Maine Tea baggers

I am anew member. I am Vince Tammaro 61 of Mechanic Falls ME. I wonder if there is any interest in organizing a protest outside of Cong. Mike Michauds Lewiston office. This person votes always w/ the Obama, Pelosi Reid axis. He claimed to be a pro-life Dem, but this has not always been true. Plus he voted for Obamacare which is bad stewardship of taxpayers money. He also has no fear of the voters, and does whatever the party want.
Anyone else feel like me. I would like to organize a peacful protest.


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  • You hit the nail on the head about MAine voters. Makes me ill. Are you on FAcebook? You can find me there all the time. I have about 350 contacts, about half of which are conservatives and Tea Party members. Look me up! Mark R. Bridges - Mars Hill, ME
  • Hi Mark,
    I wish you lived here too. I agree the guy is a scumbag, will do anything to get elected. The Dems in ME think he's a saint. The people in Me have voted Dem for so long they would vote for a dog or cat that was running on the Dem ticket.
  • Hi Vince, I wish I still lived in Lewiston. I would certainly protest outside Michaud's office. Guy is a scumbag. I am up in the Presque Isle area and circumstances prevent me from traveling at this time. I hope this can be done.
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