Two mob families come together/Trump and Christi, and a third, the Clinton Syndicate. All of them will aim to control the IRS; BLM; EPA; THE PHARMACEUTICALS; OIL INDUSTRY; AND TECHNOLOGICAL INDUSTRIES, AND  ALLTHE COURTS; DOJ ETC., AND FINALLY ALL MEDIA.  Fascism is not dead but just wait; all challengers will be however.   Our Republic is finished!!!  A new phase awaits ahead of us.

The police state will be magnified and fear will be the new norm.  We have not learned from history.  Yep, no one has read it in many moons. And the crowds cheer in Al Capone, his rebirth; alias Mussolini. JUST THE BEGINNING!!!  Brown Shirt protesters in the waiting. Gang buster rule.

Hitler must be hysterical in Hell; just loving his understudies. He too used the peoples' anger; emotional and blind. ALL THEIR FOLLOWERS WILL REGRET IT.  The Evangenicals , not unlike  the Vatican who aligned with Hitler, are aligning with these fascists. Guess who the losers are?     

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