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Obama's Secret Army, Now No Secret!


Obama's Secret Army, Now No Secret!

          This is The News that Drudge, and USA Today, has finally put out on September 25, 2014. I had called the action by our “Foreign, False American, and Fascist President back on July 12th the establishment of his own personal private foreign army. Here’s my take;

Foreign Army already here.

          There is one thing that everyone in the media is missing completely. The babies that Obuttwad is importing to America are no babies. They are his “own private” Army that is already on military bases doing physical training. They are readying themselves for an overthrow of our nation. They showed what looked like hundreds of these men on the news doing calisthenics at Fort Sill Oklahoma last week. I didn't see any of them that actually looked too young for military actions. They all looked older than 18. A foreign Army led by a foreign President. What do you say about that, my friend?

          Do these words tell the tale that Drudge, and USA Today are finally seeing, a day late and a dollar short?


“A small number of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. will have an opportunity to join the military for the first time in decades under a new Department of Defense policy unveiled Thursday.” (USA Today, 9/25/14)

          Does anyone want to continue supporting this “Wacko, Fascist, and Terrorist Supporting  Regime” in Washington?

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