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While many of the ‘left-wingers’ in the Democrat Party choose to destroy and remove much of our USA history; our Founding Fathers narration as described in the Federalists Papers and inscribed in their July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence, our Constitutional freedoms based on Judeo-Christian values, and our American flag and much of this destruction supported by many members of the ‘Main-stream’ Medias,


Many Americans and a movement to preserve our US History is alive:


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Texas Teachers Given Gag Order

Many Texas public school superintendents have thrown aside text books and bought, at great expense to the local taxpayers, an unproven curriculum called CSCOPE.

CSCOPE was never approved by our Texas State Board of Education, nor subjected to public review. What is in the CSCOPE lessons that warrants superintendents gagging their teachers?

How damaging could CSCOPE lessons be for teachers to be coerced into signing a non-disclosure agreement? Teachers are not even allowed to reveal the content of CSCOPE lessons to parents.
If children are not using textbooks and the content of CSCOPE lessons cannot be shared with parents, how can parents be involved in the education of their children? Are parents forbidden to visit classrooms to prevent their viewing CSCOPE material being used?


There are lessons indoctrinating children with Islam and verses of the Quran and the United Nations Agenda.

How can parents keep their children safe if they are not allowed to view instructional materials used by a school?

Is the objective of CSCOPE to wedge out parent involvement?

Do public school superintendents have the legal right to force teachers to not reveal content of lessons? Perhaps it is time to call for public scrutiny of CSCOPE and demand answers to these questions.

Janice VanCleave

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There was a time when we had what was called the noble professions, they were Teaching, Medicine and Law. Why were they called the noble professions? Because they were important to the culture as a whole, because they required much in the way of education and because they didn’t pay very well. You took up one of these professions because you loved it and were of noble heart and wished to serve your fellow man.


          I ask you, where are these professions today? Law and Medicine are two of the highest paying careers, and teaching isn’t too shabby. I know all teachers do is bitch about their pay, but when I look at the average salary, my sympathy tends to dry up. And if you reply to this and try and justify yourselves, then you are most certainly not noble, and don’t need to be teaching.


          These professions were looked upon with great respect and awe because of the education necessary. Many in a community looked to these people for advice and guidance. Now I find teachers who can barely speak the language and teach for the most part a curriculum to satisfy an arbitrary test instead of what is useful to the student, the community and the culture as a whole, complaining about their pay the entire time.


          Lawyers have become despised because they distort the law to their own benefit and pockets instead of making a noble attempt to uphold the law and seek justice, thus serving the general welfare.


          Doctors have become agents of misery as they bombard you with untold tests in order to drive up your bill and hold the lawyers at bay. Many are unconcerned with health and opt to enlarge your breast and fatten your lips helping to promote an unhealthy view of beauty.  Others to repair folks who insist on doing what the body was not made to do, promoting the idea that it can, I ask you, is this healthy? And many Doctors opt to learn more and more about less and less so that you can no longer have, a doctor, but an army of them, each looking at a different part of you, but all dipping into your wallet, and even worst, our wallet.


Corruption and fraud have become mainstays in all three professions. How could this happen?


          I ask you, how long can we go on with the three noble professions corrupted, for are they not the icons and examples of what nobility is, and can a nation survive without a true sense of Nobility. I ask you, I put it to you? ©


George Henry Nichols 

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