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“I’m sure Colorado women are thrilled that if Buck gets pregnant from rape or incest he will deliver regardless of any threats to his health. No man under any circumstances can gain by supporting abortion repeal . . . .”

3rd Party TEA Partyism

Works in Obama’s

and Progressives’ Favor

Since one of America’s two major parties, the Republicans, is ostensibly a conservative party fiscally and Constitutionally, it’s not at all surprising that since 1860, national 3rd parties throughout history have uniformly been unsuccessful and even counterproductively helpful** to liberals. Surprise, surprise some phases of today’s TEA Party movement seem to be stabbing conservativism in the back. The Obama administration is favorably impressed . . . .

As Rajjpuut first warned some eight months back, except in highly unusual circumstances, extensive TEA Party involvement prior to the primaries is a very, very bad idea. Let the political process play out and then play kingmaker, that is the winning strategy. Rajjpuut has repeatedly suggested that the TEA Party spend its efforts helping voters learn about the party’s Contract from America and then (only after candidates are selected) picking the most conservative candidate if he/she displays the requisite integrity. The biggest single failing beside becoming a conservative-killing third party? Stunning and deafening silence on the Contract from America. In other words, Rajjpuut suggests the TEA Party is not only losing its way, it’s often blocking America’s way as well. Ah, me . . . . Let’s talk specifics . . . .

Here in Colorado we face two extraordinarily fouled up elections, for governor and senator, made extraordinarily favorable for liberal candidates and extraordinarily frustrating for conservative voters. The TEA Party Express (whom Rajjpuut suspects was created by Harry Reid initially to ensure he faced the weakest possible opposition in Nevada: Sharon Angle) has backed an ignoramus named Ken Buck. Buck rather than concentrating on fiscal and

Constitutional conservativism; his opponent’s pathetic record; and the Contract from America . . . has preferred to talk about abortion regardless of incest, rape, or threats to the health of the mother . . . I’m sure Colorado women are thrilled that if Buck gets pregnant from rape or incest he will deliver regardless of any threats to his health. Since no man can get pregnant, no man under any circumstances can gain by hypocritically supporting abortion repeal . . . .” Rajjpuut reminds all conservative politicians that abortion is, unfortunately, the law of the land and unnecessarily bringing up a losing argument (and, in Buck’s specifics, bringing up a questionable moral argument) is just plain stupid and an easy way to lose women voters in droves.

Buck has also gone out of his way to unnecessarily give his opponent strong sound bites of “Buck threatening Social Security” and “Buck for changing the way Colorado Senators are selected” . . . regardless of the merits of those last two arguments, it never makes sense to step outside of a winning formula. This year the winning formula for conservatives is 1) Contract for America and fiscal and Constitutional conservativism 2) Obama 3) the record of the Democrats in Congress 4) specific weaknesses of their particular opponent . . . . Buck, unfortunately has a grand canyon for a mouth and just loves to hear himself talk. Mr. Buck could still win, but under any other circumstances than the anti-Obama revolt in place this year, Buck would be UNelectable. If somehow Buck is elected Colorado will boast a numbskull in the U.S. Senate. Needless to say, his big government, big taxes, big spending opponent Bennett is properly committed to Obama’s Marxist agenda . . . fine choice we have for senator in Colorado, eh?

Meanwhile, the TEA Party has twice gotten involved in the Colorado governor’s race and both involvements have been a mistake. A totally unvetted candidate, Dan Maes, who’d never held political office excited the TEA Party before he’d proven electable without them. Maes became the Republican candidate. Right there an ethical problem arises, why should Republicans then fund the campaign of someone basically nominated by another political party? In any case, Maes had a lot of baggage and it soon spilled out onto the sidewalk one lie and one scandal after another. So the TEA Party Express comes to town supporting one Tom Tancredo as an Independent running for guv. Tancredo is the eternal Colorado gadfly, who, like Buck, believes in the old out-dated Moral Majority litmus test. Just today, the Republican Party in Colorado removed its support for Maes which has to be demoralizing for Colorado conservatives. If Maes drops out, which he has vowed NOT to do, perhaps Tancredo can win. Since Tancredo, like Buck appears to be a cretin, that would be a mixed blessing at best.

From Nevada where ditsy Sharron Angle who, with the TEA Party Express’ help, defeated two electable candidates and gives Harry Reid a good chance at re-election; to Connecticut where the TEA Party Express-supported candidacy of Christine O’Donnell appears to have dethroned a winning bet^^ for November. . . the ignorance of TEA Party pre-primary election involvement is well-documented and regrettable; and likely to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat for the progressive Dems.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


**only in one instance, Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive (Bull Moose) Party in 1912, has any third party gotten as close as a losing 2nd place in a national election. In 1912 and in virtually all other instances, the presence of a vote-splitting conservative option has guaranteed victory for liberal candidates, specifically the Democrats involved. In Rajjpuut’s memory only the 1968 candidacy of George Wallace with the American Independent Party was not harmful to the conservative cause . . . why? because Richard Nixon was regarded as a moderate or even semi-progressive Republican in a race against further left-leaning Hubert Humphrey. The havoc created in state and local elections by third parties is not quite as predictable, but third party conservatives are a most welcome sight for Democrats.

