Here is what I got from the Obama camp this morning...  as if they were not behind the Wall Street protests.  They will be out in force raising class warfare this summer, you can be sure!!  This was Barry''s only job experience before the idiots in this  country elected him.  Hopefully we can take our country back in November!

Joan --

I'm writing because Barack needs you out there this summer.

Through the Organizing Fellowship program, you can work in a full-time volunteer position, learn the principles of field organizing, and then carry out important grassroots activities on the ground.

This summer, thousands of these organizing fellows are going to help lead our grassroots organization -- recruiting volunteers and running events to help more people make their voices heard.

It's an amazing experience -- one that could change your life while shaping this country for decades to come.

If you take a position as a fellow, you'll help more people to step up at the local level, where there are so many opportunities to make so much change. You'll register voters, recruit and train volunteers, run phone banks, have conversations with people on their front porches, and build the relationships that will bring your community together to fight for progress.

There will be difficult days, and long ones, too. But being an organizer is one of the best experiences you can have working in politics.

The people who take on this challenge will not only help move this country forward -- they'll also become the next generation of leaders.

The strength of this organization comes from the people involved. We never could have come this far without folks like you who have a passion for organizing and a commitment to finishing what we started together.

If you're ready to play a critical role in our grassroots campaign, apply now -- or forward this note to someone you know who may be interested:

Thank you,


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  • Wayne,

       "We the People" are fools and we are out of control, we are out of touch and helpless.  It is high time that things change.

  • She is just as EVIL Blooded as her husband.  It made me sick when she said Obummer brought America out of the darkness into the light. WHAT!!!!! You sick Wench Your worthless husband is taking us more and more into darkness!!  Hey Moooooochelle your husband isn't JESUS!! got it? He's  Lucifers Double

  • "...learn the principles of field organizing, and then carry out important grassroots activities on the ground." What a multitude of sins are included in this statement by Her Majesty. One course: "How to effectively use an 8-foot steel rod at Starbucks".

  • These bums need to be put on a boat and sent to Cuba.

  • This is really sad to see and I find it very embarrassing for all of us, the US isn't the only Country who reads these news prints whether good or bad, all other nations see this and are laughing at us thinking that "We The People" are fools and out of control, out of touch and helpless.

  • These actions could be grounds for subversion.  They are publicly supporting this type of behavior.  Once we take back the Congress we may be able to put many in this administration behind bars.   They ignore OWS violence and violation of Laws, they ignore the black panthers call for violence & a bounty on ZImmerman, as well as talking of killing White babies, while blocking Whites from voting, (also their so-called hate crimes & racism), ignoring many cases of Black on White crime.   They ignore our Constitution and balance of power by ignoring Congress in military actions and wanting permission from the U.N. for military action, refuses to follow "immigration" Laws by ignoring and not deporting many Illegals and is pushing Amnesty by Executive Order.


  • Mooch, who is paying for this and paying the people??? American taxes???? the same ones that pay for all your vacations, your kids vacations, bo vacations, your underclothes, and all the re-election campaign. You are not YOUR HIGHNESS as you tell all your staff to call you and the costs of your mom, relatives, friends, etc is disgraceful.  You are such a user especially when "you were never proud of America until bo was elected", sure now you have all the tax payer money to spend as you want. This is a despicable desperation joke cause you and boo are losers and you know you are losing and there are months to go to expose more games, cover-ups, and lies. Americans will not be dragged into a make-believe war so bo can delcare a "CRISIS", take over and wipe out America so it can be muslim ville. 

  • She was disbarred afterall, and those records "sealed". I'd love to see people pour into DC and circle the White house and Capitol Building all day long blowing their car horns and jamming traffic to show OUR displeasure.
  • You got to br kidding? This sure is really low life for a so called first lady. What a disgace to the country. You would have to cut my arms off before I would support Obama and you Michelle.

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