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How to push through the Trump agenda

If I were Donald Trump, this is how I would force my agenda through the Republican-controlled legislature.

First, I would schedule an "important" prime-time announcement from the Oval Office.  (Also, I would make some oblique remarks that would lead the media to think that I might be going to announce my resignation.  This ploy is to ensure maximum coverage and viewership.)

Once on-air, I would say the following:

"During the campaign I made no pretense about my agenda, and you elected me specifically to implement that agenda.  My positions have not changed.  We must repeal Obamacare.  We must cut taxes.  And we must build the wall."

"When I came to Washington, I fully expected that the Democrats would oppose my efforts.  What I did not expect was to also be battling the Republicans.  I need your help to break this logjam.

"To this end, I am starting a Political Action Committee called DTS-PAC.  DTS stands for Drain-The-Swamp.  All of the contributions to this PAC will be used to fund primary challenges against those Republicans who refuse to pass my agenda.

"If you still support me and the issues that brought me here, I ask that you make a contribution to this PAC during the month of August.  This effort will costly, but every dollar you donate will send a message to these politicians in the only language they understand.  Money."

I believe this would raise an enormous amount of money and put the fear of god into our political elites.  They would either have to support the agenda or face the loss of their power.

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By: Juan Reynoso, WTP-activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

We the people are united in solidarity to make our country great again.

Fellow Americans, our country was formed under the ideology base on the will of the people to have a government by the people for the benefit of all the people. Our Constitution clearly state that all men are created equal. Today we have a neo-liberalism political and economic system that favor the corporations and granted them personal rights and privileges that help them in the accumulation of huge wealth,  by reducing their tax responsibilities and in collusion with the corrupt Washington establishment, force the working class; “the low- and middle-income families” to pay a bigger per cent of their income in state and local taxes than the wealthy families and corporations of our country that made millions at the expenses of the working people. Neo-liberalism (Reaganomics) is the ill policy that demised the working-class rights to secure better labor conditions, protection of their health benefits and the security of their economic and welfare.  Neo-liberalism help the rich that control the U.S corporations to create this concentration of wealth, corrupt our government and exploit the working class and make them economic slaves.

Our revolution is to repudiate this corrupt Washington establishment and reclaim our unalienable rights. The fact is; that for many years our country is being run by the Transnational corporation, the Bankers, the IMF, the U.S Federal Reserve Banks and the special interest. They are part of this network that in collusion with the Washington politicians formed the Washington establishment. The Washington establishment objective is to pass legislation that will promote and stablish the economic and political ideology of the new world order. All the free trade agreements, the promotion of neo-liberalism and the neo-colonization and the military interventions in foreign countries are part of the agenda to demise the sovereignty of the United States and other countries, and form economic blocks that will be under the control of the world’s oligarchs that control the multinational corporations, the IMF, the world Bank. The WTO and many other organizations that are connected to this network of corrupt elements that are driven by the love of money and power.

The true is, that No corrupt system of government can stop an idea whose time has come. “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”. We the people believe that united, we can take our country back and make America great again. We voted for Donald Trump and we win our first battle. Now the real work has begun; our job is to support our elected President, Donald Trump and help to make and support the policies that will stop free trade agreements and demise this ill ideology of neo-liberalism that make the 1% the ruling class in our country, mega rich. Our country’s Freedom and prosperity is not only for the 1% of Americans.

This is a fact; For the last 30 years, we are being excluded by this corrupt Washington establishment of our special inheritance, our rights to negotiate for better pay and labor conditions and secure our economic prosperity, were destroyed by this corrupt government; we are not free, this corrupt government violated our constitutional rights and our human rights. The Washington establishment worked in collusion with the corporations and the bankers to make us economic slaves, equal opportunities in our country is a farce.  Americans before us fought for and paid a great price for our freedom and Liberties, we are the stewards of this gift not only for ourselves but for all the citizens of our country and the immigrants from other nations who yearn to be Americans and be free. Our country’s Constitution have discharged this duty to the people of this country and we the people must take this responsibility and duty to defend and protect our Constitution, our freedom and liberty for future generations of Americans.

Our first objective is to demise the network of Washington corrupt elements that form the Washington corrupt establishment that in collusion with corporate American promoted neo-liberalism and the corporate monopoly of self-economic growth and concentration of wealth. 2-  Expose the Washington political power that support Free trade, globalization and Neo-liberalism, this ill system that made them rich and powerful able to control our government.

