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4063965851?profile=originalDOJ Working With Elijah Cummings To Protect The IRS

 , Sep 12 2014 00:00:00 E 14_ISSUES

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4063964759?profile=originalIRS Audits Another Obama "Enemy" — Breitbart News

hu, Sep 11 2014 00:00:00 E A12_ISSUESRead More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/091014-716908-breitbart-news-says-irs-targeting-company.htm#ixzz3D1yrgpSe
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Tea Party or CP ?

New Party or What?

Have you heard of the

Conservative Party USA?



I have mixed emotions

  • CP –USA reminds me of …. Communist Party USA
  • Even their image looks like a knockoff of the hammer & cycle
  • Crudely their Eagle is not far from the Hammer & Cycle
  • But….
  • They present themselves as a PARTY…. With a PLATFORM
  • ….something I’ve NOT heard from the TeaParty


I’m concerned and confused………TeaParty or Conservatice Party……….or

………purge the RINOs from GOP and make good use of the leftovers.


What do you think?


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Allen West Won't Give Up!

120322_allenwest_cpac_ap_328.jpgDespite the main stream media already calling the race in favor of his opponent Patrick Murphy, Allen West has said that he won't be conceding the race. The vote count has come in and while West is trailing by a mere 2,500 votes, he won't give up.

West campaign manager Tim Edson issued this statement Wednesday morning:

"This race is far from decided and there is no rush to declare an outcome.  Ensuring a fair and accurate counting of all ballots is of the utmost importance.  This race is far from decided and there is no rush to declare an outcome.  Ensuring a fair and accurate counting of all ballots is of the utmost importance.  There are still tens of thousands of absentee ballots to be counted in Palm Beach County and potential provisional ballots across the district.

Late last night Congressman West maintained a district-wide lead of nearly 2000 votes until the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections "recounted" thousands of early ballots.  Following that "recount" Congressman West trailed by 2,400 votes.   In addition, there were numerous other disturbing irregularities reported at polls across St. Lucie County including the doors to polling places being locked when the polls closed, in direct violation of Florida law, thereby preventing the public from witnessing the procedures used to tabulate results.  The St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections office clearly ignored proper rules and procedures, and the scene at the Supervisor's office last night could only be described as complete chaos.   Given the hostility and demonstrated incompetence of the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, we believe it is critical that a full hand recount of the ballots take place in St. Lucie County.   We will continue to fight to ensure every vote is counted properly and fairly,  and accordingly will pursue all legal means necessary."

West will not back down in the face of pressure form the media or the Democrats. 

Read more at: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/07/us-usa-campaign-florida-west-idUSBRE8A625020121107

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Invisible Tea Party Heroes

Steve Eichler J.D.

The good news is emerging; cadres of invisible Patriots are empowering the Tea Party, working tirelessly behind the scenes to restore America. The names of the invisible Patriots carry no political weight, they do not seek glory, their acts will never be recorded in history books, but they are indispensible in the fight against the darkness which covers America today. These invisible Patriots are the true Americans guarding all we hold dear, many of them members of the Tea Party.

You see, the acts of the Tea Party are etched upon our memories and will be passed down to future generations in the form of folk stories and tales of greatness. Their humble beginnings were slated in courageous acts just a few short years ago, when the term 'Tea Party' was new and fresh. At a time most people thought a Tea Party was either a dusty page in our history books stemming from the acts in 1773 or a garden party of old ladies wearing funny hats, sipping tea.

Surprisingly enough, one day, as if by Divine design, good-hearted Citizens across America could no longer stomach the vile disembowelment of our Constitution by those elected to protect it.

Listen up, as if by one voice a few said; "I'm As Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore." Out of frustration and anger, rag-tag groups of Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Singles, ordinary people dared to believe they could change the status quo. It was then the first idea of an empowered Citizenry was reborn.

