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By Oscar Y. Harward 

Conservatives are concerned as legislators may weaken voter laws.  

Free and open elections must be protected as a precious freedom under our Constitution as  voter fraud is a severe violation. 

Each qualified voter must have their votes accurately tallied.  No unqualified voter must be allowed by even 1 instance of voter fraud. 

Each qualified voter has the ‘right’ to cast their lawful votes and be assured their vote is accurately tallied.  Voter fraud diminishes each qualified voters rights. 

Newer voting legislation must include five items of importance; not to be negotiable:  

  1. Each qualified voter ‘must’ be a US citizen and carry an official photo card or other government document (Voter ID) to authenticate his/her identity. 

  2. Multiple votes in same time frame elections must be a FELONY. 

  3. Each unqualified individual attempting to vote, and/or others assisting unqualified voter(s) must be a FELONY.

  4. Each individual participating in voter fraud must be a FELONY with severe financial penalties and extensive term jail sentences.

  5. Voter legislation must be intensely enforced at all government levels. 

Any legislative changes in the free election process must be strengthened, not weakened; and fully implemented.

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A sad fact that 48 million of our fellow Christians did not vote......all of us that call ourselves God fearing Christians have a duty to vote and to encourage our fellow Christians to vote ! imagine how much difference it would make if these Christians had voted for God fearing political candidates. We might just save our once great country !  Remember ARCON is still alive and will probably still doing the devils bidding generating millions of  fraudulent votes for democrat politicians we must overcome this fraud with our legitimate votes.4063980049?profile=original4063979990?profile=original

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By Oscar Y. Harward 


When will the Democrat Party and the NAACP recognize ‘Voter ID’ is a law with principle that will prevent voting fraud in our ‘precious’ election process?


The Democrat Party leaders continue with the NAACP to join together in a fight against ‘Voter ID’, a law with principle that will prevent voting fraud in our ‘precious’ election process. Upwards of 70% to 80% of Americans support ‘Voter ID’ but not the Democrat Party and/or their team supporting NAACP.


We, as Conservative Republicans, who choose to ‘protect the integrity’ of all ‘qualified’ voters in ‘each and every election’, acknowledge this method and defend the ‘qualified’ NC citizens who elect to protect our ‘precious’ election process.  It is sad that the Democrat Party and the NAACP are willing to ‘abandon and disregard’ these ‘precious’ freedoms.


‘Voter ID’ will not add any restrictions on voting rights; only protect each qualified voter’s precious election(s) process by testing to protect only one person per vote in each election period.

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Open letter to my elected - Voter Fraud

The Honorable Congressman Smith

The Honorable Congressman Goodlatte, Chairman, House Judicial Committee

The Honorable Senator Cornyn

The Honorable Senator Cruz




My letter this morning is very short.


Please review this article written by Dean Garrison, The DC Clothesline, concerning potential voter fraud. I have been following this man's article since this issue surfaced and I am convinced his data is authentic, what he writes valid.


All I ask of you is to research and verify the data - as you have the means, whereby we, as citizens, do not. If the evidence presented is valid - you have far more than sufficient evidence to immediately  impeach. You have unquestionable evidence.




SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas



The Honorable Congressman Stockman

The Honorable Senator Paul

Social Media - many...

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My latest blogs have concerned themselves with the means at our disposal to effect positive changes in the government.  During our discussion today I will be talking about the Tea Parties.  Yeah.  That pluralization is deliberate.


Let’s talk about three things in that regard.

  1. Unity of Purpose
  2. Unity of Core Values
  3. Unity on Issues



There seems to be three tea parties in our country and they differ in kind. 

There is The Tea Party Patriots with a web site located here. They claim to be the original and have three basic principles which almost all conservatives can agree on.

Then there is the Tea Party Command Center a somewhat pretentious name and organization that has fifteen “core values”.  All of them good, but they represent a shot gun approach to what is essentially a surgical situation.  Their primary benefit to the movement is their strict adherence to the first amendment and allowing any member to post blogs with any content.  Good site, but you sometimes have to get through the rants to find the good stuff.  Website here

Then there is The Tea Party Express.  The web site is here.  if you look in their “about” page you will see six mission statements.  The second of which is pertinent here:  Reduce the size and intrusiveness of government.  I don’t really know much about this one except I have learned to read the news they put out.  Usually quite trustworthy.

