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Will we be fooled again?

Hello Folks,

As you know I am a retired disabled vet and wonder why folks get so fooled? Meet the NEW BOSS same as the OLD BOSS signing we won't get fooled again... I wrote a post about Newt New World Order Gingridge remember the contract with America? Brought us Nafta and Gatt bigger gov-ment some contract eh? Now we are getting a new contract, so my question is why ? What is wrong with the contract we have? It is called the Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution that is the contract and if you don't you get impeached, voted out or tried as an ethic violation and removed from office. Need to repeal every unconstitutional law, repeal the 17th amendment and break up the good ol boy senators club. They use to be pulled out of office by the state when they misbehaved. Plus we need to get rid of every unconstitutional alphabet agency... Here are some good articles and videos to peruse and get educated... So someone tell me where exactly in the Constitution is it written that there is a Separation of Church and State? you been fooled again...

Do you know what the School of the Americas is? ; ; (Also known as School of Assasins) Thats right, are very own terrorist training camp for puppets we set up in power, then invade the country and take all they have...go check it out...

The 545 People Responsible For All Of U.S. Woes

What is the TRI_Lateral Commission?
Another good article

Member List of TLC

Is your Politician a CFR Member? Here is the list

What is the CFR?

Videos Does the CIA and the Military bring in Drugs? Go here youtube of Geraldo Rivera Plus so many more youtube videos ;Remember Vietnam? The Golden Triangle and body bags..

The Private federal Reserve... youtube video The Secret of Oz

Alex Jones Videos Obama Deception, End Game, Police State 4 Rise of Fema,

That's enough for now...Remember if they attack your message then your over the target...

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