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Why Did God Choose the Apostle Paul?
by David Limbaugh  
commie-Sanders in California: Levin Is 
a ‘Strong, Progressive dummycrats-Democrat’
by Susan Crabtree
{} ~ Sen. commie-Bernie Sanders (I. Vt.), in a trip to this purple coastal battleground district, labeled dummycrats-Democratic candidate Mike Levin... a "strong, progressive dummycrats-Democrat" who is dedicated to helping him pass liberal priorities in Washington such as single-payer healthcare, Medicare for all, free college tuition for all and a $15 federal minimum wage. "I'm here because Mike is a strong, progressive dummycrats-Democrat," commie-Sanders said Friday night to a cheering crowd of 1,500 supporters at MiraCosta Community College in Northern San Diego County. "Mike understands that we need an economy and a government which works for all of us—not just the 1 percent." commie-Sanders invoked the name of his 2016 spinoff, Our Revolution, by opening his remarks by observing that Oceanside, a heavily dummycrats-Democratic pocket of the district, looks like it's "ready for a political revolution." Despite the enthusiasm, commie-Sanders predicted that battle for control of the House majority would be close, and that turnout in the beachside community in the 49th District could determine "the difference between victory and defeat." Levin, an environmental lawyer, is running against Republican Diane Harkey, a former state legislator and member of California's tax board, in a district outgoing Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) won by just 1,600 votes in 2016. Recent polls show Levin running at least 10 points ahead in a race that top GOP groups have decided not to invest in...
Ways and Means Committee Chairman 
Kevin Brady Discusses Economy and Tax Proposals…
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{} ~ House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady discusses the current economic growth and the GOP policy initiatives behind tax proposals... Chairman Brady emphasizes an intent to make the current middle-class tax cuts permanent in the next legislative session if Republicans can do well in the midterm election. One of the benefits from previously ‘unexpected’ by CBO MAGAnomic growth is the baseline calculations for ‘revenue neutral’ did not factor in the current GDP growth rate. All previous Congressional Budget Office forecasts were underestimated. As Rep Brady outlines President Trump is committed to empowering Main Street, not Wall Street, as the driving force behind U.S. economic growth. The essence of MAGAnomics. Every.Single .Trump.Policy targets support to Main Street. Period...
scumpbag-Adam Schiff: Donald Trump's 
Modus Operandi is to Divide America
by Nick Givas
{} ~ dummycrats-Democratic Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff of California said President Donald Trump’s “modus operandi” is to divide America,... on “State of The Union” with Jake Tapper Sunday. “Honestly, I think this president’s whole modus operandi is to divide us,” scumbag-Schiff said. “He gets up in the morning with new and inventive ways to divide us. And it’s not enough that on the day of a tragedy he says the right words — if every day of the year, he’s saying things to bring us into conflict with each other.” scumbag-Schiff was discussing the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday, which killed at least 11 and wounded several others. The suspect has been identified as Robert Bowers who reportedly screamed, “All Jews must die,” according to KDKA. He was also said to have been armed with two pistols and an AK-47. “Some go attempt to get into an African American church, shoot people and shot two African Americans in the store instead. You had these bombs that were sent around to the president’s critics and opponents. And you had someone who went into this synagogue filled with the idea that Jews were behind this caravan,”  scumbag-Schiff said... scumbag-Schiff is a complete liar and shouldn't even be a representative in Congress. He's causing the divination.
DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen -vs- Insufferable 
Swamp Guardian Chris Wallace…
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{} ~ Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen appears on Fox Sunday Gaslighting to discuss current headline security issues... When the topic turns to immigration and the approaching migrant caravan Swamp-gatekeeper Chris Wallace goes all-in with the vulnerable toddlers angle… central American babies crawling on their hands and knees over thousands of miles to reach the United States. Ridiculous. I rather have Kelly then you Wallace.
North Korean Defector Describes ‘Prison Camp’ 
Conditions for Slaves Sent Overseas
by Paul Crookston
{} ~ The Kim Jong Un regime in North Korea has ramped up the use of overseas slave labor to prop up its economy in the face of stiff sanctions... leading to what former North Korean construction official and defector Roh Hui-Chang said is "no different from a prison camp." Prisons in North Korea are among the worst in human history, so many assume the lives of a overseas workers constitute an improvement, but they face impossible work requirements and seizure of almost all of their wages. At the National Press Club Friday, Roh explained the inner workings of the system Friday, recalling his experience working overseas and overseeing foreign construction projects. The system to control workers is diabolically effective: No workers are able to hold onto their wages because the vast majority is confiscated for a "loyalty fund." They also receive demerits for failing to complete the impossible daily requirements, obliging them to do more work. No one can leave because their passports are seized, they have minders who keep watch over them, and they aren't ever by themselves. If one gets away, those who were with him are punished, creating a culture of mutual suspicion and control. "You are not allowed to take any kind of individual action," Roh said. The United States has imposed harsh sanctions on North Korea but sending workers overseas is one of the most effective ways the regime can get around those sanctions. Most of them work in China and Russia, which have both undermined sanctions efforts. Chinese front corporations allow some North Korean workers to be sent to other countries without the hosts even realizing it, and it’s difficult to know the extent of North Korean slave labor across the globe...
Why Did God Choose the Apostle Paul?

