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By: Elmer Williams

From The Book- “Whatever Happen To COMMON SENSE”

In society today, all ideals are considered equal. If you believe you’re right, then you’re right. That’s today’s motto.

A song that has been popular since the late sixties sums up our attitude today: “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. The hippie era of Woodstock set off an avalanche of depravity that we have not yet recovered from. Woodstock was supposed to be about peace and love, but if we examine the festival and its attendees more closely, we see that it was really about sex, drugs, and rebellion against God. The Occidental Observer quoted Wavy Gravy (whose real name is Hugh Romney), one of the MCs at the festival, as saying, ([i]) “The whole world was watching us, and we had a chance to show the world how it could be if we ran things.”

Guess what, the hippie crowd is running things now? That’s why we are in this state of decadence in America. These people believe that “love is the way to go, man”, and believe that trees and animals have the same rights as people. They tie themselves to trees in their birthday suits to save mother earth and protest against wearing fur and by throwing paint at anyone who does so. They will tell you that you have no right to cut down trees and build businesses even though some of them live in mansions built from trees. They accuse you of polluting if you drive an SUV, but they ride on airplanes and in limousines. These people epitomize hypocrisy with their self-righteous attitudes.

They say we can’t drill in Alaska or California because it kills the earth, but they say nothing about drilling in other countries such as Venezuela or Saudi Arabia. Just a little reminder to this hippie crowd as I stated earlier: it doesn’t matter if we drill in the United States or in Iraq, it’s the same earth. That’s right, you pathetic, misguided individuals, please take the time to look at a world map and recognize that there is only one earth that can sustain life. I made this clear in a previous chapter. Don’t speak to me about carbon footprints or how you are against the U.S. government’s drilling polices.

These goody-two-shoed, touchy-feely do-gooders want to make you feel guilty for not getting on the climate change bandwagon. They want to ram this going-green garbage down our throats but will tell you not to force your morality on them because “I have a right to choose.”

They say a woman has a right to an abortion and that freedom of expression allows pornography to be broadcast on the Internet and television. They also tell us that it is our duty to pay for health care for illegal aliens that have broken the law to come to America.

Let me see if what they are saying is rational. They want the right to kill their babies (abortion) but I don’t have the right to drill for oil or drive an SUV. Are these people serious? I don’t see how our spineless, so-called leaders can tolerate these wretched souls. I would tell them to go to hell, and that I am drilling wherever I want and I will stop drilling once they stop murdering babies.

I want everyone to see these Communists for what they really are: Marxists. Carl Marx said that all people are entitled to enjoy the fruits of their labor. What he meant was that the elite will inform us as to how we should enjoy what we earn. The Communist Manifesto, written by Marx and Friedrich Engels, advocated for the abolishment of private property. Marx made a career out of fighting against capitalism. He decided that if he could redistribute wealth to the working class, everything would be equalized.

This serves as a chilling reminder of where we are at in the United States today and where Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi want to take us. Obama and his administration are demonstrating by their actions that they are Communists. Forget about what they say and pay attention to what they do. This is my grown-up manifesto: don’t listen to what people say; observe what they do. If you say you are for the people, then pass laws that benefit working men and women. If you say you are for the people, enforce laws that will help the people. If you truly consider yourself to be for the people, you should stop spending our money and get on a damm budget.

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Wake Up Call


I receive a LWF Devotional every day and I hope youall won’t mind me sharing the one I received today because it touches on several subjects being discussed here….also I do not believe in coincidences..and I am convinced our Founding Fathers and Mothers(you think THEY did not have some say so in the homes?!)….were People First..
then Christians!!
The Wake-Up Call BIBLE MEDITATION:”And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” Romans 13:11 DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT:Do you know what Napoleon said about China? ”There lies a sleeping giant, and let him sleep, because if he awakens, he will shake the world.” I believe the devil says that about the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. And I believe the church is just that: a sleeping giant. We’re asleep because we have been chloroformed by the spirit of this age. We’re bombarded on every side by all kinds of amusement. Do you know what amuse means? It’s a combination of two words. Muse means to think, and the alpha prefix in front of it means ”not to.” We are a generation that is amusing ourselves into oblivion. And it’s time to wake up! ACTION POINT:Are you taking the Christian life seriously? If this were your last day on earth, how would you spend it? In amusement? Or in evangelism? GBAAIGWT

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Executive Orders?? What is Obama up to??

