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  • Ronald, as much as I agree with you it is not enough. You can not tame a mad dog. There must be strong action than a march or a 1960's sit in. OBTW - I participated in all of those....but who remembers?
  • Now is the time for peaceful civil demonstrations... shut down Congress... with 1 million blocking the streets bring 3 days worth of food and water.... establish shifts for continuing the shut down longer... organize feeding stations and pitch tents all over the mall... in the streets and on the lawns... in the door ways and halls of Congress... shut the place down and demand a Term Limits and Recall AMendment... be passed and refuse to leave until it is done... 1 term, of 6 yrs, (for both elected and appointed officials, include judges) with 1/3rd of the elected officials standing for election every 2yrs... the recall would be subject to new elections and appointments within 120 days of ratificaiton of the amendment. Throw all the bums out.
  • I think the day of marching is over. The lamestream media won't cover it so America will never know. However, it may be time for more harsh action.
    Amy Kremer, who was with the Tea Party Xpress, now co chair of the Women for America First/Women for Trump is hosting a march in DC this weeked. They will also be in your respective states:
    TRUMP MARCH | Saturday, November 14th @ 12:00pm
  • I think this needs to happen. As conservatives, we have been 'mature', 'patient', 'trusting of the systems in place'. We are seeing our country being overtaken by lies, misinformation, career politicians who are completely out of touch with the 'common' citizen. The time to act is now. Non-violent, assertive action is needed. The Washington swamp, the ones elected and not elected, expect us to go away because we are too busy supporting our families, attending our churches and finding ways to survive in this new normal.
    I wish I could have faith in the election results, but my faith has been seriously shaken after witnessing the disgraceful way the left have conducted themselves over the past 12 years. If it was a fair and just election and Biden won due to the will of the majority, so be it. I just have too many doubts and I want a thorough investigation.
    I am ready to march on Washington to show how outraged I am. I am ready to take a day or two off work to express my disgust. I am ready to let my friends, co-workers, neighbors, family know I support America as founded and that I believe in the rule of law including the Constitution. I will not be intimidated into silence any longer. We must be strong and united in our efforts.
    Please comment if you feel the same. If someone wants to step up and organize a march, I will join you.
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