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Autism- No Simple Answer Says Sandra “But here goes my try!”

Autism? Simple answers? No! Here is
Sandra’s try at an explanation.
Autism has good graces.
Visit upon us to bless upon.
Doesn’t mean one shouldn’t ask,
“Why? What? When? Where and how?”
God could have intended
You being intentioned in the unhinging of the process.
Vaccination’s that is the key!
Say many with adamation!
I agree for them it could be,
A factor, insult that hit on.
Pharmacist in me says, the study was too small to make it a hallmark.
Flip the coin, drug makers threw around money, plus shouted out!!
Next, a group says environment 
Causes problems no doubt.
Environmental insult.
Yep, that is why my child is shut into autism.
Remember here, environmental can be
From chemicals & diseases stalking inside to make their stand.
From, things like maybe Grandpa’s Agent Orange,
To a baby’s hospital stay due to RSV!
May yet wave
The Genetics Flag.
Throw into this mix, I will; smaller families, often an only child
That insists to be totally plugged into away from others.
Oh, how simple it would be
One answer, if could only twas or could be.
Yet, still I want to pose
Older parents, sperms and eggs as a contribution variable.
Not a reason not to conceive!
But to be aware more defects, mutations with age do occur.
Can one really say,
One cause is for autism?
Look at cancer! Common threads
There, still many different scenarios.
Genetics predispose, environmental assaults,
Turns on gene with a society that is ripe in culture and age of parents?
Yet, it matters!
No, it doesn’t matter!
Sound so crazy?
Yes, to help. No because we love and deal with it no matter what!
We learn what can and must be done.
But better realize the blame game must stop.
One answer might be cause in 1% of cases ( just me thinking),
Reality is autism is complex.
Complex, autism really is!
Yet, then is simple too.
Reaching out is what I want to do.
Remember right answers lead to correct therapy n treatments!
Wrong guesses and blame may only
Lead to burying data and wrong wizardly haphazard disasters.
Science, true keeps an open mind!
God is the first and Ultimate Scientist.
Together are we able
To do and can do n be our best.
In some ways the riddle of autism
Is not to be solved!
God means us to be 
Who we are as he made us!
Change is something 
All of us must do.
Adapting to you and others
Is being kind.
Let us not get behind
Stay in the forefront.
Doing out best to unlock the riddle
As much in prayer; God intends us to do!
I am sure by helping 
We learn God’s lessons.
Helping those with autism 
I bet could be a society improvement, God intends us to do.
No answer complete do I have;
Except my son is a blessing some may say  in disguise!
God we will accept your answers.
Thank you God! Amen!
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