We cannot continue being in complete denial that “Reaganomics-Neo-liberalism” is the political economic system that destroyed our economic and killed millions of American jobs and give the power to corporations to control our economic and our government.

The time has come to take responsibility for our future and promote an inclusive economic growth, good/ transparent/accountable governance, the promotion of human, cultural and economic rights of our citizens, the exercise of citizenship in participatory governance beyond voting in elections is a must,  to stop poverty in America, that is rooted in corruption and marginalization of our people, Latinos, Blacks and other minorities; this internal conflicts and division within the working class, promoted by the organizations that claim to be on the side of the working class must be expose. Regardless of which poverty line, all these in poverty are vulnerable groups they are constrained by the same factors resulting in social injustice. The working Peoples in our country, in every state of this union, are all affected by their environment, political, economic, social, cultural, moral values, tradition, religion, technology, life experiences etc. but the fact remains that beyond these elements. We all are responsible for the future of our country and the economic and welfare of every American and we must work unite in solidarity with our mind and heart to make our country great again for the benefit of all the American people.

May God give us the wisdom, to be unite and work in solidarity to make our country great again for the benefit of all the people of our country.

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US Communist (USCOM) Informational Operations (Propaganda)

 Because it is able to easily attain information superiority through direct control of media outlets, the US dictatorship-government has an inherent advantage in information operations (IO) Propaganda. However, this advantage is partially offset by insularity from negative feedback and an inability to identify proper audiences and the best means of reaching them. All USCOM directly-controlled lies are broadcast, from the top, by centralized communist media and advertising. Mostly invulnerable to unfavorable press coverage and without channels for corrective feedback, USCOM has no incentive to provide timely and articulate official responses to negative reports.  Neither can it afford to tell the truth, or in any way be objective, since that would be political suicide. (Beware of any apparently objective support by the media, of any concept, group, individual or action.)

Such characteristics of USW communist propaganda machinery, effectively lends their IO (Propaganda) campaigns a sense of detachment from local attitudes, while not encouraging any motivation among resistance forces. However, there are no US resistance forces. In fact, conservatives (the quarter-assed “resistance” for the past 50 years) have no objective source of information gathering, therefore all conservative propaganda is merely reaction to USCOM media lies. Conservative commentary is careful to never mention ways to forestall the USCOM media propaganda that it reacts to. Conservative propaganda is therefore dependent on the fact that it freely surrenders the initiative to USCOM. USCOM plans and sets political and coercive battles, which it ultimately has won, for the past 50 years.

Another factor in conservative propaganda is its obvious weakness. Conservatives broadcast hardly any criticism of USCOM: media, black racism or Islamic alliance. Why? There are three reasons for this crucial weakness: (1) USCOM propaganda has infected and turned numerous conservatives into becoming partial or complete leftists, still pretending to be patriots. (2) Purposeful conservative ignorance of black racism and Islamic imperialism, inspired by USCOM media that instills fear and guilt. USCOM media propaganda influence  has turned many conservatives into defacto, and/or, true believers who passionately assert that neither black-racism nor Moslem imperialism is a threat to freedom. The once-conservative US military leadership, for example, now wholeheartedly embraces both ideological lies and drives from the service, any officers with opposing views. The US military (especially the Army, the chief means of civilian pacification according to USCOM) conducts regular pro-black racist and pro-Islam sensitivity groups for enlisted personnel. Most large American corporations, recipients of USCOM government payola from the taxes paid by the white majority, practice the same brainwashing methodology and one-sided political bigotry.

The US government places a premium on centralized control of communication messages (propaganda disguised as news) and only rarely will it grant significant initiative to local television and newspaper organizations (although most such organizations are part of large propaganda consortiums that reproduce and support USCOM propaganda). As a result, USCOM propaganda messages are not always locally relevant, while the messengers themselves – whether local administrators, leftist Christian ministers, federal employees or members of the community – are accurately perceived (by the most intelligent locals) as simply restating USCOMs talking points. However certain mainline Christian religions such as Methodists and Lutherans, are firmly in the communist camp since they share most communist values and have signed covert Sharia agreements with Islam in support of a US Moslem caliphate. There is thus a breakdown in USCOM’s local propaganda, which is repaired by dominance of central national “news” networks and advertising agencies that are firmly in the Marxist-Leninist camp.

