By Oscar Y. Harward


It is a sad day in America for the Republican Party and its’ Capitol Hill Senate leadership.


As many Americans are struggling to maintain their jobs, their homes and their families, Republican Conservatives and others across our nation are standing firm to scream at President Obama and Capitol Hill legislators demanding that they must ‘stop-the-spending’, repeal or defund ‘ObamaCare’, restore our Constitutional freedoms, and rebuild our weakened economy.


Legislation, as included in ‘ObamaCare’, is and will continue to damage our already depleted economy.  America’s economy cannot support another drain on our nation and/or our working citizens.  Any unknowing person should be able to see, recognize, and fully understand our entire crisis.


The ‘problem’ is simple; ‘out-of-control’ DEFICIT spending is breaking our economy and destroying our Constitutional ‘individual’ freedoms. 


The ‘solution’ simple; stop the ‘out-of-control’ DEFICIT spending to save our economy and our Constitutional ‘individual’ freedoms.


On October 16, 2013, and on Senate Vote Number 219, H.R. 2775 (Continuing Appropriations Act, 2014), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell ‘led’ 26 fellow Senate Republicans to vote for ‘Continuing Appropriations Act, 2014’; another case of ‘kicking the can further down the road’ rather than forcing President Obama and Senate Democrats to stop the ‘out-of-control’ deficit spending,  and defunding or repealing ‘ObamaCare’.  Sen. McConnell showed no ‘Conservative’ support to his fellow Senate GOP Conservative Republicans or for the House GOP Conservatives.


Why?  For Sen. McConnell, had included a hidden $2 Billion payout of additional deficit spending for his own State of Kentucky included into H.R. 2775; all additionaldeficit spending’ at taxpayers’ expense.  Sen. McConnell, you sold the Republican Party, the GOP Platform Plan values, your own personal principles, and your own heart for a whole lot ($2 Billion) of taxpayers’ money?  Sen. Mitch McConnell, what ethics or principles are left in your political life?  That is political corruption.  That is totally unacceptable.  You must resign, and resign now!


We, as Conservatives, reject this political corruption in the Democrat and/or the Republican Party.  While Democrats seem to be wrapped up in this dishonesty, Conservative Republicans take action to fix the problem.


If Senate Republicans and/or the Republican National Committee fail to accept Mitch McConnell’s resignation, and/or remove Sen. Mitch McConnell as Senate Minority Leader, Republicans and Independents, will do so in the 2014 Primary or General Elections.  In lieu of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s removal, American voters will remove all, as applied!

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