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  • Did someone turn out the anybody there for America?

  • First of all some of these ideas have merit so fellow patriots do not take WHAT I am about to say out of context. After serving in Southeast Asia as a Ranger, at that time they did not have Ranger school just Recondo School and OJT was basically you volunteered . One time I received from some butterbar orders to guard a C-130 full of heroin. Now I know many black box guys out there saw many bad things also. However,that day when spooks told us to help them watch their dope I began to realize how naive I was. Since I was leading my men at the time I gave the spooks this reply. I am not guarding nor will my men be fighting for your dope and if you all want to end this right now in a fight lets do it. Fortunately they backed down because my men and I would have terminated them with extreme prejudice. After that day, I decided my patriotism was to God and the constitution.The point is this. The guys running this administration are not looking for a political way out with the American people. Their mentality is we do not care what you have to say mom and pop American. We do not care about you,your family or weather you live or die. Sound harsh. Well just remember every thing this government has done in the last sixteen or more years. I have been taking medications from my military service like many of you. I have to say the VA saved my life many times. I have had six surgeries in the last two years alone. I was never able to receive government disability because they said my records went up in flames in 1973. The records they did find were not even mine. Some of our missions were covert in Laos and the government said to knowledge them would not be to my benefit. I would never had the accepted any money anyway because I always have felt there were guys who deserved to be compensated for their injuries more then I. My injuries did not include loss of limbs .I have intestinal issues and other bad stuff I will not bore any of you with. I felt the Government would just for me to die before they would pay a Nickle anyway. interesting enough they have been paying my bills for over 30 years. Now the point is that if you do not have something that can put fear into this administration they do not care. They are moving forward with their insane agenda and will kill anyone anywhere that gets in their way. I am a very positive person. I am not cynical just realistic.We must bring this country back to what our constitution is all about. We must match this government with greater tenacity then the government is bringing to their fight with us. God Bless all of you that are really in this fight and all my fellow vets out there.

  • Virgil, I hope that you see my reply here.  I'm in the same boat, as far as my financial situation is concerned.  I lack access to personal transportation. I had some things happen that like so many others have fallen on lean times.  I live in a rural area and there are no buses to be had. A bit too young to get the senior's cab ride at least to catch someone going to dc. I agree with your comments and share your frustrations against the tinpot regime! 

    Hey NSA & FBI investigate these songs! Listen carefully!

  • I'm curious where is Alex Jones, and his Info Wars? Why isn't he reporting on this? Nothing on his web-site all weekend, does anyone happen to know why?

  • Karl Fabian, are you starting to think outside of the Nut Shell?!  If so, then BRAVO!!  Are you TP Patriot involved with a local TP group.  Have them organize this idea for your state.  Pass the plans on to other TP groups, local and state.  More thinking, everyone.....please!

  • Thank You Virgil, I'm with you comrade. And I suppose today is armed forces day? Us vets are use to being thrown under the bus, but we survive all the same. Hoak Shaw!

    Keep in mind, the important thing is the mission has begun. The momentum will build from here so be patient, humble, god fearing and tactical.

    Myself, I would rather see rallies performed in areas that are in need of tourist dollars rather than supporting Washington's $250.00 a night dinners and hotels. Comments, ideas and suggestions on how to best organize such productive protests in a way to obtain maximum media coverage while also supporting a like minded tea party local economy in need.

    You want attention from Washington? Boycott all their hotels, restaurants, business, transportation and services. Their economy is thriving because money rolls in from all visitors, especially demonstrators, protesters and those seeking political favor. 

    Rotation of rallies held daily at tea party organized locations could only help to expand the party, it's goals and media coverage. It would also help the economy of each rally location. Camping and special temporary services can be easily provided at such rally locations. Rally Security can also be provided by local volunteers and may lessen odds of government policing intervention.   

  • I am a veteran and wanted to go, but Dumbocrap policies caused me to be broke. 2 years ago I even sold my ride. I will be PC now instead of saying Dumbocrap! I should say Marxist traitors in the Democrat Party who take that name and are dung to a real Democrat! I am home because an illegal is welcome in America but legal immigrants with honorable visas have been rejected by the 1000's! Why, they would soon become Republic or third Party as we have Democrats anymore, they are Communist dung! They sent my wife home with 21 others from one flight back to their own country. Why? The real reason is votes, but their excuse was she had a tourist visa instead of an immigration visa. We should have woke up then! I called the idiot Senators in Michigan and got the same from them... they are both Commies. I called my Republic Congressman and he tried to help. Of course, Michigan is the land of fools and elect Communists so we can loose our rights!

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