It takes guts, brains, imagination, knowledge, innovative free thinking (thinking unsullied by media values) and right wing ideology to exploit this USCOM weakness. Conservatives, agents of USCOM propaganda, are stridently resistant to, or incompetent in, all of the above intellectual areas. (Conservative-republicans are ossified by ignorance about most aspects of USCOM. In fact conservative still think that the military, all corporations and all Christians are conservative and never even realize when deceptions and covert maneuvers, beat them!) There are few conservative-republicans (about 5% including Trump) who are capable of  fighting the necessary political war. In fact, 95-98% of conservative-republicans work for the enemies of freedom.

What to do about all this? Organize right wing political pressure groups and become trained in how to win political warfare (certainly not through USCOM controlled elections.). Then attack.

(Prediction) Obama USCOM, extending into the future will promote the Stalinist system that places extensive restrictions on civilian movement and relocation, through the institution of propisky(place of residence registrations) and other tools.

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Deport Illegals, Families Too

I agree with TRUMP,  They got to GO,  The answer is that every True American Citizen should volunteer to HELP with Deportation.  I can take a car load in my car to the boarder every Tuesday,  I would pay for gas and food and drive NON STOP till I got them safely delivered to the boarder,  Let's everybody (USA Citizen) volunteer to sign up to help with the deportation.   Thank You Four Your Support. TEM

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Judicial Tyranny MUST be Resisted

th?id=JN.ErIPYJpx4Kbs7o4H3f48qw&pid=15.1&H=51&W=160Our Founders shaped a remedy for judicial tyranny, and we ignore it at our peril.

Entirely justified by the 9th and 10th Amendments, a surefire and sensible solution to judicial overreach is STATE NULLIFICATION, an action which constitutionally renders a judicial ruling  "null, void and of no legal effect" within the sovereign territory of a nullifying State. However, the efficacy of this perfectly legitimate remedy relies upon the existence of State leaders with spine and principle.

In the longer term, expedited passage of a constitutional amendment which would enable a majority of State legislatures to overrule ANY supreme court ruling within 6 months of issuance must be initiated either by Congress or, per Art V of the Constitution, by the States themselves. This, of course, would constitute a permanent means of checkmating a runaway judicial oligarchy.

But, alas, will either of these prudential actions be taken? No. Why? Most Americans and nearly all their political "leaders", both at the State and federal level,  are spineless, unprincipled, disengaged and ignorant of their constitutional rights and duties.

So, what shall clear-eyed Patriots do to remedy this tyranny in order to restore constitutional order? Both Natural Law and our Founders are crystal-clear on this point: it is our Right and Duty to appropriately resist. Vested in the People themselves and condoned by our Founders, Civil Disobedience, Rebellion and Secession are perfectly legitimate and sacrosanct remedies to tyranny.

I believe we have breached that tipping point. 
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America's churches have become secular


By, Juan Reynoso WTP-Activist –

Most churches in America have become secular, is your church becoming secular?  Are we becoming secular?  If either; start praying, repent of anything you believe or do that is contrary to the scripture.  Start praying for your church and let the Bible be your guide.

Our country is in a crisis because we turn against God, we call ourselves Christians, but our actions reflect the ones of secular religion. My personal experience for the last 50 years bears this out. I've been to several different churches in the New York City, Montana, Arizona and Texas, and they've all drawn a diverse crowd, parents and families, people of color, an almost equal mix of men and women, a broad spread of ages and It's clear that communities like this attract people who just want to get on with their lives and live according to humanist values. As the numbers of nonreligious Americans continue to grow, we can be sure that these secular congregations will grow with them.

I dream of a true Christian community, that follow God’s law and really be our brother’s keepers; that care about each other and stand for our God given rights to life and free of crimes and corruption.

All human beings will benefit from belonging to a welcoming, supportive church. Through Christian congregations like this, we can help each other in times of need or crisis: when someone dies, we can gather to comfort the mourners and share memories of their life. We can come together to celebrate important life passages such as weddings and birthdays. We can also assemble to do good for our community, with charitable drives and volunteering. Research has repeatedly affirmed the benefits of social connection, showing that belonging to a Church contributes to leading longer, healthier, happier lives. Besides the immediate tangible benefits, we also gather to affirm a common identity. In a society that's still majority Christians, we must embrace all the people and no one should be a target of prejudice and misunderstanding, we must organize and becoming visible, we must show the world who we are and what we value, and that's always the first step in fighting this antichrist war. It will create a positive and welcoming image of Christianity that people will bear in mind when the government establishment tries to paint us with negative stereotypes of being against equal rights or religious fanatics.

