Here is what I got from the Obama camp this morning...  as if they were not behind the Wall Street protests.  They will be out in force raising class warfare this summer, you can be sure!!  This was Barry''s only job experience before the idiots in this  country elected him.  Hopefully we can take our country back in November!

Joan --

I'm writing because Barack needs you out there this summer.

Through the Organizing Fellowship program, you can work in a full-time volunteer position, learn the principles of field organizing, and then carry out important grassroots activities on the ground.

This summer, thousands of these organizing fellows are going to help lead our grassroots organization -- recruiting volunteers and running events to help more people make their voices heard.

It's an amazing experience -- one that could change your life while shaping this country for decades to come.

If you take a position as a fellow, you'll help more people to step up at the local level, where there are so many opportunities to make so much change. You'll register voters, recruit and train volunteers, run phone banks, have conversations with people on their front porches, and build the relationships that will bring your community together to fight for progress.

There will be difficult days, and long ones, too. But being an organizer is one of the best experiences you can have working in politics.

The people who take on this challenge will not only help move this country forward -- they'll also become the next generation of leaders.

The strength of this organization comes from the people involved. We never could have come this far without folks like you who have a passion for organizing and a commitment to finishing what we started together.

If you're ready to play a critical role in our grassroots campaign, apply now -- or forward this note to someone you know who may be interested:

Thank you,


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  • Hushmail is compromised as far as the government goes, however.
  • Dear Ladybard, Good advice, another thing to always practice, when trying to enter a site for the first time it is always wise to inter it into the upper address bar, you can check the validity of the address.. However the Feds have blocked some sites and you have no choice but to use Google, Firefox, Etc..

  • Do not get mad, get even: post, tweet, blog, call, write, talk with friends, workers, neighbors, and repeat, repeat, and repeat. If one person knows one person and they know two and they know 5, and so on the truth will get out there and get around. The general population will get the message. I post to military, to churches, to the other side, to anybody that gets close to my page. The latest post was: It is a dog eat dog world and Obama proves this point by stating in his book "he eats dogs". This sickening to think the dog was killed, skinned, gutted, cut up, cooked, and eaten. Sounds like what BO is doing to America.

  • I'll vote for a can of orange juice before i cast any vote for Pres. Obama. I did'nt vote for him before he took office and given his leadership and directives as well as his appointments I would'nt dare cast a vote his way now!

  • I'm sorry, but voting for Mittens Romney and his billions of dollars will not "take back our country". Voting for the lesser of two evils has become quite the pastime for conservatives, who seem to give much leway to people of "their"party. Personally, politics has made me sick to my stomach.... 

  •  Rabbi I keep telling everyone that there is a money trail leading somewhere and it is not here. They are lining their own pockets screw everybody else. There is a bank rolled bank somewhere that's hoarding our cash believe me.

  • There are many ways we can counter but it probably is not wise for us to post it.

  • Indeed, high treason and subversion.
  • I agree with you Steven, but unless you have 120,000 metric tons of gold were just here for the ride..

This reply was deleted.