OK.  Let’s talk about that solution I mentioned.

There are actually enough votes out there to stop the liberal agenda if these groups and their spinoffs can just get together on a one or two issue agenda for the very next election.  Yes I am saying we could take over the senate and put some real conservatives in the house.  We could begin to correct the Obama agenda of destruction.

The key (and hardest part) of that program is getting so many people to agree on which is the right path.  Of course I have some suggestions and some reasoning to back them up.

The very FIRST thing is a voter ID law in the key states at the very least.  Let’s take a look at the state of Nevada as a prime example.  Harry Reid has been elected each time after going into election day behind in the poles by a considerable number of points and that number grows with each election.  He also gets elected each time regardless of those polls.  Makes one wonder how many of the dead in that state come back to life for the election.  Or try California.  Yeah, I know lots of illegals voting but that doesn’t account for Feinstein.  A true mental midget and devout Democratic minion and voter, regardless of her constituency.  Pennsylvania:  Mitt Romney actually got ZERO votes in some precincts!  Now that is just not feasible!  Florida – it would seem that many admitted non citizens took pleasure in voting, some more than once, if we are to believe the news.  Legal actions?  None.  Ohio – a democrat poll worker openly admitted to voting twice for Obama and in fact for the entire democratic ticket.  It even made the news! Action taken?  None.  She wasn’t even removed from the list of poll workers for upcoming election.  The list goes on and on and on.

Enforced voter official ID laws will stop many if not most of these abuses.  The left argues that Voter ID will disenfranchise the elderly and others.  Again this is a gross exaggeration.  The complex I live in is almost entirely senor citizen in population and I know of not one person that didn’t vote because of age or infirmity. Voter ID would not change that.  A certified photo copy of your state ID, already a requirement in almost all states, works just fine for the absentee voter.  So just who would it disenfranchise?  Only those unable to vote legally.  So I guess it might truly disenfranchise a lot of the liberal support.  No wonder they oppose it.

The only other thing we need in the immediate future is a term limit amendment.  One of my earlier posts used the figures of one term for the US Senate.  3 terms for the US House. 

Don’t misunderstand me here I like the proposed “28th amendment that is all over the emails for the last few years.  I just believe this one is more, much more, necessary in the immediate future..

The only way I see any of this happening is for the various Tea Party factions to get their act together and present a united front for once.  Perhaps firing a couple of their more unanalytical analysts. I honestly believe that if they and we concentrate and I mean CONCENTRATE our resources on just one big thing like the voter ID in most states, we will have a good chance of reversing some of the damage commencing right after the next congress is sworn in.  Think about it.  Please.

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“progressive” Parasites

4063576767?profile=originalMembers of the self-imagined, self-appointed institutionalized “progressive” “intellectual elite” have no desire to discuss the reality of what was the most embarrassing DNC since Chicago 1968…can’t blame them.  If they were remotely interested in the truth, they would have already seen the sound wave analysis of the “put God back in the platform” voice vote and know that approving that vote was completely illegitimate.  Saying otherwise is pure, unadulterated propaganda, not the truth.

But, what else is to be expected from “progressives”?

They were booing the reinstatement of God and Jerusalem into the Party platform like good little “progressives”.   They were happy that bho decided against also reinstating the other deleted portions. The two regarding right of return and Hamas.  Or did their “straight shooting” news sources never even mention those?

That is what is best described as typical “progressive” behavior.  Especially from bho…”LOOK AT THIS HAND”…meanwhile, while everyone is looking at the one hand, he is picking pockets with the other.

While everyone was busy talking about the voice count debacle, most people never even noticed that the exhalted “progressive” “leader” managed to throw Israel under the bus while convincing low information voters that he had come to Israel’s rescue.

The only way bho wins in 2012 is with massive “progressive” voter fraud. Voter fraud happens to be the one and only reason Al Franken won in MN in 2008 to become the 60th “progressive” Senator. Without cheating “progressives” stealing that election, America would not now be saddled with the biggest tax hike in 4063576683?profile=originalAmerican history: obama”care”TAX.

