Something in the air tonight? Heres a message I sent to Romney before I logged in here tonight…
Dear Mr Romney:
You are respected and loved by your wife and children.
We,the people, want to respect and even love you for your endeavor to lead America back onto the path our founding fathers started many years ago.
You must speak to us,America, as you would speak to your wife and children..up front and honestly.Don’t speak as on a stage but like you were in your living room at home.
President Obama is the ”stage” speaker
to his ”fans”. His self-centeredness is palpably obvious. He is a ”Rock Star” who plays to the whims of his uninformed audience.
George Washington is known as the Father of our country.If someone presented you, Mr. Romney, with a pair of his boots would you be honored to do your best to try them on?

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