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This is not BS, this is not pseudoscience, this is not science fiction nor fringe extremism... No tin-foil hats are allowed... (You would quickly fry if you wore one).


This is straight-up science that has been around since 1903. Nikola Tesla first discovered this - and he destroyed all of his notes of the subject as he realized this had the potential to destroy our world...


To understand this, here is a primer:

Take a look at your kitchen microwave oven. Understand that it cooks your food with radio frequency (RF) energy.

The common kitchen microwave oven produces approximately 750 WATTS of RF energy to cook your food - and it does a fairly decent job of it!

Many have "over-cooked" their food on occasion and quickly discovered the oven can produce extreme temperatures if left cooking for extended periods..............


HAARP on the other hand produces TERRAWATTS of energy (that is a "1" with 12 zeros following it) and it cooks the Troposphere and Stratosphere to extreme temperatures - literally ionizing the electrons to plasma... It then reflects radio waves as if it were a solid barrier............. Since this is "heating", it also causes the atmosphere to expand at the point where it is "heated".


Simple high school chemistry/physics/science classes tell us that when you heat something it expands, when you cool something it contracts. Any car mechanic or welder can tell you this.


The Earth rotates on its axis. We have a "wobble" built into the rotation of our planet courtesy of GOD that gives us "seasons". Think of this like a spinning top that wobbles when it starts losing its imparted spin....

This is an over-simplification and there is no room here to explain all of the physics that goes into how our planet works (or why it keeps spinning without humans noticing the spin, the wobble or the fact it keeps spinning).... but it is easy to understand and prove from any high school science text.


The "polar vortex" is simply the atmosphere rotating at the poles of our planet - and if you could "see" the air itself, you would see a swirling mass rotating like a vortex (hence the moniker).

In normal circumstances, this "polar vortex" begins to dislodge (again an over-simplification) as the planet wobbles into what we call "winter".

Other causes for the polar vortex to dislodge are "Coronal Mass Ejections" (CME's) from our Sun that heat and displace the vortex. With sufficient energy, a CME can cause massive infrastructure damage, satellite damage - and massive Aurora displays sometimes reaching into the lower latitudes - visible by all.... Moreover, massive storms.


There is only one problem.


There have been NO CME's of the magnitude necessary to cause what we have seen the polar vortex actually DO.


Employing Occam's Razor, we understand that that the simplest explanation for something is the most likely explanation.

That being said; if there were no massive CME's to cause the polar vortex to displace as it has done - there must be some other force that caused these obvious disturbances to our atmosphere - an outside force.

Since we are aware HAARP exists and has been used by our government, and since we know simple physics, HAARP is the most likely culprit and cause of our extremely abnormal weather.


Hurricane Sandy was not "normal weather".

Our current weather and the extreme weather seen in Europe the past couple of years was not "normal weather".

Our "government" has been "experimenting" with the life support system of this planet and continues to do so in defiance of many noted Scientists around the world telling them they were playing with fire !!!


If you are curious and want to understand this, if you are a Licensed Pilot, register for FAA TFR's for Alaska and understand that when they fire HAARP a TFR is issued to keep aircraft out of the area (if might prove a bit difficult to explain why an aircraft suddenly, catastrophically incinerated, immediately killing all on-board at 30,000 ft)


A method to understand what the polar vortex looks like and how it is affected by outside forces can also be demonstrated by an over-simplified experiment anyone can do on their own safely.

Obtain a container with a flat bottom and interior width of at least two (2) feet. An old horse watering trough works fine (you will not be able to use it again for that purpose so salvage works best)

Drill a small hole in the center of it and plug it for now.

Fill the bottom with at least an inch of plain tap water.

Obtain some kitchen food coloring - the color choice is up to you, choose a color that can be easily seen based against the material the container is made of.


You might want to have a stabilized camera filming this so you can review it later and slow it down... this experiment acts much faster than the planet and our atmosphere act...


Once the water is in the container, have the food coloring ready - also have another container with plain tap water handy (pop bottle works fine) and this will be your "HAARP".


Pull the plug in the container and as the water evacuates out the small hole you drilled, add food coloring in tiny drops so you can see the swirling vortex as the water exists the container...

This is what the polar vortex SHOULD look like in normal circumstances...


Add drops of water in increasing amounts to this visible vortex and see how it disturbs the vortex...