Could this be coming? Has Obama and his admin got other plans for USA? From what I see, the non-transparency of government both in the house and senate and the Obama admin, We are at the mercy of the government, we had better react and save this country. As a military vet I will do everything in my power to help stop this corrupt administration. I will vote out in 2010 all who have failed us, but I can not do it alone , we have to have the sense of the people in great numbers.Executive orders like the ones below will be the end of our democratic republic if we do not rise up and say NO.. We have foreign armies in our country that overwhelm our own US Armies, this should bother every American.SUBJECT: Executive OrdersAPPLICABLE EXECUTIVE ORDERSThe following =Executive Orders=, now recorded in the Federal Register, and therefore accepted by Congress as the law of the land, can be put into effect at any time an emergency is declared:10995--All communications media seized by the Federal Government.10997--Seizure of all electrical power, fuels, including gasoline and minerals.10998--Seizure of all food resources, farms and farm equipment.10999--Seizure of all kinds of transportation, including your personal car, and control of all highways and seaports.11000--Seizure of all civilians for work under Federal supervision.11001--Federal takeover of all health, education and welfare.11002--Postmaster General empowered to register every man, woman and child in the U.S.A.11003--Seizure of all aircraft and airports by the Federal Government.11004--Housing and Finance authority may shift population from one locality to another. Complete integration.11005--Seizure of railroads, inland waterways, and storage facilities.11051--The Director of the Office of Emergency Planning authorized to put Executive Orders into effect in "times of increased international tension or financial crisis". He is also to perform such additional functions as the President may direct."THESE EXECUTIVE ORDERS GROSSLY AND FLAGRANTLY VIOLATE ARTICLE 4 SECTION 4 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. "THE UNITED STATES SHALL GUARANTEE TO EVERY STATE IN THIS UNION A REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT, AND SHALL PROTECT EACH OF THEM AGAINST INVASION; AND ON APPLICATION OF THE LEGISLATURE, OR OF THE EXECUTIVE (WHEN THE LEGISLATURE CANNOT BE CONVENED) AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE." "REGIONAL GOVERNMENT IS NOT A REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT!"Stated simply: the dictatorial power of the Executive rests primarily on three basis: Executive Order 11490, Executive Order 11647, and the Planning, Programming, Budgeting System which is operated through the new and all-powerful Office of Management and Budget.E. O. 11490 is a compilation of some 23 previous Executive Orders, signed by Nixon on Oct. 28, 1969, and outlining emergency functions which are to be performed by some 28 Executive Departments and Agencies whenever the President of the United States declares a national emergency (as in defiance of an impeachment edict, for example). Under the terms of E. O. 11490, the President can declare that a national emergency exists and the Executive Branch can:* Take over all communications media* Seize all sources of power* Take charge of all food resources* Control all highways and seaports* Seize all railroads, inland waterways, airports, storage facilities* Commandeer all civilians to work under federal supervision* Control all activities relating to health, education, and welfare* Shift any segment of the population from one locality to another* Take over farms, ranches, timberized properties* Regulate the amount of your own money you may withdraw from your bank, or savings and loan institutionAll of these and many more items are listed in 32 pages incorporating nearly 200,000 words, providing and absolute bureaucratic dictatorship whenever the President gives the word.Executive Order 11647 provides the regional and local mechanisms and manpower for carrying out the provisions of E. O. 11490. Signed by Richard Nixon on Feb. 10, 1972, this Order sets up Ten Federal Regional Councils to govern Ten Federal Regions made up of the fifty still existing States of the Union.
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