Meet An Obama "Winner"

If there was one billionaire more excited than George Soros at President Obama's re-election, it was Elon Musk.

The South African born Musk has been a triple recipient of Obama's "green" government investment schemes and the president's re-election appears to keep the taxpayer spigots open for the crony capitalist.


Musk is a three-time winner in the Obama taxpayer giveaways to his cronies and campaign contributors. 


Musk's Tesla Motors turned a $465 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy into a $600 million personal windfall in profits when the company went public.  Musk used the loan to lobby Congress for more largess, spending $480,000 from 2007 to 2011 on lobbying Congress, the White House, EPA and DOE on climate and energy issues, the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program, the Promoting Electric Vehicles Act, and the Recovery Act.


After giving thousands of dollars to the President and the political parties, Musk's company Space-X won $440 million in grants from NASA to design the next American spacecraft capable of launching humans into space.


Refusing to quit while he is ahead, Musk has entered the failing solar space.  SolarCity, another of Musk's companies living of the taxpayers, has filed for an IPO as Musk tries to replicate his get rich scheme.  But recent filings appear to put a bump in the road for SolarCity. 


The company, which awarded the company a $275 million loan guarantee, received a subpoena in July from the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Treasury to determine whether the company was part of a scam to inaccurately stated the fair-market value of their PV systems when applying for funds under the Treasury's Section 1603 cash-grant program.


In addition to fleecing the taxpayers to pad his wallet, it appears that Musk's Tesla Motors is also coming under scrutiny. Tesla's own SEC reports that the battery could be unsafe and catch on fire.


The green industry is a racket that hurts taxpayers and makes Obama's cronies rich.  Unless Congress acts, we will likely endure another four years of bailouts, handouts and giveaways to the president's supporters.


It's time for conservatives to demand separation of business and state and it should start with Elon Musk. 

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  • GOOOOOD FOR HIM!!! These dumbells! I spoke to someone I know today, about electricity today. I asked her,"Where does electricity come from?'..I went on to explaine, that solar panled are use to store sunlight, and 'stretch', the amountof electricity, used to light a home'. Her answer was, she didn't know!! But it was only when I mantioned , the NUCLEAR POWER plant, she remembered! CRIPES!! How many people do you know personally, know where electricity comes from? I told her about how necessary, COAL MINING is to be used to produce electricity! I tod her, abot how OBAMA has just closed 110 coal  mines! And how are they going to supply power, for OBAMACARS? And 'DUMBELL' OBAMA, said plain as day... EEEHHHPP, your electricity costs, under my plan, WILL NECESSARILY, GO UP! And because of regulations, it will beharder to open up new coal mines, because they will be regulated more, than those in existance, and those will be shut down over time!!!' (or near that said). WHAT??? He wants us like NORTH KOREA!!! Ever see a satillite phot of N.KOREA at night? You only see the CAPITOL lit!! BOOOOY CAN'TCHA WAIT!! I'm just a tiny bit concerned, how far our education has tanked!! SEMPER-FI !! Larry K.Parent, Naples,FL.

  • green energy scams, carbon tax scams are all wasting billions of our dollars, and who is watching the hen house, and why are these ponzi schemes found out only afetr the money is spent? bernie madhoff is serving life in prison for the exact same thing....maybe instead of all the talk about cutting the defense budget, maybe we should start cutting the taxes, before it hits washingtons grubby hands.

  •   You all can dream about impeach and get rid of Bonner.THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON'T GIVE A CARE.

    The kids are being used by the teachers. Long ago the left implanted instructors in some teacher colleges. They taught socialism, communism and liberal ideas. Now they are being passed on to your kids. Just look at the Chicago teachers meeting video during their strike


  • The ONLY way to not allow him to "do as he wishes" Stephen is to impeach/arrest/what-ever  and now for high crimes against the American people!

  • obama can do what ever he wants. to HELL  with what is right are wroung and what the AMERICAN people want ,can,t you stuped people see the writeing on the jail house wall.

  • EVERYONE LISTEN UP-----A Leopard does not change his spots!

    We have seen 4 years of Obama and He is unable to morph into something else. We will have another 4 years of: If he doesn't get his own way he will use the executive branch to declare his demand. Tom Daschel stated it best; "Don't expect a personality change with Obama". Its so much easier to deal with him then before. the first 4 years were a dry-run now we need to be aware and head him off at the pass and NOT allow him to do as he wishes. I say this to the  GOP--- If they are listening.

  • They should take this mony they seize from thses CRIMINALS and put it back into programs like SS and Medicare that they took it from.

  • Our Government should SEIZE all of the peoples funds who have benifited from the  FRAUDULANT IMPOSTER  in the White House because he never had ANY AUTHORITY to have SIGNED anything or GIVEN anything (Solyndra and others)whatsoever. And HE WILL BE IMPEACHED!

  • How many Patriots have thought ; Boy, I wish someone would make an example out of some of the Cronies of Oslimmy! Where's , James Bond ?
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