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Day of Escape

Days of Escape

Escape isn’t real!

Or, will always be until,

Time breaks or crushes 

Upon us like a rash!


Itches or irritations

Life is filled.

Can escape,

Offer a Cure?


Some say, “Yes!”                ”No!’             or      ”Maybe.”

If you replied, “Yes.”           Heal bent                This group

What a mess!                     Everyone’s to           Learns to live 

Not a cure, you a runner.     be unhappy             And survive.


Cruelty is part of life.

Seems that is the deal.

But inbetweens,

Can fly us almost to heaven!


Escape to be and act,

As an ape if you take off 

Your cape of ill will.

Get you going everywhere n every time!


Remember the movie

“Magic Jack?” 

It will improve

Activity in the sack!


Vacations unlimited, 

Short or long,

Escape is only a term.

For brief outlook or meditation of another form.


Made of course,

For those that stick it out

Run away does not deal

How selfish suicides are!


Still suicidal

Doesn’t aggravate

Or Stagnate

I say choose your weapon!!!


So go ahead,

Escape the 

Drapes Plates

Parlor Time.


What does it matter? 

Done right you are dead in the scene. 

Poor little you!! 

This is the only true escape


Left no note,

No Idea this is for real   

This is deal. 

The only true escape


Think again,

Again and again,

A vacation escape

Is much smarter than you think.


Sides, God will 

Holler your name

When it is the time

Your doing fine!  Come home now!

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