^^ Castle, a progressive Republican, appeared to be a shoo-in in Connecticut and very popular. The winning strategy would have been to talk directly to Mr. Castle about the Contract from America. If he pledged to change his spots and support the Contract, then you support him until he proves unworthy of trust.

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“. . . two things work in O’Donnell’s favor: 1) Sarah Palin is backing her and 2) Sarah Palin is backing her because the Republican Senator Mike Castle is one of the most liberal Republicans in the nation. Castle actually supported Cap and Trade. The biggest thing against O’Donnell among practical considerations? Money, support and expertise are lacking, not to mention integrity.” Rajjpuut

Delaware Suggests TEA Party Express

is Harry Reid’s Creation

Loyal readers know that Rajjpuut is a Libertarian and has advised often and mightily against the TEA Party running their own candidates unless absolutely necessary. (As it was in upper state New York when the Republican Party last November gave a $1 Million campaign war chest to a woman running for the G.O.P. who was well to the left of the left-leaning Democratic candidate in a very conservative district. The TEA Party backed Conservative Party candidate chased her out of the race with only 5% support in the polls and came within an eyelash of victory.) If it’s necessary to run a TEA Party candidate, run an out and out third-party Conservative candidate of the highest level of integrity.

Several times now, the TEA Party Express has been behind very poor candidates and helped propel them to primary wins and Republican nominations. In effect these TEA Party Express candidates are giving aid and comfort to the progressive-Democrats on the ballot by creating an easily knocked off “straw-man” to campaign against. Such a candidate is Ken Buck in Rajjpuut’s Colorado. It is Rajjpuut’s firm conviction that the TEA Party Express is NOT a real TEA Party group it is a Harry Reid creation designed to get the poorest candidate to run against him in Nevada so Harry, the most hated man in America besides Barack Obama, would have an easy victory.

It’s happening again in Delaware in the fight for Joe Biden’s old senate seat. The TEA Party Express has supported the candidacy of one Christine O’Donnell. Like all TEA Party Express “candidates” she is virtually unelectable. Ms. O’Donnell has reportedly lied for 21 years about having a college degree which she was only just awarded this year. Ms. O’Donnell has a questionable tax and earnings situation. Ms. O’Donnell lied and said she took two of Delaware’s three counties in the most recent race against Biden . . . she actually won zero. Ms. O’Donnell has been violating campaign finance laws over the last six months.

The situation is not cut and dried, however; two things work in O’Donnell’s favor: 1) Sarah Palin is backing her and 2) Sarah Palin is backing her because the Republican Senator Mike Castle is one of the most liberal Republicans in the nation. Castle actually supports Cap and Trade. The biggest thing against O’Donnell among practical considerations? Money, support and expertise are lacking. Just as Sharon Angle (who was nominated by the TEA Party Express over two far better conservative candidates to unseat Harry Reid; then was left high and dry by the TEA Party Express once she’d won and only saved by DickMorris.com’s incredible work in her behalf nationally) found out, the question is obvious, if an outside party wins a Republican primary and the Republican nomination, why in hell should the Republican Party support her financially? Indeed, since she’s such a poor candidate should anyone in their right mind support her?

Let’s look the situation over logically: it looks like a three-way LOSE-LOSE-LOSE situation for Conservatives in Delaware and around the country unless things change dramatically (more on that later). A) the Democrat’s candidate benefits by running against a presumably unelectable O’Donnell and wins B) O’Donnell somehow gets elected but because she has no apparent integrity or ability to practically manage her own life, the state gets a loser for a senator C1) Castle wins the primary against O’Donnell but his war chest is depleted and the in-fighting weakens him as a candidate and helps the Democrat win or C2) Castle wins and wins again and Delaware gets a fiscal RINO** and a Constitutional RINO again in the senate.

How much better for all involved if a real TEA Party candidate and an electable one was running, no? Only one thing can save the situation for Castle and presumably Delaware. He needs to sign the TEA Party Contract from America. He needs to admit his past stupidity. He needs to understand with all his soul . . . .

http://www.econlib.org/library/Essays/rdPncl1.html and

http://fee.org/library/books/economics-in-one-lesson/#0.1_L2 and


And pledge to the people of Delaware and to the Republican Party that he will embody the spirit of these three websites and of the Contract from America. Short of this rebirth, nothing good is liable to come out of Delaware

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** Unfortunately, the concept of RINO (Republican in name only) has deeply hurt the G.O.P. coming and going. On the one hand you have people like the two Maine senators or Mr. Castle in Delaware or the upstate New Yorker mentioned earlier who just use Republican money to get elected and then prove themselves absolutely progressive/liberal on taxes, spending and the Constitution. On the other hand and even more dangerous, too many undesirable candidates like Ken Buck and Sharon Angle survive the primary process because of their “fidelity” to the old litmus tests and then prove UNelectable and cede the field to the progressives directly. One great thing, however, virtually any candidate who keeps his/her big trap shut and only opens it to speak about the Contract from America should prevail, even perhaps Ken Buck, Sharon Angle, and Christine O’Donnell. The trouble is this kind of “non-RINO” tends to give Conservatives a bad name because they’re stupid enough to be against (just to name one thing) abortion even in case of incest or rape or if the mother’s life is in danger. American women won’t stand for this kind of authoritarian stand on what they can do and endure with their own bodies. That Republican stance makes abortion on demand all but inevitable.

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