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  • Not one word or one second of video from the imperial ones personal propaganda machine. The so called main stream media has totally blacked out the event apparently. Does anyone know what has happened? Updates? Thanks in advance.

  • I'm guessing it's not going as planned because there's no video on events that I have found so far. Lets hope tomorrow is better.

  • So where is the live stream anywhere? I haven't seen jack even here. We need to develope underground communications as the govt and commies are sure to shut down the 'net. They already have the lamestream morons in their pockets and I don't trust Fox much either.

  • There is a mighty weapon that can overcome and destroy our enemies regardless of how bad a situation we may be in.What is this weapon?It is PRAYER TO ALMIGHTY GOD.God never left us we left God.As a nation who looks to Almighty God for our needs he will supply our every need and not our every gread.You have never prayed to God?Bow your head and talk to him like you would talk to your wife or husband in the name of Jesus and he will hear you.God answers prayer,try it.

  • Does anyone know what is going  on? I tried to watch a live stream but the only thing I could get was pre-recorded. Nothing about today and what is happening. Does anyone have any info?

  • Dear Dee,

    Thank- you!!  Unable to view live stream.

  • Have faith fellow Americans in Washington. Be steadfast in our goals and know that our cause is righteous.

  • How many people showed up> I'm seeing reports that it was a total bust!   Maybe because most patriots can't take time off work to get up there?????

  • Dear Patriot' s, 

    When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard

    against him.   (standard, banner, flag) ( Webster's Dictionary).

    Remember what HE has done for Israel, against all odds.  Past and present. And in our own lives

    as well.  Remember His goodness and mercy,  He is Faithful and True. Amen.

  • Thank you Dee for the live stream!!!! Can't find any coverage of this historic event. Great to be connected to all patriots in DC. Thank you and God bless you all. Our prayers are with you. 


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