Surrendering the sword to the Progressive/Socialists is an unintended consequence, or is it rather intentional?  The Republican Party is splitting itself into factions, some not too far, if not identical to the far left agenda and behavior.  Trump is a glorified Lefty pretending he is a Conservative,camouflaged in his self adornment and Republican proclamations, boasting to dismantle both parties replacing it with the unknown fetes; For sure, he will destroy the Republican Party, replacing it with a coercive agenda, threatening all incumbents to submit to his will or perish at the polls or be destroyed politically with accusations.

The Republican Party is unable to realize its, precarious, predicament; it is drowning in its own ignorance.  Even if Trump does not win, he will leave this Party in disarray, resembling more not unlike the Progressive/Socialists Party.  

Old Hillary will have won by their default, in their in- house turmoil; she laughing all the way to the White House. 

If they do not self correct,very soon, they will be seen too much like the Far Left to matter to the American voter, giving Old Hillary the leverage she so desperately needs.  Good timing Reps!!!



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