Yes, reborn was the memory of how our beloved nation was once a grand country filled with great people, bearing ostentatious dreams. A glimmer of hope raced across our 'Nations-soul' screaming for the rekindling of faith in our flag, allegiance to our nation and obedience to our sacred Constitution. A spark of hope began to glow like a tiny ember fighting for brilliance on a sodden and barren land.

Truthfully, could 'We The People' once again rise up and fulfill those lofty dreams which were penned in 1776? Shall we defy the Washington Pharisees and become the generation which will once again, shape our Beloved Nation, and the world as well? Should we dare to dream? 'We The People' have the power to change, shape and perfect our precious Freedom which was entrusted to us centuries ago by our heroic Founding Fathers.

So instead of wishful thinking, could we once again hold our heads high, bow to no one and declare; 'WE THE PEOPLE RULE!' The faith of the few began to grow, first in living-room meetings, then across telephone lines, cell phone conference calls until bursting out at the seams, we flowed into rented halls and then to our streets.

Silently, 'We The People' began to rise up against the entrenched Washington oligarchy, unified our voices, our efforts and our will into one cohesive movement, not just of people, but of souls filled with the dream of Freedom.

Astonishing, isn't it? Many wondered who would lead us, who would have the foresight, who could we trust with our most precious asset, our sovereignty

Finally, egos aside, as if by a Divine hand, calmness came across the rising multitude and 'We The People' discovered who will be our leader, and it was "US" 'We The People'! Each, and every one of us, are the leaders of America, individually and collectively. The great, the small, the rich and the poor, 'We The People' realized in one spectacular moment, we are the leaders of our Beloved Nation, upon our shoulders rests the weight of our government. By our hand we shall purpose who we are, and how we shall live.

Fact is: we no longer follow the false prophets of politics; instead we follow our conscience that God above has endowed us with. We, each and every one of us, must lead. We will march, we will work and we shall rule once again.

It's simple; the forgotten spirit of our 1776 Nation was reborn, not in hollow arrogance, but in humbleness, finding the 'accolades' few and far between.

I'll tell you, it is with this spirit the 'Tea Party' was forged. In defiance of the status quo, in spite of the 'Nay Sayers,' in the face of ridicule and hatred, the American spirit was rekindled, this time never to be extinguished.

Let's face it, we announced to Washington, and the world, we have 'awakened' by sending tons of tea bags to Washington with a clear and concise message: "Don't Tread On Me!" and the political Pharisees scoffed and said 'it will pass.' We matched on Washington with one million Patriots strong, and the media turned the camera lens elsewhere and said, 'it will pass.' We came again by the hundreds of thousands to Restore Honor, and the oligarchy sighed and said; 'it will pass.' We manned our posts and voted our conscience and dozens of seats were filled with fellow Patriots, dislodging a staggering number of the politically impotent, and under their breath the Washington mob said; 'I hope it will pass.'

One thing I want to stress today, we are on the cusp of greatness, no longer having the luxury of waiting indolently for the next election cycle, as the cabal of darkness continues to rebuild their forces daily.

Remember, we must restore America and not stop until every political parasite is unelected and sent home in disgrace.

A word of caution: Time is short, resources are few, it's now critical for the Tea Party to build the ranks, train the new recruits and fulfill the continuing dreams of those who went before us.

But first, who will toil to make our Beloved Nation great again? Who will step up and say: 'NOT ON MY WATCH?' Who will carry the flag of restoration? The answer, while simple, is far from easy. It is the same loyal Patriots who always have carried the flag. The Moms, Dads the Grocer, Shopkeeper, the Waiter, the CEO, the Teacher and Grandma, for we are the Core of America. It is those invisible Guardians who will never have their names emblazoned on marble walls or receive a brass plaque; they are the backbone of the people, they shall restore America never asking for a thank you.

Best of all, the invisible Guardians carry the weight of our Beloved Nation not only on their shoulders, but in their hearts as well, must step forward and say: 'Count On Me.' These Patriots are not run of the mill Citizens, but selfless warriors of greatness and valor.

Yes, the common American is anything but common, for the true American Patriot is a hero of heroes.

