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  • [Its all about the Constitution and saving the Republic] and it will take an effort by everyone but It will not be nice and people will need to KNOW that up front. many may die to pull it off. Obama thinks his people will control it all but what he does not know is  of the many he believes are there for him MORE THEN HALF will turn on his people. Obama will be captured and tried and will hang if he attempts martial law.

  • God bless you all for being in DC to take a stand for yourselves and those of us who are not able to be there.  We are praying for you, that God protects and keep you safe.  God bless our great nation and help us to clear our Capitol of all the evil in our government.

  • In God We Trust.  We are in an unbearable and ridiculous situation.  For those that for health reasons couldn't attend, let us keep on fighting, ridicule them, attack them in their stupidity, lack of patriotism, hate of this country and their desire to destroy us.  Contribute to our causes, with whatever you can.  We need to win or say goodby to our beloved America as we knew it.

  • Patriots - call your senator and representative and demand that they join the OAS effort.

  • God bless the OAS.  We gather in the capital as the Lord's disciples to confront the wicked and evil that has taken residence there.  Lord spread your cloak of safety and security over those of our rally.  We pray this simple prayer in Jesus's name.  AMEN 

  • GodBless every Patriot..we will restore the Republic!

  • Patriots.  The battle begins.  God bless them.  God bless us.  God bless America.

  • Wish I could be there. God bless everyone who made it. I believe in what they are trying to accomplish. Remove this corrupt administration from office.

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