The “progressives” do not want to debate the obama"care"TAX either.  After all, it is so much easier to live in denial.  They are going to be truly shocked and extremely dismayed to discover the taxes they will be forced to pay.  Yes, “progressives” will have to pay.  (And to think they are still insulted by being called useful idiots.)  Taxes that the "most transparent" administration in history" and its "honesty in government" legislative co-horts hid from them and their fellow "progressive" lemmings.  As pelosi said: "we have to pass the bill to see what's in it".  If "progressives" successfully steals the 2012 election and the country is stuck with obama"care"TAX, all Conservatives will be able to say to “progressives” is: SUCKERS!!! Don't say you were not warned.

If “progressives” describe Conservatives not wanting government to hand out taxpayer funded contraceptives to women, especially those who can afford to go to Georgetown Law School, or not wanting government to use taxpayer money to pay for the wholesale slaughter of unborn children…if “progressives describe that as being involved in reproductive issues, then they are finally right about something.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

4063576790?profile=originalOnly "progressives" believe that keeping convicted murderers alive while killing innocent, defenseless unborn babies somehow elevates them to the "moral high ground".

They will claim that owners of media outlets tend to be Conservative...and that balances out media bias.  They are obviously deaf and blind or so completely indoctrinated that they believe the Current TV program portraying Rupert Murdock's creation of FOX News as an attack on journalism was unbiased.

It's only natural that 100% biased "progressives" believe, as does their so-called "president", that America only became great AFTER "progressives" saddled the country and ensuing generations with hundreds of trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities.  The $16 trillion national debt is only what has been borrowed.  Take a look at the bottom of the national debt clock chart and see how much is currently owed in unfunded liabilities like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and obama"care"TAX.

Only a "progressive" who "feels" it is "good" to run up that kind of debt would overlook the harsh reality that that is completely unsustainable.  If they are so eager to live in Greece, let then move there and stay there.  Losing the likes of “progressives” to Europe would be America's gain.

Sure, they may have been born in this country; they may even have a birth certificate to prove that they are legally citizens.  But the "progressive" idea of centrally planned big government, where rights are determined by the government, where an oligarchy dictates to businesses, industries and the masses, deemed incapable of governing themselves, is NOT an American idea.  It is a European idea brought to America by the Fabian Socialists from England and the Frankfurt School from Germany.  It's as progressive 4063576697?profile=originalas returning America to the rule of King George.

The American idea, that men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that  to secure these Rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, where the Freedoms and Liberties of each and every individual are a birthright, originated in the 13 colonies.  It is found in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and is explained in the Federalist Papers.  All were written in America by Americans.

Someone either believe in the American idea, an idea that made America the greatest nation in the history of the planet, or they believe in the "progressive" idea, which over the past 100 years has been slowly eroding the foundation principles and economic security of the world’s one exceptional nation.  The only nation ever founded upon an idea.

If you are a "progressive" you are not an American.  If you are an American, you are not a "progressive."

4063576740?profile=originalSince “progressives” are demonstrably incapable of perceiving what is subtly conveyed, it should be put in terms even a "progressive" can understand: "progressives" are parasites.  Their host will return to health and thrive only after the “progressive” parasites are removed and are no longer draining the host's life blood.

May bho and every other “progressive” politician infesting America lose every election, may every biased member of the institutionalized “progressive” left news media lose every job, may every grey-haired, pony-tailed Marxist lose every position they hold in academia, and may every Hollywood Marxist leave America and remain outside America….in perpetuity.

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Voter Registration for Expats Abroad

I was one of the lucky few Americans to do an internship in the European Commission in the 90s.  That was during my young and impressionable days before I became a stanch conservative.  I have a friend who is currently there who works for NATO and is dedicated to registering Americans living abroad to vote (for Obama of course).  I would like to know if we have a similar movement and if not, we should!  

There are plenty of people living outside of the US who are perfectly able to vote here.  The DNC is committed to this, and I read on his FB the other day a gal in Bejing recommended contacting someone she knew there to have a similar program started in China.  We need to make an effort to get more people on our side to vote!  Does anyone have an idea about how to initiate something like this?  I am willing to help!  I have friends in Mexico and in Europe - although many of the Euros are so Socialistic and anti-American that it may be a tough sale.  But Mexico may be a different story.