What's more important, in this dark hour America needs Patriots to step up and reinforce the work of the Restoration of America more now than ever before. If we fail, if the task is too great, then our heritage will collapse into a useless fable of by-gone days, but if we rise up, answer the call to greatness we will write a brilliant new page upon our immortal American legacy.



Stephen Eichler – Founding Student Class of Liberty University, earned a Juris Doctorate Degree from Trinity Law School in International Law. Stephen is a Legal Analyst, Lecturer and Political Writer on current issues such as; the economy, immigration, U.S. Constitutional Issues and has appeared on over 900 National Radio and Television shows. Mr. Eichler is the Executive Director of the Tea Party/TeaParty.org and Executive Director of the Minutemen/MinutemanProject.com

Mr. Eichler is represented by Tim Bueler of U.S. Media Direct, Inc. Tim Bueler can be reached for media bookings and appearances by e-mail at: Media@timbueler.com


"If WE THE PEOPLE wish to retain our freedom we must hold tight to the U.S. Constitution, for once it slips from our fingers, lost forever." Stephen Eichler J.D.


Source: http://teaparty.org/article.php?id=450

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The Truth About Fax-Blasting

I visted all those 'Fax-Blast' sites and found 2 things.

Either a person can send just 1 page at a time free, or there is a very high cost to blast Paks.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRwIq47SET4c4TDkqGSOcovRUY_xg6htSJSPY8PiF9pCOWdjQV4ggExample: http://patriotresponse.com/?page=6 

To send 500 fax pages this group charges almost $ 250.00!!! <- LOL

Credits                                                 Price
1 credit                                                  $1
5 Page Fax Pak                                  $3.49
10 Page Fax Pak                                $6.49
25 Page Fax Pak                                $14.99
50 Page Fax Pak                                $25.99
100 Page Fax Pak                              $49.99
250 Page Fax Pak                              $119.99
550 Page Fax Pak                              $249.99  <- LOL


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTjmtr7fyJZZGDtr7u1H3p4InEHzVZoWg6Yr42PysNXU8Fywj_HLaz0TpAtAt TeaParty.org any one can send all the Senators (100) all the Representatives (435) and all the Governors (50) for under $ 60.00 ! :-)  DO THE MATHWHY PAY MORE?


Anyone can send a single fax page from their own machine, but for bulk fax blasting, no one can beat the Tea Party Fax Project. 

We have sent well over 5 million faxes to our representatives in Washington and to the Governors, had feed back from their offices and have made a big difference. Faxing is the way to go to get your message to the right people, weither they want to read it our not!

Did you know several Members of the House ask us (TPorg) to send certain faxes? Why? Because this is the only way they have to get the 'message' to the otherside! Of couse we say: YES!

Just rememeber, there is no such thing as a free lunch, unless you pack it yourself!


OBTW: http://teaparty.org/protectinternetfax.html    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTjmtr7fyJZZGDtr7u1H3p4InEHzVZoWg6Yr42PysNXU8Fywj_HLaz0TpAt

...and your fax-blast order supports the Tea Party!

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TeaParty in Hebrew......

Dear Friends,

Beside our sister US of America, We'll talk HERE! in Hebrew/English about our futures! and for the futures of our Fatherland!, We must give people in our Holy Land to say their words also...

No More.."UN (nu) CLEAR Socialism !!!"

Yours Truly, Moshe Oren,
Tabor Village, Israel

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The Fox News connection to Ground Zero mosque http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=195049 or over 600,000 articles on google check it out...

Ha Ha Arizona to UN for Human Rights Violations? How about Mexico, 20 million fleeing the country, maybeMexico has the problem?

Fox News Preying on the Fears of Technologically Ignorant Seniors to Co-opt Tea Party

Jason Charles
August 31, 2010

Sad but true, FOX News has successfully co-opted the entire Tea Party back underthe Neo-Con controlled tent of the GOP.

With Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’s RestoreAmerica Rally posting numbers well over the 100,000+ mark we have toanalyze exactly how the “social architects” accomplished this incredible feat.

The Tea Party is largely made up of Republicans, Independents and some Democrats shownin a major study quoted by CBS News in April.

“More than four in 10 self-described members of the Tea Party also identify as eitherIndependents or Democrats, according to a recently released, comprehensive survey.

Yet the Tea Party’s priority appears to be fiscal conservatism, and the group bylarge margins trusts Republicans in Congress over Democrats to solve thecountry’s problems.

In a collection of three national surveys conducted by the Republican-leaning WinstonGroup, 57 percent of Tea Party members called themselves Republicans while 28percent said they were Independents, and 13 percent said they were Democrats. Two-thirdsof the group identified as conservative, but 26 percent said they are moderateand 8 percent called themselves liberal.”

The majority of those who first came to be associated with the Tea Party back in2006 and earlier are people who split from the GOP after the atrocious humanrights and unconstitutional actions of the Bush administration revealed theirtrue colors as war mongering fascists. These are all people who recognize thetwo party system as being totally controlled opposition bringing in none otherthan a New World Order in place of America’s sovereignty.

This early Tea Party movement was all about ending unjust wars, stopping the NorthAmerican Union, and eradicating the fraudulent institution called the FederalReserve. They were mobilizing against such things as wire-tapping, and spyingon American citizens without warrants, the encroaching police state, theeconomic collapse and other issues that were legitimately threatening ourrepublic. They did this during, and against the Bush administration alongsidethe anti-war left.

So what happened to the Old Tea Party?

Who are all the newcomers to the Tea Party movement? How did it massively balloon insize in a matter of a couple years and is now made up of the same war mongering,Muslim hating, neo-cons that the Bush admin was comprised of?

Easy, the answer lays in the FOX News demographics and average age of their viewingaudience. Fox news viewership according to a surveyconducted by Steve Sternber, places the average age of any given FOX Newswatcher at 65 years old.

“According to a survey released by media analyst Steve Sternberg, Fox News’ average viewerlast season was aged 65, the oldest audience among fully distributed cablenetworks.

CNN wasn’t far behind, though — its average audience was 63. MSNBC was a perky 59.CNBC is the young turk at 52.”

The technological divide

The early Tea Party was comprised of college students and working adults who having beenexposed to the internet at a very early age and the informational renaissancethat it had to offer. These young people mobilized against real issues thatthreatened our nation. Issues like ending the Federal Reserve, warrant-lesswire-tapping, unjust and endless war. Things they learned about on theinternet and not on T.V. or in universities. They didn’t buy into the two-partyfalse dialectic and actively opposed the corporate sell off of our country tothe New World Order System.

This tech savvy generation translated over into the massive Ron Paul Revolution in 2008and is still going strong, is very patient and growing in numbers, but comparedto traditionally conservative Fox News watchers still a minoritydemographic.

A renaissance has occurred underneath the radar of our nations millions oftraditionally conservative seniors. Documentary films like America:Freedom or Fascism (VIDEO) which explains the fraud that is the privateFederal Reserve system, or the Obama Deception (VIDEO) that tears apartboth Bush and Obama administrations as slaves to the elite agenda of a NewWorld Order, or 9/11 exposing films like Core of Corruption (VIDEO) that methodicallydestroys the official story remain just out of reach because simple ignorance ofbasic computer skills.

This over 65+ demographic is traditionally computer illiterate. They still type domainnames into the Google bar of their browser because URL addresses are a foreign languageto them. In fact their technological skill set is really limited to emailingand flipping their cable box to Fox News in eager anticipation of Glenn Beckand Jack Baur style terrorist busting.

This technological gap in the elderly population is what has allowed FOX News tocontinue to shape the collective fear of an entire generation. In fact if youlook at pictures of Tea Party rallies and who is in attendance a largepercentage of people are sporting silvery/white hair. This is just a fact.

