A PATTERN IS FORMING as waves in the ocean; Americans have been accepting the waves of utopian propaganda as a reality that can never exist; only in the gullible minds of the uniformed, led by false promises and real enthusiasm for radical and absolute change that is not rational.  Americans are without rational direction, thus, allowing themselves vulnerable to political manipulation, rather than utilizing logic and reasoning based on rational thought. As a result, they are accepting to be led by political opportunists such as TRUMP and Old Hillary, who have ulterior motives that only serve themselves to power, wealth and control.

This pattern is always set afloat as a result to a vacuum in rational thought among the masses, induced by a deficit in a well rounded education, designed by deceptive governments. 

VIGILANCE is worthless without rational thought.  Our Founding Fathers had addressed this: without an educated citizenry can never guarantee freedom.  Our Nation has below necessary faculty tools to understand its consequences.  Education, now, consists of training a robotic citizenry to technology, rules and regulations unquestioned.

Our government is running a cattle drive and Americans are the cattle!!!

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