2016 GOP Presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz is asking for your prayers and your votes in serving you as President of the United States.

On Saturday, February 20, South Carolinians may go to the polls, choose to vote in an ‘open’ Republican Party Primary, and participate by voting to nominate their choice as POTUS. 

Ted Cruz - proven, passionate, effective fighter for limited government, economic growth, and the Constitution. 

Visit TedCruz.org.  Learn more about Sen. Ted Cruz and his fiscal, social, and National Security issues https://www.tedcruz.org/index.html?utm_medium=home-page-link&utm_source=contributesubdomain&utm_campaign=20160203_contributesubdomain_home-page-link  

South Carolinians have the Appalachian Mountains in the West, and moving east, the Foothills, the Midlands, and the Coastal Plains ending up with America’s most beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches. 

South Carolinians are some of America’s most friendly, dedicated, hardworking, and honorable people. 

You may see, read, and learn more of Ted Cruz’s most impressive Bio: http://www.youngcons.com/ted-cruzs-resume-is-very-impressive-should-make-him-standout-amongst-other-candidates/  

2016 Republican Party candidate, Ted Cruz, may be the best Presidential candidate ‘ever’; one who is knowledgeable, skilled, ready, electable, and determined to restore America, our American flag, and our Constitutional freedoms based on Judeo-Christian values. 

Vote Ted Cruz for President of the United States! 

Oscar Y. Harward

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