The commies have taken the Whitehouse

Another thing that has totally been overlooked is the constant use of the term‘socialist’, ‘communist’, ‘radical left-wing agenda’ to describe Obama. Thisrhetoric is purposefully preying on the sentiments of the childhood, cold wartraumas of the 65+ generation. The purpose is to pit the U.S. and Israelagainst a very un-likely nuclear Iran, just like the nuclear stand-off with thegodless communist countries of the 60’s – 80’s. The political tool of nuclearthreat has been resurrected by the Bush administration and continued by theObama administration in the guise of so called “Islamo-Fascist” nuclear threat.

We need to worry less about the failed presidency of Obama and more about whether the realcontrolling elite will set a nuke off in America and blame it on the TeaPartiers who are being played up as violent extremists at every turn. GlennBeck, Sarah Palin, Fox News and the Republican Party have monopolized controlover the Tea Party. This technological divide needs to be bridged by those ofus who are associated with the old guard and can educate their Gadsden wavingelders on who the real enemies are in this nation.

DVD truth documentaries play a big role in this educational process. Seniors may not beable to adjust their screen resolution from 800×600, but they do know how tooperate a DVD player.

The only thing that will wake them up to the Truth that Glenn Beck lies by omission iswhen they see exactly what has been omitted on their very own T.V’s.

Pass This on...


Bob disabled Vet

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Pivotal Moment! Tea Party Stay the course

We must stay the course; we must not faulter. Victory follows. It is the American way....GrizzlyMama

See video: http://bit.ly/czOHUI

Pivotal Moment for Tea Party

August 1, 2010 - 21:04 ET

Watch Glenn Beck weekdays at 5p & 2a ET on Fox News Channel

You've seen the headlines:

"Tea Party, dead on arrival?"

"Tea Parties racked by infighting, confusion and dissent"

"Tea Partiers eat their own, in bitter internal feud"

So I invited representatives from several groups to sort it out, because I believe everyone in the fight to save the republic must come together. But first I want to go back to the Movement Action Plan that I showed you earlier this week of political movements.

It was designed in the '70s by a progressive, a guy named Bill Moyer and it eventually became known as the Movement Action Plan.

Back then, activists were trying to stop the government from following through on their goal to create at least 1,000 new nuclear power plants by the turn of the century. Moyer looked at the commonalities of all the protest movements and provided a map to follow.

He knew that creating social change required a group effort and he laid out eight stages within the plan. Stage number five is "perception of failure," a sense of powerlessness, an identity crisis. This stage takes place right when a huge success is occurring, when people begin to doubt whether they've had successes or whether everything is falling apart.

I think this may be the stage where the Tea Party is right now.

It happens in every political movement — a feeling of frustration — but you must not dismantle because of it. Our Founders understood this.

Back in the 1700s, George Whitefield tried to bring the divided 13 colonies together by preaching his "Father Abraham" sermon. The colonies didn't like each other very much before the Revolution. They were very much independent and separate entities. For 40 years, Whitefield traveled across the country to deliver a sermon to get those colonies to set aside their differences and unite on what they shared in common: A thirst for freedom.

The text of that sermon was recorded by John Adams. It went something like this:

Father Abraham, are there any Presbyterians in heaven? The answer came back, no.

Father Abraham, are there any Episcopalians in heaven? No.

Are there any Quakers or Baptists or Methodists in heaven? No, none.

So then Whitefield asked, Father Abraham, who is in heaven?

The answer came back: Christians.

With that sermon, he helped the colonists see themselves as a single people with one divine destiny coming together for a larger cause. Historians agree that had Whitefield not done what he did, the colonies might never have united to fight Great Britain.

Samuel Adams put Whitefield's message into practice in Congress in September 1774, when a motion was offered to open the first Continental Congress with prayer. That simple request met stiff resistance by some of the most devout Christians among the delegates; they argued that because the group was made up of Episcopalians, Quakers, Presbyterians and others — that they couldn't join together in the same act of worship with one another.

