Man Fined $1500.00 for Looking for a Job

Man Fined $1500.00 for Looking for a Job.

SPOKANE, WA: Russ Hinds wanted a break from arguing with government authorities so he packed a bicycle and rode 1000 miles over the span of 4 months. He left Klamath Falls, OR for Kalispell, MT, where he spent a peaceful month with some new found friends who try to live off the grid and under of the government‘s radar. After helping get their winter firewood in, Mr. Hinds rode his bicycle back to his father’s house in Elk, WA.

Seeing that his funds were running low, Mr. Hinds printed up a flyer notifying his neighbors that he is available to perform “maintenance and repair” services for a reasonable rate, then Mr. Hinds posted the flyer on several bulletin boards at local stores. Running afoul of state bureaucrats with nothing better to do than read flyers on private owned bulletin boards never crossed his mind. Here is the wording of his flyer:



and repair.

Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Caulking, and much more…

COMPETENCE makes all jobs easy!

$25 per hour

2 hour minimum job(s)

Please call Russ Hinds at 292-**** for pleasant service or job quote.

Cell # 775-770-****

About a week after posting the flyer, an Inspector with Washington State Department of Labor and Industries called the first number posing as a potential homeowner with a job offer. The “homeowner” reached Mr. Hinds’ father and said that he needed a physical address so that he could send some blueprint information and see if Mr. Hinds would accept the job. The Inspector then called the cell number which reached Mr. Hinds who was temporarily working in Richland, WA. The caller introduced himself as an agent of the Department of Labor and Industries, Electrical Division, who had a beef with a flyer posted on Yokes Fresh Market bulletin board. The inspector informed Mr. Hinds that he would receive a citation for using the word “electrical” on the flyer. The shocked and amazed Mr. Hinds incredulously told the inspector to do what he wanted to do. Six days later, Mr. Hinds’ father was shocked and amazed to find a citation for $500.00 addressed to his son in the mail. Seven days after that, another citation for the same flyer was received in the mail. This one came from the Contractor Registration Program Manager, Dean Simpson and imposed a fine of $1000.00.

Both citations stated that an appeal could be made, but the appeal would require a letter stating the reasons for the appeal AND a Cashiers Check or Money Order for $200.00 BEFORE the appeal would be heard. Both citations were loaded with threats of garnishments, collections, legal action, and liens on real and personal property. One citation implicated Mr. Hinds AND family since it was issued to “Russ Hinds and Spouse/partner And the marital community thereof or a registered domestic partnership, A Sole Proprietorship.”

Mr. Hinds promptly appealed both revenue tickets and notified his father’s state senator and congressman. It appears that Washington State’s budget shortfall has led the bureaucrats to seek revenue by all possible means, which includes citing people looking for a job. Amazing… so much for a break from arguing with government authorities…

Please note the following documents supporting this story and defending the rights of people seeking employment. BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE WHO COWARDLY SEND CITATIONS IN THE MAIL WITHOUT SHOWING CREDENTIALS IN A FACE TO FACE CONVERSATION. Phillip Jordan, Dean Simpson, and Michael Thrams didn’t even have the courage to sign their complaints. Supporting documents and responses can be found at the website:

Check it out and email your public servants. They are out of control! Thanks,

Russ Hinds

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