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Bringing Liberty To The Streets

Support    "Bringing Liberty To The Streets"

Americans have inherited from our ancestors a glorious tradition of Liberty and resistance to oppression. Our country has long been admired by the rest of the world for her great example of Liberty and prosperity.  A Freedom light shining in the darkness of tyranny - Is Now Here!  

Join and Like

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Subject: Very disturbing info

In a fit of rage, Obama snaps at U.S.military brass: “Don’t you dare
try and paint all of Islam with the same brush

Showing his Muslim stripes, Obama threw a hissy fit and stomped out of a
Pentagon meeting about the bombing campaign against ISIS over
remarks allegedly tying the Islamic State (ISIS) to Islam.
His tantrum reportedly took place in the afternoon of last week just prior to
the president’s departure to Camp David. It was an informal briefing on the
expanded bombing campaigns to take place in both Syria and Iraq.
Halfway through the already very brief briefing,
President Obama stood up clearly agitated, and walked out of the room.
The casually dressed Obama returned to the briefing moments later with a
senior adviser alongside him, though his mood continued to indicate he was
still very upset.
The senior adviser made a couple pointed remarks to the Pentagon representatives,
reminded them the president had already had a very busy day, and then both
she and the president once again left the room. Within seconds, Barack Obama returned
again to the just concluded briefing, pointing at the still seated Pentagon
staff and indicating how “inappropriate” it was to “try and paint all of Islam
with the same brush.” The president repeated similar remarks, his mood going
from agitation to outrage. His voice carried to several other West Wing offices.
The senior adviser, who did not originally return with the president into the briefing,
suddenly re-appeared alongside him,  as well as the president’s personal aide.
She was smiling, and telling everyone “we’re done here” which she repeated several
times and then led the president back out into the hallway.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see."

When you read this you will understand why Obama refuses to say the words "radical Islam."..
I didn't originate this, but it checked out with Google and Snopes…
Did you know that we now have a Muslim government?
John Brennan, current head of the CIA converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia.
Obama's top advisor, Valerie Jarrett, is a Muslim who was born in Iran where her parents still live.
Hillary Clinton's top advisor, Huma Abedin is a Muslim, whose mother and brother are involved in
the now outlawed  Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for Homeland Security, Arif Aikhan, is a Muslim.
Homeland Security Advisor, Mohammed Elibiary, is a Muslim.
Obama advisor and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Salam al-Marayati, is a Muslim.
Obama's Sharia Czar, Imam Mohamed Magid, of the Islamic Society of North America is a Muslim.
Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, Eboo Patel, is a Muslim.
And last but not least, our closet Muslim himself, Barack Hussein Obama.
It's questionable if Obama ever officially took the oath of office when he was
sworn in. He didn't repeat the oath properly to defend our nation and our
Constitution. Later the Democrats claimed he was given the oath again in private?

CIA director John Brennan took his oath on a copy of the Constitution, not a Bible.

Congressman, Keith Ellison took his oath on a copy of the Qur'an.
Congresswoman Michele Bachman was vilified and almost tarred and feathered by Democrats when
she voiced her concern about Muslims taking over our government.

Considering all these appointments, it would explain why Obama and his minions are systematically
destroying our nation, supporting radical Muslim groups worldwide, opening our southern border,
and turning a blind eye to the genocide being perpetrated on Christians all over Africa and the Middle East.
The more damage Obama does, the more arrogant he's become!
Our nation and our government has been infiltrated by people who want to destroy us. It can only
get worse!
If you fail to pass this one on, there's something wrong ... somewhere!

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Let’s pray to serve others. 6-28-14


Let’s pray to serve others. 6-28-14

Dear Jesus, you are our savior and brother,

You teach us that to serve others is to act in your name.

Send your Spirit to guide us; Give us your wisdom and strength

As we reach out to those who need your care.

Fill us with compassion, and give us your peace.

So that we may be faithful witnesses of your love.


