In the wake of an ever-burgeoning “wait for them to die” scandal within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the heavy hitters in the Obama Administration have made their priorities known. Specifically, while accusations swirl that purposeful lack of medical attention to vets has resulted in needless deaths, the head honcho himself for the Department of Defense greased the skids for a convicted turncoat to receive a taxpayer subsidized sex change operation.

As reported by both the Toronto-based Globe and Mail and USA TODAY, convicted renegade soldier Bradley Manning could soon be transferred to a civilian hospital on the orders of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

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According to Pentagon press secretary Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby, “The Secretary approved a request by Army leadership to evaluate potential treatment options for inmates diagnosed with gender dysphoria.” If and when approved, Manning will be transferred from the Leavenworth, Kansas, military prison (officially deemed the United States Disciplinary Barracks) to a yet to be identified civilian hospital for Manning’s sexual reassignment surgery. Reportedly, Hagel personally gave the official thumb’s up last month for the Army “to try to work out a transfer plan with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which does provide such treatment.”

Manning, who now demands he be called “Chelsea,” was sentenced to a 35-year stretch in Leavenworth after being found guilty of “six Espionage Act violations and 14 other offences for giving WikiLeaks [founder Julian Assange] more than 700,000 secret military and U.S. State Department documents, along with battlefield video.” Despite still retaining male genitalia, Manning was granted an official name change by a Leavenworth County District Judge last month.

As cited by, the total cost of sexual reassignment surgery ranges from a total of $40,000 to $50,000 for “mid-range transition, including surgery.” Not ending there, the cost of hormone therapy ranges from $25 to $200 per month, “depending on which hormones are prescribed.”


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  • I served, got out when my tour was up, there have been lots of things I've wanted since then.  The military wasn't expected to provide them just because 'I wanted them.'  

    If I wanted them bad enough, I prioritized and worked until I got them . . . other things . . . well they're still waiting!  

    Why the hell are 'We' expected to provide this guy's sex change operation just 'because he wants it'?  His choice - his problem.  

    I liked the earlier comment about - 'Just put him in general population; they'll take care of his sex change for him.'  

  • We all know things are screwed up! And Jereer Abeed is leading the fight to kill our country! We have tried EVERYTHING! Please, someone come up with a way to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! Look at what we all have tried! We have gone to rallies, posted info, called, faxes, e-mailed, called again and for what! Jareer Abeed and his hand picked people have taken over our country! And not one person or group will ever be able to get her back. I can't help but shed a tear! Hell, I am 64 years old. And loved history in school. I remember my first seeing a tv! We left our doors open in summer. Just the screen door. The one I was told not to slam! I look at ALL the men and women that have died for US! So we could keep the country that God planned for us to have! But the devil has done a good job! We have turned our faces from God! And he has turned HIS FACE FROM US!

    In the name of God! Look at what we are leaving our kids and grandkids! If the only thing left tor us to do is fight! Fight for GOD, COUNTRY AND FAMILY! So be it! I will gladly give my life for that! I will not run from the sound of gunfire! I will go to the sound! Can't run far, but will get there! WITH MY BIBLE IN ONE HAND AND MY GUN IN THE OTHER!  

  • Am I a Raciest? Well, lets see I belong to the Tea Party. I disagree with Fox News when they droped the issue of the BLM and Bundy over his comments which the Main Streem Media said were Raciest. I disagree that Donald Sterling goting Crucified for SAYING ( on a elegle tape recording )he didn't want his gril friend to be seen in public with Black People. That I am concerned since the Intergration of the sixties that the White Man will become extinct. That I disagree with the NBA apologizing to Magic Johnson for Sterlings comment that he is a bad role for youth be getting aids.

    So, what does this have to do with the Pentagons priorities of a sex change vs Vets dying? Has anyone seen any thing negative about our Black gay Football player who was drafted in the NFL shown kissing his boy friend. Is it because they would be attacked, lose their job, be barred from all news channels?

    As long as we set on the fence with our mouths shut because we don't want anyone to think we are Raciest, we deserve the Black Democratic causes which are taking us straight to a third world Nation.
  •   Obviously in this day and age only perverts, freaks and near-do-wells vote Democrat so you have to appease these lowest end of the gene pool to get the vote. Hell put the deviate in with the men and they will use him as a woman same thing and a hell of a lot cheeper than spending OUR tax dollars on the puke. 

       Maybe even put some of the money saved to good use by taking care of our vets who served and made it the stupid Country it has become.

  • I really wouldn't expect this from the military!
  • Leave him where he is; put him in general population; they will soon take care of his gender change.  I am still trying to figure out how this "thing" got into the military in the first place!

    SSGT, '69 - '73, 321st Combat Support Group, 319th AMS Fire Control

  • Give him 3 square, roof over his head and stripes.   Deserves nothing else.  How many deaths did this  traitor cause.

  • There was a time when the word 'shame' meant something. I guess our politicians today believe that bad press is better than no press.

  • What country is this?

  • That sounds about right!  Veterans die waiting for medical care, our Ambassador, his aides, and American military die while Obama takes a nap, but Sandra Fluke, the spokes-slut of America gets her contraceptives.  Yep, them's Washington priorities!

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