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“Barack is Standing With Us”


“Wis-Cairo’s” Senate Desertion, “Capitol Take-Over”

Orchestrated by Re-election Committee and DNC



          Nancy Pelosi used the term “astro-turf” to describe what she saw as a “fake grass-roots” movement, the TEA Party, created, she said:  by the Republican Party.   It appears now that the “leftist pot” has been calling the “tax-paying kettle” black for quite some time now.


            It begins with information provide by two union workers . . . who said they took part in the planning of “Wis-Cairo” and were told “Barack is standing with us,” and who insisted, “They’ll kill us, I mean it, they WILL kill us, if they ever find out” . . . was revealed because the two men were active TEA Party members in the Midwest.  According to the men, who will be called “Tom and Jerry” because that’s not their real names . . . .


Item #1: The campaign of labor unrest was dubbed “Wis-Cairo” very early in the campaign. Union leaders in early spring, 2010, had visited Egypt, Tunisia, and many other Middle-Eastern nations to foment a “grass-roots” movement toward democracy among the young, the unemployed, the malcontented, students, etc. The idea was to make it appear that a world-wide grass-roots rebellion against the “evil” status quo was occurring virtually simultaneously. The Middle-East was chosen for the “first-wave” because so many of the leaders were dictators that almost no one approved of.


Item #2: Both the decisions for Democratic senators to abandon their posts and flee their states (thus preventing key votes) and for Union protestors to “take-over” the Capitol in Wisconsin came from the Obama Oval office with members of the president’s 2012 re-election campaign, “Obama for America,” the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and two key Union Bosses involved. Washington has been “calling every move, every step of the way.”


Item #3: The president referred to his “Wis-Cairo Campaign” as a chance to “revisit his roots” as a community organizer. (The President was an attorney for ACORN shaking-down mortgage lenders to force them to comply with the CRA ’77 law and make knowingly bad loans to high-risk of default clients. As an ACORN attorney, Obama was famous for not only getting the loans and promises of further loans from beleaguered bankers, but even coaxing out ACORN donations from them.) He reportedly told some Labor Department officials and at least one Union Boss, the exercise made him “feel like a General.”


Item #4: The term “Wis-Cairo,” invented by AFL-CIO leader Richard Trumka and it pleased Obama immediately. One thing that did not please President Obama was his own involvement . . . . Almost as soon as he made his (Cambridge-police-like) comment three weeks ago attacking Wisconsin governor Scott Walker for bringing an all-out attack on the rights of working people, President Obama regretted his words. He regretted them even more once Walker suggested that Obama needed to pay attention to Washington matters and work on “reducing his own debt.” Rather than following up on his comment about Walker being out to destroy collective bargaining, Obama elected to remain silent for roughly three weeks because media attention on himself, the White House, the DNC and his election committee would undermine public perception that a grassroots, simultaneous up-swelling of emotion was taking place in Wisconsin. 


Item #5:  From the start “spreading the excitement” to Indiana and then backlash against Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey was part of the plan as were all the coordinated union demonstrations at other state capitols held on Saturday, February 26.


Item #6: The campaign has just begun. According to Tom and Jerry, further coordinated efforts aim at . . . .


a)    “making ‘them’ start laying off people”

b)    “making  ‘them’ shut down the government”

c)    “embarrassing FOX to get a ‘media neutrality’ law passed”

d)   “spreading this thing across the entire country”


          In related news, President Obama elected to re-join the fray today both personally and through his Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. Solis said, “The fight is on” and vowed that she was going to be part of it. Nice, the federal government entering a labor battle to the detriment of a state’s citizens and taxpayers, NICE! Obama’s comments were much more toned down, he not only did not mention Wisconsin or Walker by name, but also merely re-iterated his opinion that “attacks upon working people” by government entities must be fought. Both put efforts at “collective-bargaining” repeal among Wisconsin government employees at the heart of the matter. Solis, meanwhile went further and blamed not just Walker but the entire Republican Party for “trying to strip the rights of America’s workers.”


         Walker himself was not inactive, he gave the hooky-playing fourteen Wisconsin Democratic Senators “24 hours” to return to the state and vote on the bill so that he would not be forced by law to begin laying off 1,400-1,500 government workers to make up the state's budget red-ink. Wisconsin is facing a shortfall of $3.6 Billion.  While the unions belated agreed to accept some slight cuts in pay and benefits the crux of the matter has been "collective bargaining" on items other than pay.  Walker, saying that the typical budget battle and union negotiations at the county and local and state levels takes fifteen months . . . aims to remove the union's power to dominate Wisconisn affairs.  As one measure of how pervasive Wisconsin union influence is, according to Tom and Jerry, their workers never have to pay union taxes because the money is "automatically removed" from the workers' checks and then the state pays the dues in one lump sum to the unions.  Wow . . . . excuse Rajjpuut's "tell" (never have had a poker face) but what an obvious conflict of interest that's taken part in Wisconsin for 'lo these many years.


         At the protest site in and around the Capitol in Madison, FoxNews reporters and camera crew have been heckled, shouted down and otherwise interfered with. Reporter Mike Tobin was caught on camera being shoved and punched twice. Tobin laughed and called the affronts “part of my job.”


         Meanwhile in Washington, D.C., despite reports of “secret negotiations” between House and Senate Republicans and Democrats, no movement toward any sort of compromise or action leading to passing a new CR (continuing budget resolution) to keep the government “fully operational” has been spotted. A shutdown appears imminent, but complicating the issue is that the cuts most recently requested by Republicans were items President Obama approved of axing. One way or another, we can hope that some money will be saved, either by shut-down or by deliberate budget cuts.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

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