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  • Don´´t waste your or my time putting this guy back on.  First of he is goofy and secondly, he never talked to anyone of any consequense.  The only piece of information, not intelligence, that came from my time wasted watching him was the lady reportingg a train long of tanks heading north along I 95.  The rest was garbage.  P, former Intel analyst. Molon Labe.

  • To all patriots: Lets get moral up and going!  Listen to this little song for some first amendment inspiration.. Download save and Enjoy... God Bless America

  • Very well said Mr. Burkett. What is impossible for men is possible with G-d.

  • How many patriots have shown up today? The silence is deafening. Those who believe  our cause  should go. I am a combat vet on disability. If I could go I would have gone, armed. This government is not interested in what the American People feel or think. Can we blame the reaction of this administration if all we do is talk? They know the psychology of the Tea Party and loyal conservatism and they are using are quote unquote American sensibilities against us. In other words, this administration is playing hardball and we the people are not.

  • Lord, we seek your graciousness in support of good weather for our OAS travelers in Washington.  For it is your strength that we possess through our Holy Spirit.  We gather in your name as we pray this simple prayer.  Give us this day a wonderful sky where the birds all sing of your glory.  We humbly mass in your name as we attempt to restore our wonderful nation.  AMEN

  • When the Egyptian people went to the streets and stayed there until they had a victory, they had suffered much more than the American people have, SO FAR.  I believe that we will have to see some really dire straits.......some real suffering on a wide scale, as the Egyptian people experienced before we turn out with a real vengence and blood in our eye.  The time for this action is not yet......but it will come and when it does.....look out traitors in Washington.....the clock is ticking!!!

  • Rain in DC has created a lot of problems for Live Streaming. Pray for better weather tomorrow!

  • Let our people go!

  • I have not seen anything on TV about this.  I didn't expect the live stream to end so early either.

  • I haven't been able to see it either. I will try tomorrow as well.I pray for their peace and safety.

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