4064172079?profile=originalWhy has the RINO leader of the Senate not used this option ? The Democrats were the first to use it. They can't complain now can they ! Mitch you RINO PoS grow some spine and do something. IMHO my friends if our elected MORONs don't realize that we, and this country are at a tipping point. That the time for compromise has LEFT THE BUILDING FFS ! If these spineless career politicos don't get off their collective worthless butts and ACT ! This country is headed for collapse if not out right CIVIL WAR !  Time to chose RINO's. You wanna survive the coming storm you better join us or be swiped aside. LEAD FFS and stop p*ssing you pants every time Barry Soetoro and his MSM propaganda machine whine about how racist you MORONS are. That credit card was over drawn long ago. GROW SOME BALLS AND FIGHT or suffer the results of sitting on the fence.

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