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 Happy New Year 2011,

We DO Live in Interesting Times

The “2010 Year in Review,” at:  


records the highlights of a mixed but, on balance, quite positive year 2010 for those of us who value and are willing to speak up and act to maintain America’s freedoms. Among the seven negative events mentioned, the three biggest lowlights of the year are clearly the signing into law of Obamacare; the one-year anniversary of the Obama stimulus with negative results on the jobs front at a cost to the taxpayers of $787 Billion; and the passage of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul which, like Obamacare has the potential to prove itself one of the least principled government boondoggles in history.

            Among the thirteen positive events FreedomWorks listed, the top five arguably were these:

A.     The one year anniversary of the Tea Party protest movement championing fiscal- and Constitutional-conservativism and smaller, more competent government was celebrated.

B.    The Defeat of the Disclose Act (which even the ACLU was against) was a huge step for freedom of expression.

C.    The Election Day shift in paradigm from government-as-usual to government by the people.

D.   The Sound Money Panel was held on Capitol Hill.

E.    A Virginia judge has declared the mandated requirement of taxpayers to buy health insurance “Unconstitutional.”

Other lowlights listed by Freedomworks included Elena Kagan’s nomination and confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court; Ben Bernanke’s Quantitative easing which threatens to exacerbate inflation concerns; the “mini-TARP” Small Business and Credit Act became law; and the International Monetary Fund (The IMF largely financed by America) agreed to bail out Greece. The FreedomWorks site also ran . . .

their top ten ways Obama’s been wasting taxpayer money. Rajjpuut strongly agrees with the first four items on this FreedomWorks list; generally sees the strength of their position on items #5-9 and thinks they missed the boat altogether on item #10 which he’d regard as vital for technological breakthrough and national defense. The reader is advised to visit the site and make up his/her own mind.

Enjoy a wonderful 2011, Happy New Year!

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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