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Crybaby Boehner is alienating every true conservative. The GOP is downright worthless just slightly less so than the Democrats. The Dems have tended toward socialism/Marxism beginning with Andrew Jackson and accelerating with Woodrow Wilson ( Income Tax, Internal Revenue Service, Federal Reserve System and on to and through FDR and the Social Security System, tampering with the SCOTUS, the WPA and Lend-Lease, To Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton both of whom decimated our military cause Reagan an Bush to rebuild it to the superb force it is today, unless we allow Obama to totally ruin all five branches. Boehner on his leadership position should be impeaching Obama and indicting him, Clinton, Panetta, and Holder for accessory to Murder and treason. Man up John, do your job or vacate the premises. CLEAN HOUSE! Stop double dealing with Reid and Obama; hold the line on the budget, reduce the deficit, support the military, defund ObamaCare, the EPA, and Common Core. Those are your orders, Carry on or step down! Understood?

Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)
326 F Nantucket Lane
Monroe Twp, NJ 08831

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Obama's Political-Correctness Manifesto

Gets Hangnail,

but P-C Death Far, Far, Far Away

The nasty little euphemism “politically-correct” was first aired to the world when Hillary Clinton and her hubby Bill came to Washington in 1993. Rajjpuut wishes to be absolutely and 100% transparently clear here . . . political-correctness is just a term covering up a savage lie. Political-correctness assumes that whatever is best for the progressives in this country is “best” for America and that is clearly the biggest most-damaging lie in American history.

Today, in commenting upon the Al Qaeda bomb strikes upon two groups of Ugandan citizens gathered together to watch (three bombs were actually involved, one was apparently a dud) the World Cup final game between Spain and Holland, Mr. Obama used a politically incorrect term, saying, “. . . Islamic Radicals were no respecter of the life of African Blacks,” a very unusual statement, why not say “human life?” Since the 86-page report on the Ft. Hood shooting totally avoided mentioning the words “Muslim” or “Islam” or even once named the shooter (Major Nidal Halik Hasan); and Attorney General Eric Holder has gone into utter contortions in Congress to avoid saying the words “Islamic terrorism” or “radical Islamic terrorists” this is indeed “a change,” but what kind of change exactly?

Certainly Nancy Pelosi is NOT on board. She today called White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs “politically inept” after Gibbs said enough house seats were in play in November to allow “the Republicans to win the house.” An obvious fact canNOT be stated because it’s politically-incorrect? The Speaker of the House openly buys into the political-correctness doctrine. Remember how, when talking about Obamacare, she openly said, “we should call it the ‘consumer option’ not the ‘public option’ . . .”

Political-correctness has always been about lies, half-truths, evasions and euphemisms and “right-seeming propaganda” and doing the popular thing rather than the honest and upright action. Political-correctness has almost always been about changing history itself. It began with the first Democratic Progressive Woodrow Wilson. Before Wilson, the first actually progressive president, Teddy Roosevelt a Republican, was guilty of overstepping his bounds (National Parks, Panama Canal) without allowing congress or the people to have a say on his agenda . . . kind of a “might makes right” statement. Wilson, a Princeton educator actually wrote a book changing the story of the Founding Fathers and the creation of the nation.

Wilson**, the first to actually call himself a “progressive,” allowed D.W. Griffith’s racist masterpiece “The Birth of a Nation” to premier at the White House. “The Birth of a Nation” depicts the Ku Klux Klan as the savior of American civilization. Wilson was the first to openly disparage the Constitution and suggest that it was a document that Americans needed to “progress beyond” and used the terms “inadequate” and “outdated.”

Obama’s and Gibbs’ recent remarks definitely do NOT mark the oncoming death of political-correctness but rather merely showing a splinter beneath the skin of the progressive Leviathan. Denying their own racism while labeling all political opponents racists is the progressive stock in trade. Black racism is clearly so politically incorrect that the mainstream media has never been known to make a habit of showing it. Consider the horrific and ugly Black racism of the New Black Panthers which the Department of Justice refused to prosecute; or the racism of the NAACP seen in yesterday’s headlines; or the almost 96% of Blacks that voted for Obama; or the widespread tendency of Blacks to label non-Democrats “Uncle Toms” -- just as they deny Woodrow Wilson’s racism (he and FDR are their big heroes) Black’s canNOT be racists against Whites, they just canNOT be, it wouldn’t be politically-correct, now would it?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** Wilson proved so unpopular in his day, that after Wilson's depression was solved by Harding cutting taxes and spending both over 45% ended it and it became known as the "Invisible Depression," progressives stopped calling themselves progressives and adopted the word "liberal" which served them well for more than 80 years.

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