But Samuel Adams broke through the objections when he arose and said he was: "No bigot and could hear a prayer from a gentleman of piety and virtue, who was at the same time a friend to his country." Adams then invited Jacob Duche, an Episcopal clergyman, to lead prayers the next morning.

They all ended up not only praying together but having a Bible study that some say lasted as long as two hours.

Coming together. Standing together and putting aside what divides and focusing instead on what unites

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A group of folks, which research is showing have strong connections to the Democratic party has copied a similar situation in Florida, and filed as a political party for the elections this fall.

The so-called "chairman", is a man from Reese, MI, a former UAW steward, with whom NO ONE in ANY functioning Tea Party group in the state has ever had contact with. He hired a former legal advisor to Jim Blanchard, a past Democratic Gov., and who has represented several Democratic concerns, to help with the ballots and legal wording. They then hired another Democratic-connected company to gather signatures to be allowed on the ballot. this company was paid around $100,000 to do the work; hiring people thru newspaper ads, and paying them $1 per signature.
They attended functions where real Tea Party groups had events, and claimed to be connected in order to get signatures. They met the required amount, at over 59,000 and turned them in to the State Board of Canvassers last Friday. Many Tea Parties went to Lansing on Friday to protest and ask the Board of Canvassers to investigate and do the more thorough form of ballot checking; Mike Bouchard and the Republican Party even came to support us in our claim that WE are the REAL Tea Party, and DO NOT wish to file as a political party.
When asked about their required Convention to select candidates for November's ballot, their attorney stated he did not know the date or place it would be held. That was a lie, as they held it the VERY NEXT DAY, Saturday, July 24, while our statewide Tea Parties were holding our LiberTEA Fair in Charlotte, MI.
(which by the way, was great, but I suspect few of you atteded - you missed a great event).
The slate of candidates selected by this FAKE Tea Party are very "coincidentally" only running for offices in hotly contested races where a strong conservative is vying for a seat of a Democrat, or where a Republican incumbent is being challenged by a Democrat, hoping to take a seat. In other words, they hope to fool enough of you Tea Party supporters into thinking their candidates are really Tea Party people, and split the conservative vote to see a Democrat win. And even more troubling, if they manage to capture 1% of the vote, they will automatically be eligible to be on next year's ballots without having to collect signatures again!!
We urge you to notify everyone you know about this situation, and DO NOT VOTE FOR A "TEA PARTY" CANDIDATE printed on your November ballot!!
Read below:


Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Michigan Capitol Confidential
BREAKING NEWS: Evidence Ties Democrat Official to Mysterious Tea Party Political Party

A grassroots tea party organizer says he has the smoking gun that reveals an Oakland County Democratic Party official to be tied in with the mys... that is running candidates in Michigan.
Connect with us on Facebook!

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The Liberal distortion of equality.

I have been doing some real thinking on how this nation and it's political parties see liberty. After hearing certain people on this site declaring they believe in it's core values and what the TeaParty is all about, I have come to the conclusion they only seek to discredit our cause. The left is so terrified of us that they have sunk to the level of divisions in society. They know all to well what it means to label a group our a person racist. They have no respect for free speech or the people who truly fight for it. Like when Janeane Garofalo called the TeaPartiers " Racist redkneck tea baggers". How are those words not racist? She doesn't know every TeaPartier personally, she can show no proof of racist bigoted behaviour, she has never actually spent any time talking with anyone in the TeaParty nor has she giving any credible reason for calling them "racist redkneck tea baggers", other then the sole fact they are mostly white. So who is the real racist?

So where is the racism coming from? good question. Let's look at some names being tossed around and there source. "Oreo" was used to label black teapartiers who are trying to keep their freedoms. Why are they being called "oreo's"? because the left is trying to call them traitors for not supporting a black president's agenda. Meaning they are black on the outside but white on the inside. Wow, and we are the racist? Now how about redkneck? that term is used to label dumb uneducated white's who because are uneducated they have to be racist. Interesting, considering the education level within the TeaParty is actually higher then the nation as a whole. Which is why they behave with respect for others and their political and racial background. And "tea baggers", this term can not be used for any other definition then a sexual act of immorality. And all this racist double standard B.S. is coming straight from the left!! Hmm..... it can't be? their for civil liberties and individual freedoms. Right?

