punk” Treatment from Imus
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Caustic, discerning, funny and no fan of Joe Scarborough are four characteristics of radio host Don Imus... With the recent escalation in hostilities between Scarborough and Sean Hannity and more notably the Trump White House, the comments of Imus are timely, quite appropriate and as usual, spot on. Scarborough was making excuses for his and Miss Mika’s show being suddenly cut in 2010 from the lineup at WABC in New York. Scarborough claimed it was all due to some “retooling” for a bigger and even better show that was in the works. Imus spends a lot of time around livestock. He knows manure when he smells it. As he opens his comments he  promises to speak slowly so that both Scarborough and what’s her name, Brzezinski, can understand it. What follows is a ruthless dissection of the thin-skinned, talentless space occupier, delivered in a manner as only Imus can...
Mueller/Trump/Lynch Mob Already
Rogue, Beyond Authority, Digging Everywhere
by Rick Wells
{} ~ A person close to the Trump witch hunt has told Bloomberg News that Mueller is “examining a broad range of transactions involving Trump’s businesses as well as those of his associates.”

First of all, that has a potential to be very chilling for his businesses. Few buyers would want to subject themselves to the potential for the same kind of public square raping as Trump is having to endure just for the sake of a nice condo.

But on the investigation itself, Deputy Attorney General and witch hunt facilitator Rod Rosenstein stated upon his anointment of Mueller, that he was authorized to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.”

Rosenstein expanded that charge to include other matters that “may arise directly from the investigation.” He is empowered to press criminal charges, and he can request additional resources subject to the review of an assistant attorney general. Once again the interpretation of the word “matter” matters.

So now, liar-Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Cheryl Mills and the rest of the liar-nObama criminal organization, including their own facilitators Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and James Comey peer out from behind the mountains of evidence proving their own felonious activities as the hunting expedition has loaded their rifles and packs, formed a line and is moving out to see if they can “bag a big one,” the President of the United States. Our resources are being wasted on a political adventure instead of the known criminals who have seriously damaged this nation.

According to Bloomberg, the FBI is looking into Russian purchases of apartments in Trump buildings, a SoHo development that included Russian associates, and the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow as well as the sale of a Florida mansion in 2008 to a Russian oligarch.

What are these taxpayer supported investigators doing looking into the purchases of private individuals when the mandate clearly states links between the Russian Government and individuals involved in the campaign? What position or title did any of those people hold in the Russian government? Is it a crime simply to have been born in Russia? Even if it is, the Mueller mandate is narrowly defined to the government.

They note that the witch hunt has now absorbed a money-laundering probe by anti-Trump henchman Preet Bharara into former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Was it because it made it easier and more effective to investigate the supposed Russia collusion? No, that case involve incidents which predate the campaign and does not include the President or his campaign. There’s no legitimate reason to combine the two.

But by “absorbing” that case the witch hunters can then incorporate those potential misdeeds into their own investigation, immediately providing themselves a justification for expanding beyond their initial focus. They can also improve their chances of assigning some successes to their hunting party, picking up a crippled bit of prey at the outset. That was the purpose for bringing in Preet Bharara’s boy, his former subordinate, U.S. Assistant Attorney, Andrew Goldstein, who’s familiar with and been working that case.

Trump attorney John Dowd, said on Thursday that he was unaware that President Trump’s businesses were part of the probe and considered them to be beyond the scope of what Mueller should be examining.

Dowd stated by email, “Those transactions are in my view well beyond the mandate of the Special counsel; are unrelated to the election of 2016 or any alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and most importantly, are well beyond any Statute of Limitation imposed by the United States Code.”

Mueller’s expedition is reported to also be investigating the Trump SoHo hotel condominium development, which was a licensing deal with Bayrock Capital LLC. In 2010, the former finance director of Bayrock filed a lawsuit claiming the firm structured transactions in fraudulent ways to evade taxes. Bayrock was a key source of capital for Trump projects, including Trump SoHo.

Again, where is the Russian government role and the connection to the 2016 campaign? Rosenstein didn’t hand out permission slips to personally attack President Trump by prying into anything and everything. It’s Russia, Russia, Russia, remember boys?

The 2013 Miss Universe pageant is supposedly of interest because a prominent Moscow developer, Aras Agalarov, paid $20 million to bring the beauty contest there. Trump reportedly met  Herman Gref, chief executive of Russia’s biggest bank, Sberbank PJSC, while there. Meeting bankers is not a crime and once again, it is not colluding with the Russian government on the election and none of Mueller’s concern.

Another significant financial transaction involved a Palm Beach, Florida, estate Trump purchased in 2004 for $41 million, after its previous owner lost it in bankruptcy. In March of 2008, Russian fertilizer magnate Dmitry Rybolovlev bought the property for $95 million. The sale to that private individual took place while George Bush was still President. What does it have to do with the 2016 campaign.

Mueller’s expedition into all things Trump and all things Russia is extending way beyond his already shaking and illegitimate mandate. There’s a reason for that – otherwise he’s got nothing and he knows it. There is no Russia collusion, there never was. It was just the establishment’s excuse to get their foot in the door.
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