Matbe it is Time

I do not how anyone else fear but I think it is time that the Tea Party become part of a Independent party, not the independent party that will stand behind another party ,but will stand with all American unless we want to keep getting the same of thing,time after time. The only way to truly trust a Rep or any body again is to have them to take a-lie-detach text. Yes this may sound litter off but after reading what other have said and with the words being used we may have no choice. To say one thing before a election just to get in office (as we see) is one thing, but to really show they true color in office show us who the true loser are WE THE PEOPLE . This must stop we are not in the 1800 ,but in the 21st  and this need to stop once and for are,if we only truly wenting it to stop I for one wants it to final stop for my family and my kids hope in Amercan

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