Mathematics by the Powers

Old School mathematics was simple. When our teachers knew the right ways of teaching and there wasn't any political correctness to hinder them.

Even though, most of my schooling years were spent being thrust through, just to get rid of me, I still learned valuable lessons and certain things about this country and other things.

One of which is the mathematical equivalency of the "Powers".

10's is an easy way of explaining this.

10. 1st Power is - 10

10. 2nd - is - 100

10. 3rd - is - 10,000

10. 4th - is - 100,000,000

10. 5th - is - 10,000,000,000,000,000

10. 6th - is - 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

10. 7th - is - 1 with 64 Zero's.        And then we get into Google's.

10. 8th - is - 1 with 128 Zero's      1.28 G

10. 9th - is - 1 with 256 Zero's      2.56 G

10. 10th - is - 1 with 512 Zero's    5.12 G

So, the conclusion of this matter is: every power in the positive is given the doubling effect of the Zero's.

This being the case, Exponential rules to this effect. And, a nice way of counting.

Let's hope this is not the case with our President's, Congress, Corporations, nor Federal Government and their abuses and blind judgment of America.

Equation: if We the People are now (assumably) at 10-4th in the arena of National Debt, not even this entire planet could afford 10-5. And 10-6 -Whoa! There is not enough planets in our Solar System for that.

Plainly put: It has got to STOP!

And I mean: NOW!


Max Simon Uhrig III

Arizona,  U.S.A. 

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