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4063807022?profile=originalMarlise Munoz and husband Erick with their son, credit – Marlise Munoz – Facebook

There is a classic life and death tug of war being played out in a Fort Worth hospital and for a husband and son of Marlise Munoz, who is considered brain dead her life’s end is now in the state’s hands.  This is due primarily to Texas state law which protects the life of her growing baby.  And there lies the dilemma for Marlise’s husband Erick Munoz, who wants the doctors to let her body die without the continued artificial life support keeping her alive.

So should Marlise be let go and with her cause the automatic death of the child she is carrying?  According to ABC News, John Peter Smith Hospital officials have their hands tied, because even with the insistence of Marlise’s parents and husband to allow the hospital to pull the plug, a pregnancy nullifies any and all previous directives.

At the time that Marlise suffered a blood clot and collapsed in November, she was 14 weeks pregnant and according to her husband, a paramedic, he did not know just how long she had been unconscious on November 26th.  Of course it is certainly understandable that Marlise’s husband would not want his wife to exist in the condition that she is in, as he stated to ABC News.

But there has to be a much larger and much more fundamental issue that has to be dealt with and that is who has the legal responsibility to cause the intentional death of a baby that has a viable chance to be born.  Is murder by convenience the reality or should the state protect the growing life of an innocent?

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NPR111%rs Milita MO 1 Brigade

im glad to be here fellow patriots my new milita NPR111%rs MO 1 brigade were are new and apart of a large regualted MILITA FORCE!, (non hate,not radicals) most are military vets like myself! were looking for willing patriots to take a stand with us in Defense,protecting our given American FREEDOMS and perserve those same rights for future generations!! if anyone one here who will answer THE CALL OF DUTY!! email me or go to and apply today all are welcome 

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      My disability does not impair my hearing and I am extremely bright.  

      Perhaps even brighter than you are.









      Believe in me and I will believe in myself.


      I am extremely intelligent. I do not learn in the same way as you, and  

     maybe not as quickly as you expect me to.  Have patience with me. 

     Once I recall information, I never forget.


     I can get overstimulated in certain environments. I maybe hypersensitive 

     to sound and loud noises may hurt my ears.  Fluorescent lights are 

     distracting for me. Thea have a humming noise and can pulsate.  All the 

     noises in a room can blur together. Please make accommodations to         

     help me.

******All of the above come from the book(pages 12 and 13) Ten Commandments Of interacting with Kids On The Autism Spectrum And Related Commandments by Mari Nosal.


Now it is time to inventory my parental behavior after seventeen years.


  1. Of course I have yelled.  I am human.  I try not and will try even harder.   Like the Ten Commandments, it is hard for anyone to be perfect.  The point I am taking away from this is if you are doing it all the time and never make an effort there needs to be huge changes.  I try very hard and still have to watch very hard.  It is not an easy task.  I hope this book does for you what I wish I had known.  Maybe then my learned behavior wouldn’t be like kicking smoking.
  2. Guilty.  Still do this some. Yet, did a lot when he was a child.  I think most parents do this out of concern and love instead of malice. Again, younger parents and teachers take the advice and wisdom.
  3. I always believed in my son.  Careful though with all those extra therapies.  My son Tanner asked, “Mom how stupid do you think I am?”  He thought I pictured him as dumb and needed to fix him.  I told him that I had problems when I was younger and I didn’t get help.  I told him I was trying to give him something I didn’t get to help me with the stress and strain.  Perceptions and Deceptions a slight tongue imbalance but oh how the emotions roll off so different!.


  1. See 3 tis the same to me.
  2. Guilty again.  I defer a little here.  I say these kids need to be held to a same high standard.  One has to get to know these kids well while working with to figure out when they are playing you and not.  I know I have seen my son play reading on 4th grade level and finally nailed him this summer on 11th grade using a MicroSoft 2010 Grade Reading Readability Calculator.  He still tried to wiggle out but now I have him in a regular History Class.  The school provided a one on one aide without me throwing a fit.  The schools have always been great when it comes to my son.  Maybe a couple of minor things but the schools rule for me. 


My son used to scream loud and piercing in the car.  I would pull over and check on him.  One automatic act was to turn off the radio.  When he got older and put two words together he said, “Music Off!”  By Ollamok

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Bottom line illegal aliens are currently costing citizens well over $! trillion per year.    The 2012 BLS wage @ 40hr is $49,462.    Employer taxes etc, @30% is $14,839 and employee paid @ 25% is$12,365.    Governments (LOCAL, STATE & FEDERAL + UNPAID BILLS, ETC.) are collectively subsidizing 11 million illegal aliens $402 billion or $36,545+ each.    Wouldn’t jobless citizens get the same $36,545?    Bottom line government loses $100,294 and the laid off worker loses $39,096 take-home pay... total $137,391!   That @ 11 million is $1.5 trillion per year and $2.7 trillion @ 20 millions illegal TODAY!   



