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Anyone for TEE?

    I don't have a clue on how you really play Golf. I do have some idea of how a Military and it's leaders are supposed to. How is it that our Golfer in Chief thinks he can send less than 400 service men into a country that needs tens of thousands there to do a real cleanup job on the "Mess he Left." The terrorist that O'bummer has supported have given the weapons from American military arsenals straight to the hands of ISIS/ISIL/IS/Lunatic Muslim Terrorist. He has given the Embassies of our country into the hands of his Terrorist brethren to use as recruitment poster materials. Ignoring the massive "Crisis" that he himself pretty much caused by his chicken little games he has played, makes a mockery of any thought that America is a great power any longer. His foray into Somalia (Code named=a day late and a dollar short) did little enough and didn't work to take the heat off of his Iraqi Fiasco.

       I thought that America could sink no lower with a Clinton at the helm, but I have been proven wrong. Sending what amounts to nothing more than a good small protest rally contingent to Iraq has again made apparent clowns from a once great national military force. Now just a Farce, led by the clown of all times.

I personally would take the responsibility of exacting the punishment of these Traitors if tried and convicted. Just line em up. Obama, Clinton, Holder, Read, Do they still have firing squads? They need to, cowards would be less likely to betray America and we could possibly be Great Again.

Capital punishment for actions that cause others to die is not against Biblical Principle in the least. To take another person's life by your actions = MURDER!  Murderers deserve The Death Penalty in this world. God will take care of them according to their repentance or lack of it, in the After Life.

I may be mistaken, but not on this point. Mistaken about the others involved in criminal actions, but not about the criminals I have named specifically.

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Your Government, Your Traitors of The People!

Does anyone force anyone to go into Debt? You have to break it down between your own debt and those who force you too go into debt!

If I wish to get a loan and agree to pay it back, then that is my debt, however... If the Bank or any other institution should be in financial trouble, I should not be responsible for their debt, let alone be forced to bail them out with my money or taxes.

When you hear some idiot tell you, that no one forces you to go in debt, you can come back and say to that idiot, why in the hell did the Government force us to bail out Wall Street, Insurance Co, The Banks, The Auto Industry and thus forced me to go into more debt!

There is a line that your Government crossed when it forced The People to Pay for what others fucked up, what is worse, the People allow them to get away with it!

In my opinion, the People of this country have become Self Entitled, Weak, Cowards and what ever is forced upon you, has made you a Slave! This may not be 1776, but I still believe that The People are the only ones who can force change as they did back then. If you believe you have to do what ever the Government tells you, then you are truly a slave.

The Government are Traitors to The People, they have committed Treason under the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence.

You can now go back to your Farm-Ville, your Texting, Twitter, your Reality Shows and all that other more important crap, rather than do what really needs to be done. What would your Fore Fathers do? They wouldn't be sitting back and continue to take it up the Ass because they weren't Pussies, they were men and not boys wearing their Pants below their ass!

This is why People left Europe in the first place and made this America, today it is Europe all over again and the people have become soft.
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