Michael Brown

Attached is a video taken from a cell phone, showing how https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=826135017409439&set=vb.100000388463799&type=2&theater.....(yes, the one and the same)....treats a senior black male. This 300 lb. young boy (that's what media calls him) is the same Michael Brown that attempted to take a gun away from a police officer and paid with his life. Here is the fellow that all of the riots are about. Videos don't lie. You will not see this in the media.

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  • It may have been to his benefit to have gotten clobbered himself a few times. Those events tend to encourage an appreciation for getting whooped and puts the proper perspective on things.


    However, big, overgrown and mentally deficient thugs like Michael Brown actually hastened their own destiny. For him, it was inevitable.

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