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Voter-Fraud vs. Hillary Heaped on Obama and

upon His DOJ’s Recent Black Panther Inaction

by New Democrat Documentary

Regular readers of the Folly know the antipathy Rajjpuut holds for our communist president Barack Obama. From the earliest moments Rajjpuut stated flat out that Obama had used corrupt methods to steal the Democratic nomination from Hillary Clinton. Later when New Black Panthers intimidated voters and a Black poll watcher in Philadelphia and then the Obama Department of Justice dropped the case which the Bush administration had already won, Rajjpuut again called “FOUL!” Lately that Panther scandal added to two other DOJ scandals have dominated the free air waves in England and at FOX News here in America, while naturally being ignored by the progressive mainstream media. Today, comes word of a new documentary that whose producer swears “proves” that Obama used illegal bussing, voter-suppression, voter intimidation and other dirty tricks to win thirteen of the fourteen caucus states and the nomination.

Since one Ms. Fernandez, an Obama political appointee to the Department of Justice, has been said to have told a roomful of DOJ employees that A) cases featuring White victims and Black defendants would NOT be of interest to the DOJ and B) the DOJ was no longer interested in investigating Motor Voter Law registration irregularities (for duplicate entries; the dead, those who have moved, convicted felons, non-residents; illegal aliens and other anomalies “because that will just decrease voter turnout.” The Motor Voter Law when created in 1992 by President Clinton and his Democrats was according to the pundits “a license for unending voter fraud – and now Ms. Fernandez was saying even that weakened law would now NOT be enforced by the DOJ.

These charges were repeatedly brought by the Hillary campaign and ignored by the Democratic National Committee as well as all the mainstream media and even FOX News only gave it minimal coverage. Rajjpuut can once again tell those Obama supporters out there, you heard it hear first and often . . . Rajjpuut has repeatedly said the “Caucus System” is absolutely absurd: Caucus States in 2008 made up just over 3% of the Democratic voters (1.1 million voters) but accounted for 626 delegates or 15% of the all delegates. Obama’s gaming the system and use of corrupt methods leveraged the Obama campaign to victory. The problems ranged from cheating, fraud, obstruction, bussing and even death threats according to the documentary.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Obama Political Appointees Tell DOJ,

"We Want you to Ignore 'Motor Voter Law'”

Of all our Constitution-granted rights, “franchise,” the right to vote is the most essential. Recently, however, Obama’s political appointees to the Department of Justice have adopted a policy of only enforcing voter laws and voter cases in line with the interests of Obama himself. Wiping repeat voters, dead voters and fraudulent voters off the voter rolls; and stopping voter intimidation against White voters is apparently not considered to be in line with the nation’s interest.

In the world of Barack Obama and the Obama administration, “racism” is a one-way street. In that world racism can only be expressed by Whites toward Democrats or Blacks, Hispanics and other minority groups and only by policemen against these same minority groups . . . in the Obama world racism can apparently never occur the other way around.

Today, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is scheduled to file its case against the second of Arizona’s two anti-illegal immigration bills. The specter of this case apparently filed by the Obama administration to agitate some Democratic-leaning Hispanic voters, is troubling enough (the Obama administration is apparently trying to rescind the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution) . . . but Rajjpuut has just learned from friends in the media that the very same lawyers chosen to prosecute that case within the DOJ, have already proven themselves less than competent and more than politically corrupt supporters of Obama style racism. These Obama toadies, in their disposition of a case from Election Day, 2008 involving the New Black Panthers, have crawled through miles of broken glass to give Barack Obama the legal decision he wanted . . .

Of all our Constitution-granted rights, “franchise,” the right to vote is the most essential. The right to vote regardless of race, creed, color, religion or political persuasion is fundamental. The case involved is one where New Black Panther members in Philadephia appear in black or navy-blue military get-up and taunt incoming White voters with racial slurs while one of them brandishes a night-stick. Since political representation in our republic is based upon the democratic principles of one man one vote, one uncoerced vote . . . this is about as serious as any voter intimidation^^ case one’s likely to see. The fact that the man with the night stick is shown in separate video of a separate instance (when he was trying to agitiate passing Blacks on the street) carrying a microphone and shouting, “I hate White people, I can’t stand them crackers . . . we need to kill some crackers . . . we need to kill they (sic) babies . . .” only goes to prove how bankrupt the DOJ refusal to prosecute the voter intimidation case vigorously actually is.

