MLK's Dream Realized.

4063532071?profile=originalWe just returned back home to Florida from my wife Mary's family reunion in Maryland. Mary and I are an interracial couple. Before consenting to attend, I asked my wife of 35 years, “Will there be anyone there who is going to give me a hard time?” Mary replied, “No, they're all dead.”

The reunion was wonderful, over one hundred in attendance. When God said be fruitful and multiply, Mary's family took God seriously. Kids were all over the place swimming, using the water slide, enjoying the feast of food and deserts and having a ball.

Cousin Jimmy started cooking the hog, head and all, on the grill at 3am. The pork was cooked to perfection. Add a little of his favorite barbecue sauce and you are in heaven. I do regret allowing Jimmy to talk me into tasting the hog's snout. For the sake of my stomach, I must change the subject.

4063532096?profile=originalAunt Carol is the family historian. She and her sister, Mary's mom, Eleanor traced their family tree back to 1625. Aunt Carol's brief report was fascinating.

Mary's sister Donna was reelected president of their family reunion. Donna announced big plans to have next year's 50th reunion catered at a resort. Everyone was excited.

Mary and I received the award for traveling the most distance.

The reunion included an auction. Melanie, Mary's sister was extremely entertaining playing auctioneer. Billy out-bid everyone to win a beautiful hand-carved bird for his mom, my Mary.

Everyone was warm and friendly. Mary's mom and dad were genuinely glad to see me. The younger family members were not taken back by me, a black member of the family. They simply did not care about my race.

While I was the only black at the reunion, I heard I am no longer the only black in the family.

It was a great day and I ate too much.

While in Maryland, I visited my family. My brother David has coached well-integrated youth football teams for many years. He has noticed that kids think very little about race. David said when we were kids there was black music and white music. Today, black and white kids basically listen to the same music.

A friend who works in shopping malls has witnessed an abundance of multiracial families. It appears Dr Martin Luther King's dream has come true. Blacks and whites are walking together in brotherhood.

So, who keeps stirring the waves of discontent, making “race” a big deal? Answer, the mainstream media, politicians seeking to exploit race to get-their-way and those seeking to get-paid. Disgusting!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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  • Nice to find there is civility still present in this country.

  • I love your story, your families, and I wish that everyone would live MLK's dream, and not the political and dictatorship of division, hatred, and against God, family, and America.

  • I always love to read Lloyd's articles.  I have 5 grandchildren and 2 of them are part black and part hawaiian. I know that it is different now that people don't stare at those who are of multi races as much as they did back in my days. The thing I worry about is that their father who is black is a Pro Obama person and my granddaughter who is 15 gets things that are not right told to her by him. She asks me questions once in a while so I can tell by her questions that they come from what her dad has told her.I don't want to cause a problem by telling her things that are not of the same beliefs her dad has because it may cause a family division and i don't want that. So I try to answer her in a way that doesn't sound like I am going against her dad (which I am !) but i try to be truthful. It's just so sad that since BO has been in the WH it just seems like we are going backwards w/this racism. It's just so damn sad. It's all there is w/BO.  He either divides by race, poor or middle class against the rich, Gays on and on and on.......It's just disgusting & I am so sick of it!

  • I am not making any vacations plans east of the Mississippi, actually afraid of violence and no police protection especially in Florida or New York. What is happening when traveling in America is high risk.

  • I left this in another discussion but seems to kind of fit here also:

    "The media started crying racism as soon as Obama got in office which is ridiculous because if racism really was that bad, he never would have gotten into office in the first place. They new he would be pushing an unpopular agenda towards U.N. globalism and racism was their trump card. Obama and Secretary of Defense Panetta have come out and said Obama was taking his orders from The U.N., not congress.

    I saw a Youtube channel where the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti Defamation League were teaming up making videos for Illegal aliens on not only how to protect their rights but the main thrust was how anyone who didn't like foreign invasion from another country was racist! Not that anyone was going to their channel but they were trying! These are non governmental agencies funded by other non governmental agencies with a U.N. globalist agenda who are attempting to break down U.S. sovereignty by stealth. That's why you've got to become aware of what these people are trying to do and how they are attempting to do it. They have snuck through the back door on us long enough that we are now in serious trouble and most people don't know to what extent because of the controlled media."

    But yes, it is amazing how much impact one person can have on the world, even after they are gone.


    " ...then only can you gain the secret isolated joy of the thinker, who knows that a hundred years after he is dead and forgotten men who have never heard of him will be moving to the measure of his thought / the subtle rapture of postponed power, which the world knows not because it has no external trappings, but which to his prophetic vision is more real than that which commands an army." ~ Olvier Wendell Holmes, Jr.


  •  Im white 5 kids 9 grandkids. My youngest daughter married to a black w/ one child-love them all dearly. My oldest daughter married to Asian w/ 3 kids love them all dearly. Media & Politicians do exploit race however continue w/ more truth, KKK white supremists,arian nation groups etc-radical muslum groups terrorists, mexican cartels,mexican gangs ex mexican mafia,MS-13- black panthers,crips,bloods,Sharpton,Jackson-lets get all the truth out unless the Tea Party is afraid & wants to lie to oneself-these are the wounds we must mend,this is no pie in the sky we have alot of work to do in this area also. So this week I'll have lunch w/ my youngest daughter,her black husband & my grand daughter we talk about these subjects & answers how to mend these fences. God Bless The Tea Party & GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • you go lloyd we are with you now if only people would stop seeing collor and vote for some one that truly wants to save america and as you have stated maney times obama has got to go

  • I agree Lloyd..most of us Americans are color is only those seeking to divide us that keep the pot stirred! It is content of ones character that matters..not color!

  • Thank you Lyoyd, sounds wonderful family time.  We are all God's children, so color makes no difference.  And I think every family has at least some interracial members. I have two nephew's, we think the world of them and sure do love them. No one notices color, it is who you are!  God Bless and thanks again.

  • I love hearing from you Lloyd. You are a true, patriot. 

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