Civility has also become a tactic of the left. They describe the TeaParty as behaving in an uncivil protest. Really? And how many buildings or businesses have the TeaParty attacked or vandalized? None. How many credible threats have come from the Teaparty Protest? None. How many civilians have been harmed in the TeaParty protest so far? None. So once again, how is this uncivil? But wait, let's see how civil the protest are coming from the left. How many buildings have the left attacked or vandalized?15. How many threats have been from the left? All. How many civilians have been harmed from the left? All. So this uncivil behaviour seems to only come from the left. With threats to shoot police officers by the left protesters in Arizona. with the threats to attack white Americans with axes and shovels by those calling the TeaParty racist, the left. With white students being unable to wear their nations flag to school because of those on the left. Or how about the black principle up north who told his white students they could not go on his field trip that allowed all blacks. Again from the left!! And where is our President who promised us civility in government? Well, he is from the left. He has done nothing while in office to unite the American people. He has only been able to call the American people uncivil, misguided extremist from the right.

Here is what is going to happen. The left will continue to label the TeaParty "Racist redkneck tea baggers" in every approach because they are unable to find an actual cause to target or discredit us. We will continue to fight for real freedoms and real liberties that the left is so terrified of. And we will still protest with dignity and civility that the left has been unable to proclaim in their speeches, arguements, ideals and laws. So continue your assualt on us because we will neither fall or surrender!! We will not give you our freedoms without a fight!! The rule of law will prevail with real equal justice and real civil liberties!! God Bless all those who oppose tyranny and fight for Liberty!! I love all of you!!

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Yet, similar to how he won the election,his admirers and most important, he himself, are satisfied that usingrhetoric to exaggerate the extent of his successes will be enough toindoctrinate far too many of the voting citizenry with a belief insuccessful change.

The nation's unemployment rate as of February 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, remains just under 10%.

This despite the promise that billions for a shovel ready jobs bill would bring it down below 8% within a year.

And they've added billions more to it while also tying every bill that comes before them as being a jobs creator.

The rhetoric and the reality do not match.

Then there was the trillion dollar purchase of mortgage backedsecurities...to save people's homes and ignite the home buying market.

For the past 12 consecutive months foreclosures have averaged over 300,000per month and sales of new homes in Feb. 2010 fell by 2.2% to an annualpace of only 308,000, the slowest rate of growth since records werefirst recorded in 1963.

The government's purchase of these securities is expected to end this month, the special $8,000 tax breakis due to end in April, mortgage rates are expected to rise, and withonly 170,000 mortgages restructured as part of this plan, they areapproimately 3.8 million restructured mortgage short of their goal.

The rhetoric and the reality do not match.

Then there's the transparency we were promised. Bloomberg News and Fox Newshad to file separate lawsuits, which a federal appeals court ruled onin their favor, to gain access to documents that show which banksreceived emergency short term lending from the the Federal Reserveafter obama's government denied their requests.

And now we have great rhetoric being hurled about on his healthcare "reform." We havethe line in the sand with Iran being continuously redrawn. We haveChina telling us no, Israel telling us no, and Russia making it looklike Carter is still President.

obama's track record leaves us with little hope.

While those that criticize him do so for the most part with remarkably little informed criticism, the rhetoric wins.