The fact that DOJ members guilty of dropping this case were quoted as opining that civil rights laws were created to protect only the minorities from the majority Whites is shameful. The fact that on top of that, a Black Republican poll watcher was told by the Panthers “not to show your ni__er face” and repeatedly terrorized by the group gives a far more complete picture of the nature of racism and political bigotry by the intimidators. Black’s who don’t follow the Democratic party-line (the Clarence Thomases of the world) are just as much a target as the Whites all too many of them hate.

Equally important but thus far drawing less criticism or attention in the media is the fact that an Obama political appointee, a Ms. Fernandez has commanded a roomful (reportedly 40-50) people) of DOJ employees not to enforce the ’93 motor voter law. Thus under Ms. Fernandez, wiping repeat voters, dead voters and fraudulent voters off the voter rolls; and the aforementioned stopping voter intimidation against White voters is apparently not considered to be in line with the nation’s interest.

Richard Cloward and Frances Piven of “Cloward-Piven Strategy” infamy were present when Bill Clinton signed the motor voter law into effect. Many political observers at the time called the motor voter law “a license for unlimited voter fraud.” Cloward and Piven (after their “C-P manufactured crisis strategy” created the American Welfare Rights Organization which swelled state welfare rolls by eight million persons and bankrupted New York City in 1975 and almost bankrupted New York state) in 1976 called for C-P strategy to be applied to housing (as ACORN did) and voter registration (as Clinton’s law did and ACORN did) and now the Obama folks have decided not to enforce even greatly weakened voter laws. If voter franchise is the most cherished right in our republic, then voter registration fraud is its greatest threat.

It’s clearly OK under present corruption for the Obama administration to agitate race relations negatively by claiming Arizona police are inherently racial profilers; it’s OK for president Obama** last year to call Cambridge police actions stupid (when he acknowledged he didn’t yet have the facts) and to insinuate racism in mild-mannered TEA Party members whom he’s never met . . . it’s OK for Blacks to only support McCain with 5% of their vote . . . but anyone pointing out racism by Democrats or by Blacks or other minorities is a Fascist hate-monger. What a brave new world you live in, Mr. Obama, brave new corrupt world.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


^^ Now let’s talk about the fact that this is NOT the first time Obama’s cause has been aided by these type of shenanigans. Obama’s very first victory during the primaries occurred only because of bussing of large groups of “voters” from Illinois to Iowa. Obama devotee voting tricks (such as illegal bussing and intimidation shenanigans similar to the one by the New Black Panthers on Election Day) cost Hillary Clinton thirteen of the fourteen caucus states (many of which held split popular vote-caucus set ups where she won the popular voting earlier in the day but where caucus site intidmidation won Obama those primaries and the eventual nomination) during the Democratic primaries and cost her the opportunity to be the president but, both
Democrats and the media ignored this corruption just as willfully as Democrats and the media are now ignoring the New Black Panthers' atrocities.

** Now lets talk about even earlier (2007) when Raila Odinga in Kenya asked for Obama’s help and . . . .

A. Obama then went campaigning for a communist Odinga for the presidency of Kenya

B. Obama at campaign stops for Odinga twice appeared in Muslim garb

C. Obama’s letter to Odinga infamously advised him if he lost the popular vote to claim voter fraud and to then use violence to get a foothold because of the likelihood of his being eventually made part of the government and then indeed those events happening in precisely that order. Odinga was months after the election and violence appeased by being made prime minister of Kenya.
Odinga signing a secret letter of accord with the Muslims (roughly 12% of Kenya’s

population are Muslims, there are several other religions represented in Kenya with Christianity

at 43% being the largest) to institute Sharia Law in the country akin to what the Taliban has in

other countries. This agreement was discovered and the discovery basically ended Odinga’s

slight chances of becoming president . . . Odinga said the letter was a fraud and a lie but then

later signing another accord with the Muslims (the original letter was blatant and would have

made Islam the religion of Kenya and made missionary work by religions other than Muslims

against the law and banned radio and television missionary programs as well). The eventual

rapings, burning of Christian churches and killings of many Christians and other citizens of

non-Muslim religions. Odinga never speaking
up to stop the violence and indeed benefitting from it.

Obama never acknowledging the violence
or his own role in it . . . all of this ties in with the present
Obama administration policies.
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