2012 jobless data in millions was 12,506 unemployed, 6,437 want jobs, 6,896  lost by lowering work force numbers relative to population, and that totals 25,839 (16.7%)!    If the 34.4 BLS work week hour is adjusted we find 25,228 (16.3%) more jobs falling through the cracks.  check it out!  That makes the maximum number 51,067 (33%).    The 40 hour average individual total productivity is $64,300 with employer taxes!

The 40 hour average individual total productivity VALUE is $64,300 with employer tax.

Does anyone believe this lying corrupt to the core government will enforce any law or the Constitution!    The problem would go away instantly if government actually enforced current laws on the books!

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Holder, as attorney general of the United States is oath bound to uphold the Constitution and laws of the land. He, above all others is bound to the letter of those laws. He is using his official capacity to mock the Constitution plus immigration and citizenship statutes! His only official function is enforcing the law not making law, perverting law enforcement, judging, or acting as jury.   If he sees a law broken, he must arrest and prosecute. He is not a judge or jury! Holder's acts are sedition and treason!

ALL SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES HAVE THE SAME SWORN OBLIGATION!  They are to protect citizens, not corrupted officials.  They have an immediate duty to impeach Holder, remove him from office, and charge him as noted. Will they honor oath of office or are they an integral part of a conspiracy of lawlessness! When every citizen demands truth and honor, there will be truth and honor - Right now there is none in federal government!

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A recent broadcast stated pro-amnesty savings were $35 billion based on an illegal alien cost of $402 billion offset by wage savings of $437 billion in consumer costs!    Nobody is outraged!   Claiming consumer price savings during excessive inflation is outrageous!    Government’s phony 11 million headcount says illegal aliens cost $36,545/yr each!   Government tyrants watch citizens 24 hours a day, scans their bank and credit card accounts, and jails tax cheaters; but “don’t know” if there is 11 or 30 million illegal aliens, anything about then, or who’s going to get killed next.

For the record, aliens who enter this country are law breaking multi-count criminals, any who harbor or employ them are law breaking criminals, and any officer of government, judicial or law enforcement who doesn’t enforce the Constitution & laws as written breaks the law, oath of office, and is a criminal and traitor!

20+ million citizens have been cast out of the workforce!!!  Assuming a criminal slave labor conspiracy generates $437 billion of anything useful is preposterous!   Citizens are suffering record financial woes as government spends $1.25 trillion more than revenue while their treasury cranks out another $1 trillion a year in counterfeit currency!    A legislature that is trying to pass a bill that will cost citizens $1 to $3 trillion per year to buy criminal alien votes deserves unlimited scorn and a lifetime in prison!

GET REAL!   When an alien displaces a citizen worker a $43,500 avg. wage is lost, that worker goes on $20,000++/yr UC comp & other benefits, and the criminal alien jumps on government’s $36,545/yr gravy train to work for maybe $5/hr. cash on a criminal plantation.   The annual cost each is $43,500 to the citizen and $56,545 to a pathologically perverted government!    That $100,045 total cost each, @ 11 million criminals is $1.1 TRILLION to $3.0 TRILLION @ 30 million criminals!

It’s like putting money in a bank that lets anybody write a check on your account!    When there’s nothing left to steal, history unequivocally proves they’ll begin killing!   We don’t need amnesty or new laws!   We need officials who will enforce the Constitution and existing law NOW.    That requires prosecution, impeachment, and harsh just punishment of corrupt officials and law enforcement!    That begins with DOJ Holder and the gang of eight, then the president and the legislature

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A flagrant horn blowing

Among other things, I am the webmaster and proud member of the Nicholas County West Virginia Tea Party.

Recently  I added the Constitution and all of the amendments thereto to the web site and spent many hours constructing and annotating a table of contents for each.  Want to look something up in one of the amendments or perhaps the Constitution itself?  Just click the link in the table of contents and it will take you right to the described portion in which you are interested.  

I sure hope this doesn't violate some rule here.  If it does just let me know and I will remove it.

If you do drop by please let me know what you think in one of our comment boxes.

Our web site

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