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Why some want national health care

I am a 55 year old unemployed vet.I am currently going to school full time to get my A&P liciense.I worked for a family owned business for ten years only to have it close with no benifits.But I do not expect a hand out from any one especially the GOV.The purpose of this is,I have several men in my school that have children with ex wives that depend on walfare and medicade to take care of their responsability at the expense of the rest of our fellow americans.I for one gave 10 years of my life and my son is currently serving in the marines over seas for our national security.I have no problem paying my share of taxes for security both here and abroad BUT NOT to pay for others wives and kids.Our country has lost the desire to be self relient and responsable for its self. Our current President and his czars are leading the weak minded people of our country on a path of total disaster.I have talked to a young man with relitives in both greece and canada that have negitive experience with the national health care of those countries,We need to encourage those we know to investigate the truth of the falicies they are being lead to beleve before it is too late and our whole country suffers for it own ignorance.Just a thought.rws411.
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