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Dee adds a very unique and tangible perspective to our endeavors here, and I for one am quite grateful for her hard work and obvious grasp of our situations.  Her topic of discussion "Why Are We All Here?" soundly mirrors what we see and hear, feel and think on a minute-by-minute, day-by-day basis.

As Dee points out, the change in the rhetoric of the Left bears paying attention to.  They have made it abundantly clear what they intend to do, even if they refuse to describe how they will do it in many instances.  Apparently, they fail to recognize that actions speak louder than words...or perhaps they are just blinded by their stunning intellectual superiority.  You can hear it in their voices and condescending tones when you talk to them.  It literally DRIPS off the page when they correspond with you...if that's what you'd like to call it.

The answer to the question is quite simple for me: We are all here because we have been called into the fight against absolute, totalitarian evil...an AGE-OLD fight, not unique to us only, but certainly unique to this Nation, particularly because of our Founding Principles and history.  Consider that this is the longest-surviving Constitution in the history of the world.  This is the greatest experiment in liberty in the history of the world, which asks the question "Is man capable of governing himself?"  The question remains at this hour unresolved...we are in the same battle now as our Founders were in their day.  I believe the case could be made that it is arguably WORSE.  Marx & Engles didn't pen "The Communist Manifesto" until 1848, for example.

We have our share of trolls on Tea Party Radio and Founder's Quest.  On Wednesday of last week, March 14, (check it out in the archived shows @ www.blogtalkradio.com/teapartyorg) we had Miki Booth with us as our guest.  Miki was followed by a group of trolls who were in the chat-room and also had called in.  It was rather entertaining.  One caller in particular would be a good case in point; After sentence 2, where he was "we're really REALLY  big fans of yours!", I caught on.  You just can't miss the simpering condescension and hatred lurking behind the facade.  He was trying to bait Miki and then intimidate her (once he was exposed on-air) into making some kind of terrible admission that "they" would use to file some lawsuit or something, some case they had feverishly worked up in their grandmother's basement they use for "strategy sessions" or whatever they use relative's basements for.  Chilling and quite nefarious, I can assure you.  

Chat-room was equally nefarious.  I was berated for hating Obama because he is black.  My reply-I don't care what color he is.  Why do you have a problem with people of color?  End of THAT line of conversation.

The point being, you don't always have to say much.  Just say it well, speak the truth, don't let them get to you, and hold up the mirror.  At the end of the day, we must realize exactly who we are up against.  Trolls for the most part are morally-challenged individuals; they are cowards to a fault; they are generally traitors to any rule of law they claim to understand; they cannot uphold a real position in a real debate because they are devoid of what we in the real world call "facts"---kind of like that petulant Kenyan we will probably have to drag out of the White House in a strait-jacket.

And THAT, my friends, is the biggest TROLL of them all.


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Why do Conservatives not articulate that "Obama Wants to Collapse the Economy"? Why will no one articulate what will happens if the economy collapses? As we approach the collapse of the economy, no one and I mean no one articulates what wil happen to every day Americans not if, but "when" the economy collapses. If the economy collapses and every indiactor says itr will for sure. There is no doubt about it. It is coming at us like a freight train. When the economy collapses, the bank will all of a sudden have no money. Banks will close. Business and Companies therefore will not be able to not only operate their business but will not be able to pay employees. Stores will close. No groceries. Electric utilites shut down, Cell Phones won't work. No electric. No Water. No sewage. Everything "Locks Up". It is assumed there will be riots. People will be fighting one another for basic commodities. Obama wants to collapse the economy so he and George Soros can wipe out the constitution. Trade in different currency. This wil bring heartache, pain, and misery like America has nevr seen before.
Obama and Dems are now, as I type this, trying to spend as much as they can so the economy will melt down so Americans will be begging Obama and Soros to rescue them. this is what they want. Please discuss this. Please pass this on in your own words.
This has to get out.
Alex Abrams, Orlando


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