I received this message in an e-mail from The TEA Party Express and was appalled at what I read.

First Tea Party Victory of the 2014 Cycle

Tea Party Express, the nation's largest Tea Party political action committee, congratulates Mark Sanford on his election victory tonight.

Sanford, a Republican, defeated Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch by a 54 percent to 45 percent margin in the 1st Congressional District race to replace Tim Scott.

Thanks to your commitment to elect fiscal conservatives and your generous support, Mark Sanford was victorious in defeating liberal Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch in yesterday's special election

Yesterday, a grassroots issue-based campaign upset the national Democratic campaign machine. Voters saw past the personal attacks and elected a Tea Party candidate who is willing to stand up for fiscal responsibility and limited government. Mark Sanford was once rated number one by the National Taxpayers' Union for his efforts to reduce spending and the national debt, and we are confident that he will bring that same conservative leadership back to Washington, D.C.


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    James, stop with the casting stone crap, I covered that in the article. That is nonsense intended to intimidate those of us who seek honesty and integrity in public office, and it won't work with me. Honesty and integrity used to be a requirement to hold public office but now the only requirement is to be less evil than the opponent. How do we win with that combination??? No one ever answers that question. All I get is B S from quasi-Christians who think there is nothing wrong with politicians lying to and stealing from We the People. Read up on the founding fathers and see what they said about a good and moral people. Sanford committed a felony and you think it is fine for him to continue in office????

  • Nice Bob .....

    For you I say put down the stone !~

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Who would you have preferred to win in this situation?

    The communist obama supporter ? 

    The GOP does tend to eat its own !

This reply was deleted.