Mindsets and Misconceptions

Donald Trump has many opponents. Who are Donald Trump's opponents? Well some of them are the "Tolerant Left "outrage addicts, looking to pin all their woes on a billionaire willing to give up his golden years to try to fix the country he loves. A country that crooked politicians have been selling off a piece at a time for years.

Why all the chaos and crisis after crisis? Answer: to distract you from what is really happening. The s**t hitting the fan is the globalists freaking out because they can’t control Trump. They are as blind as they are mean spirited. They loathe success, and they loathe individual accountability because both things are beyond their comprehension. They expect the government to legislate their biases and hatred, rather than being responsible for the choices they make, they wish to hold others accountable for what sucks about their lives. They are under the impression the world owes them something. They are wrong! I don’t think I should pay for my own school, rent, food shelter, and health care because I am conservative I think this way because I am an adult.

Why would a Liberal be intellectually honest? It goes against their very nature. And if they ever feel common sense coming on or feel like they might employ sound deductive reasoning all they need to do is turn on CNN or MSNBC, CBS or ABC kill those temptations and be put in line, lickety-split. They call it programming for a reason.

There are times when I am not sure, does the media have charge over the Democrats? Or do the Democrats have charge over the media? I guess at this point, it all pays the same, dangerous idiots telling tales to other dangerous idiots, both groups of idiots spreading lies and disinformation, pretending to be oh so smart and “in the know”  An unholy relationship between the media and the DNC.  A mutually sycophantic alliance that is infecting our culture, our entertainment, and our educational system, because they target the fluoride ridden minds of those they have effectively “dumbed down” enough to indoctrinate, they give them daily doses of the poison in a syringe disguised as news and entertainment. Trash in, trash out!

A liberals natural environment is an echo chamber. They reside almost exclusively in their echo chambers! Rarely venturing out, when they do step out, they do so with the basic anonymity that being online offers or in packs and they do so to try to silence or discredit those who don't agree with them. When they are presented with facts and data that discredits what they believe they allege "racism" or some other "ism" and then they hightail it back into the echo chamber where no one disagrees with them and they disagree with no one where they can live each day pontificating among themselves and giving each other group think orgasms.

It is widely believed among scholars who have managed to avoid being indoctrinated that Leftists all share the same one brain. It isn’t known if the Lemmings pass it around or if they are automatically plugged into the matrix at the time when they become indoctrinated to the point that they refuse to entertain facts that don’t feed their beliefs when they slay common sense when they assassinate sound deductive reasoning and deny reality. (Matrix-an environment or material) aka Leftist brain( in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.) aka Brainless Leftists. Liberals want you to think like them, conservatives just want you to think.

I know that President Trump will remain in the White House, in the meantime we must listen to the mouthpiece mascots for the Democrats (Media Cartel) try to conjure a Biden victory with every filthy lie and dirty trick they can muster. It would be demoralizing if I didn’t know that President Trump has what he needs to win the day. I only hope that there are some in the echo chamber who manage to wake up and see what is blatantly evident to those of us who employ critical thinking.  

I try not to have hard feelings. I saw a meme that said, "YOU DON'T RECOGNIZE YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO, CONDITIONED AND BRAINWASHED BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO, CONDITIONED AND BRAINWASHED." Makes sense. So I guess it isn't all their fault. I am hoping that more of my fellow countrymen and women will see the truth for what it is and manage to find the humility to admit they have been duped. Because they undoubtedly have!


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  • I have just returned to the TP "Command Center" after being away for several years. I just realized how much I've missed reading articles like yours. Your last paragraph is the one that has me really wondering how we sort out this mess. So many on our side talk about splitting the country through some nebulous "civil war", using the guns we've all been accumulating for years to "show the left" what real patriots look like. So much of it seems like false bravado. We are not weak but we are also not irrational. Going into the streets to shoot people we disagree with is NOT WHAT WE DO. Could we do it? Sure. We've got the guns and ammo but WE DON'T SHOOT people we disagree with. It's not in the makeup of a rational conservative to do that.

    Instead, we talk to, we argue with, and some of us pray for people on the left who rely on emotions rather than rationality in moving this country forward. Which brings me to your last paragraph...your hope that "people will see the truth...and admit they have been duped." You suggest that humility could make that possible. Maybe I deal with a different breed of progressives than you do but I cannot see how that would happen. I wish you were right and there would be a collective liberal "Duh!" But, just as we don't shoot people we disagree with, lefties don't admit they are wrong because they think they are smarter than all of us ignorant deplorables.

    How do they climb down from that when they are so "group-focused". A conservative is often very individualistic. All the things we believe in are based on personal, individual responsibility. All the things the left believes in are based on group identity and entitlement. Because I hope you are right, I will think long and hard about how to help the libs in my family feel safe enough to admit they might have been conditioned and brainwashed and lied to. Thanks for the challenge.
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