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New Candidate for WV's U.S. Senate Seat - 2018



My sense of duty has surpassed my desire to live a simple, quiet life. It is time I must begin to fight an uphill battle. I understand that only pitfalls and hurdles lie before me, and I have little support yet behind me… I accept this challenge.

As of 26 Jan 17, I am officially registered as a pre-candidate for West Virginia’s 2018 U.S. Senate seat.  I am the antithesis of a career politician... I am a husband, a father, a combat veteran, and a patriot.  I am a Constitution Conservative that believes the overreach of our federal government threatens out liberties. 

I respectfully ask, if you are so inclined, to share this message and visit my website. In addition, I have attached a letter that more fully explains my background and thoughts.  If you wish to support me for the battle ahead, I would be appreciative of any amount. 

For future newsletters, please sign up on the “contact” page. 

Thank you!

Scott P. Ernst

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This is absolutely insane! Please Post this everywhere!

 Jared Marcum – 8th Grade West Virginia suspended, arrested wearing NRA shirt

UPDATE: 04/22/2013

8th grade student suspended, arrested over gun t-shirt

Questions remain unanswered for 8th grade student arrested over shirt

8th grader suspended over t-shirt returns to school

Just in case you have the urge to call,write, or email any officials in Logan, WV feel free to use any of the below listed address.

Logan Middle School

Principal: Ernestine Sutherland
Assistant Principals: Elizabeth Thompson
                      Camille P. Evans
14 Wildcat Way,
Midelburg Island,
Logan, WV  25602
Phone: 304-752-1804
Fax: 304-752-0207
eMail: esutherl@access.k12.wv.us
Website: http://lc2.boe.loga.k12.wv.us/loganmid/

Logan County Board of Education

Jackson County Board of Education
    Phyllis Adkins
    Dr. Pat Joe White
    Mark McGrew
    Bill Davis
    Moss Burgess
PO Box 770
Ripley, WV 25271
Phone: 304-792-2060
Fax: 304-752-3711

Logan Police Department

Chief of Police David White
219 Dingess St,
Logan, WV 25601
Phone (304) 752-6535
Fax: (304) 752-9316

Logan City Mayor's Office

Mayor Serafino Nolletti
Contact: Ms Vicky Hale,Manager
219 Dingess St,
Logan, WV 25601
Phone: (304) 752-4044
Fax: (304) 752-3601

Logan Banner Newspaper
General Manager Jennifer James
435 Stratton Street,
Logan, WV 25601
Phone: 304-752-6950 ext.303
Fax: 304-752-1239
Website: http://loganbanner.com/

Logan County Prosecuting Attorney

John W. Bennett
Logan County Prosecuting Attorney:
420 Main Street
Logan, WV 25601
Phone: 304-792-8670
Fax: 304-792-8677

Still looking for the teacher's name that caused all this.

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