Watch how, with increasing amounts of added drops, the vortex can be completely broken up and changed... into something very much like what we see in our polar vortex today.


Then understand that while HAARP began as a University experiment at very low power - it is now run by the US Air Force - and the "guards" are DOE Agents....... And the power levels they employ are tremendous (TERRAWATTS of energy).


Almost everything this administration does is hidden in plain view and only with knowledge can it be understood.


Educate yourselves and demand it be stopped!

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Climate Alarmists: CO2 Will Cool
Stratosphere, Cause Dangerous Smog

The Climate Gate scandal may have convinced all of Europe that Man-Caused Global Warming was poppycock,

(although if they'd paid attention, long before, almost 31, 500 American scientists including over 9,400 PhDs among them, announced to the world that global warming was junque science and man-caused global warming was the ultimate in junque science)

but all along the American mainstream liberal media has refused to research the story of East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit’s (CRU) Climate Gate, their willful politicization of science to benefit itself with over $34 million in grant money all the while selling out and attempting to discredit real scientific work and real scientists.

Now on top of that, alarmists trying to win back the Europeans and the Oceanic region (Australia was one of the earliest “rebel” groups) to the notion of global warming, have more junque science popping upon their blog scene. If you were to type “global warming upper atmosphere cooling” into your yahoo browser you’d find 1, 870,022 hits. For example take this website run by the infamous weather underground (You know them, don't you? They're the late 60’s bomb-planting radicals including Obama's good friend and ghostwriter Bill Ayers now a "noted educator."):

The weather underground and a large percentage of the blogsites are now saying, "Oooops, we mean to say 'global climate change,' we meant to say the real problem with carbon dioxide is that regardless of what happens here on the surface of the earth, it makes the uppermost levels of the atmosphere COLDER and then that coldness will cause smog around the globe, and that smog will be dangerous to all life on earth, uh, we think. The new crusade for junque science alarmism then is that air pollution we call smog will soon come from carbon dioxide cooling the upper atmosphere and allowing ozone to drop through two layers and back to the earth: balderdash! Should that happen we’d have a tremendous early warning system to warn us it was starting: we’d see the jet streams around the globe increasing in speed by roughly 60%.

Supposedly, the beneficial repair of the ozone layer (you do remember the growing “ozone hole” around the south pole” in 1985?) has now dramatically increased the probability of carbon-dioxide caused smog according to a recent study by Guang Zeng and her colleagues from New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research says that that the repair of the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer (in concert with climate change – she can’t drop that junk science, can she?) may do great harm as well as good.

The good, of course, is increased protection from harmful cosmic rays and is not debatable. The great “harm” she describes is definitely problematical and definitely attached to global warming (which, so far as real sciences can say is a myth), which should be enough said, however, let’s understand this new devil aiming to plague us, and let’s understand him well . . . .

Detailed in the May edition of Geophysical Research Letters, the study supposedly revealed variations in atmospheric circulation due to climate change will inevitably cause a 43% increase in gas leaked between the stratosphere and the troposphere, a layer of Earth's air nearer the earth’s surface and our air supply. As more and more ozone is replenished in the earth’s stratosphere supposedly it will also have more opportunities to seep into the air we breathe . Ground level ozone and pure smog are without a doubt dangerous air pollutants, no doubt, but you’ll notice that it’s again all based upon global warming’s junque science and it fundamentally requires ozone to switch directions mysteriously and then mysteriously cross two atmospheric levels going in the wrong direction . . . . hmmm . . . . let’s just go ahead and call that mysterious “switch-directions decision” by the ozone (caused by increases in levels of carbon dioxide, of course) the “Al Gore factor,” yeah!

So it comes down to a leap of faith, global warming alarmists WILL themselves to believe that ozone which they say tends to rise from the earth’s surface and be found near the border between the two atmospheric layers seeks to mysteriously “reproduce itself” in greater numbers by creating the leak from the upper atmosphere and from the ozone layer itself . . . . excuse me, but it sure sounds like conjecture, not science, and wasn’t it conjecture that first said in 1972, we were polluting and pushing ourselves to an ice age . . . and then in about 1988 began to babble incoherently about unescapable global warming. And last Rajjpuut checked, global warming was still little more than a myth pushed for money, power and other political ends.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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