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Seven Lessons For The Tea Party

What went right and what didn't during the health care fight.By Ambreen AliThe tea partyers who waited anxiously outside the Capitol until House Democratspassed the health care bill late Sunday night were back at work before lawmakerswoke up the next day.Mark Meckler of Tea Party Patriots, the largest coalition in the movement,was already in California meeting fellow activists Monday morning. In Georgia,his colleague William Temple was making calls to Congressional offices.Since last spring, their grassroots conservative movement has grown alongsideand in reaction to the health care debate. Now, with Democrats putting the finishingtouches on the bill, the activists are trying to draw lessons from their first big legislativefight and plan for the next.We asked tea partyers and those who study them what they have learned:You don't always win.Even the best grassroots campaign can't guarantee results. Some activists believethe health care bill would have passed no matter what, but that the tea partiessucceeded by drawing out the debate."We almost destroyed it," Temple said of the bill. He credited the town halldisruptions, national rallies, and Republican Sen. Scott Brown's victory with slowingdown the Democrats' legislative agenda.Brown's victory in Massachusetts special election in January cost Democratstheir Senate supermajority and dampened the momentum around health care.Don't give up.The morning after health care passed, Temple was busy making calls to theoffices of Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) to express disappointment for thelawmaker's yes vote."Let’s not be reactive, let's keep our agenda," he said.Tea party leaders around the country had the same hopeful tone.Some like Julianne Thompson of the Georgia Tea Party Patriots are backingstate initiatives to temper the national health plan and campaigning for conservativecandidates ahead of midterm elections."I believe 1994 will be a mere shadow compared to what is going to happen inNovember of this year at the ballot box," she said, referring to the midterm electionswhen Republicans regained control of the House after four decades.Be part of the process.In the weeks preceding the final House vote on health care, some tea partyersswitched from picketing outside the Capitol to meeting with those inside.Thompson said Members paid more attention to the activists willingto sit down with them."It's easy for them to look outside and see a rally going on and go backinto their office and ignore it," she said. "When you have a line of 50people waiting in your office, that's something you can't ignore."Mark Williams of Tea Party Express in California said his group is focused on"infiltrating the political party infrastructure." He encourages tea partymembers to run for local offices and positions within the political party committees.He is heading to Nevada this weekend, where he will introduce former Alaskagovernor Sarah Palin at a kickoff event for a 40-day bus tour to Washington, D.C."We have to take over from the grassroots up," he said.Vote.Many tea party leaders are setting their eyes on the November election,when they hope to punish the lawmakers who passed the health bill."Elections have consequences. We're where we are at todaybecause of the last election," Meckler said.Dominate the debate.The hundreds of tea party activists who picketed outside Capitol Hillin the final week of the debate may not have swayed enough lawmakersagainst the bill, but they drew attention."[The protest] paints a stark picture in the mind of the American publicthat you have a Congress that's completely out of touch with the people,"Meckler said.That was the idea behind an early tea party success: the town hall disruptions.Conservatives showed up to local meetings with protest signs and angrily shoutedat the lawmakers who were laying out the health plan.Instead of talking about the bill's details, people focused on the protesters."The tea party people were able to shout down what was being said aboutthe health care plan," said David S. Meyer, a University of California at Irvineprofessor who studies protest movements.Control your own.Since there is no official tea party group, pretty much anyone can start a localtea party or show up to a rally. That has been both a boon for the movementand its Achilles' heel.Leaders were put on the defensive when a handful of activists shouted racistand homophobic epithets at Democratic lawmakers last week."We all have an obligation to distance ourselves from any kind of racism or bigotry," Meckler said. He added that his group, the Tea Party Patriots, has zero tolerancefor such behavior."If someone like that shows up to our rallies, they are unceremoniously removed,"he said. Meckler noted that not all tea party groups have that policy.Use resources wisely.Not every activist can afford to leave their jobs and come to Washington, D.C.,to lobby. Nor should they.Modern technology has played an instrumental role in propelling the tea partymovement forward.Whether it is Facebook groups, the Tea Party Nation social network,or the many e-mail lists the groups use to coordinate their efforts,activists have found that they can do a lot from home.Temple said he encouraged fellow activists in Georgia not to go toWashington, D.C., this past week."Rather than tiring out our own people and spending all our money,we've got the Internet. We've got phones," he said.Ambreen Ali writes for Congress.org.
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