by David Limbaugh

{} ~ During interviews about my most recent book, "Jesus Is Risen: Paul and the Early Church," many hosts have asked me why the greatest persecutor of Christians, Saul of Tarsus later known as Paul, became Christianity's foremost evangelist.

This is a fascinating question because Paul, by all appearances, was the least likely person to pioneer early Christianity's missionary efforts. He was born a Jew in Tarsus but raised and educated in Jerusalem under Gamaliel, a highly respected rabbi and Jewish scholar who mentored him on the "strict manner of the law of our fathers" (Acts 22:3). Paul touted his own Jewish bona fides, saying, "If anyone else thinks he has reason for confidence in the flesh, I have more: circumcised on the eighth day, of the people of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of Hebrews; as to the law, a Pharisee; as to zeal, a persecutor of the church; as to righteousness under the law, blameless" (Philippians 3:4-6).

When Paul saw some of his Jewish brothers converting to Christianity, he was more than a little upset. He viewed Christianity not as some harmless competing religion but as one that was seeking to co-opt his religion, corrupt it at its core and twist it into something it was never intended to be. So he set out to bring to justice the heretics who were betraying the God he'd worshipped his entire life.

Why would God choose such a man to present the very Gospel that drove him to persecute and even execute early Christians? Scripture clarifies that God specifically chose Paul, before he was born, to proclaim the Gospel, mainly, but not exclusively, to the Gentiles (Galatians 1:15-16).

When you study the Book of Acts -- the history of the early church -- and Paul's Epistles, you can see quite clearly why God set Paul apart for this crucial role. Paul was fluent in the Greek language and Greek culture and learned in Greek literature, which enabled him to relate to the Greeks (gentiles) on their level. In some cases, he cited their poets to get his foot in the door as a prelude to revealing God to them. 

He was a Roman citizen, which entitled him to legal protections unavailable to noncitizens and which, in some cases, facilitated his presentation of the message.

He was highly intelligent, and he would call on his intellect to expound on critical matters of Christian doctrine in his letters, 13 of which are preserved for us in the New Testament as Holy Scripture.

Ironically, Paul's Jewish background greatly enhanced his evangelistic efforts. His intimate knowledge of the Old Testament and the Mosaic law perfectly equipped him to explain the Gospel as part two of God's two-part story of His salvation plan for mankind. Paul confirmed that Christ had come not to abolish the law but to fulfill it.

Christ fulfilled the messianic promises of the Old Testament prophets. He inaugurated the New Covenant, which superseded the Old Covenant and provided a means for all mankind -- Jews and gentiles alike -- to be saved, by faith in Him. No one in human history understood better than Paul how God's salvation plan was integrated from start to finish, and no one could better communicate it. Nor was anyone better positioned to articulate God's free offer of grace, as no one, by his own admission, was less deserving of grace than he was -- yet he received it in abundance.

Paul was also a passionate and relentless warrior for the truth who, following Christ's example, willfully sacrificed himself and endured great suffering and persecution for the cause of his Savior. He would not be deterred from his singular mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the end of the earth -- in obedience to Christ's Great Commission to the Twelve Apostles.

Finally, I believe God chose Paul because he was so real, so authentic, so personal and so loving. He was not merely a man of great intellect but one of heartfelt emotions, especially for his fellow Jews. He wore his emotions on his sleeve for all to see. In his letters to the churches he planted, you can feel his personal grief over some of the believers having been led astray by false teachers from the true Gospel and his earnest appeal for them to return. When reading his letters, you get a real sense that Paul loved these churches he had birthed as a parent treasures his own children, alternately giving praise, discipline, lessons and love.

I urge you to read or reread the Book of Acts and Paul's Epistles and treat yourself to his unique story and his unsurpassed presentation of the Gospel and essential Christian doctrine. You'll not regret it.
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